Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hi guys!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! We're still not quite there its 7:11pm HST.. but just in case the "spirits" take over ....just wanted to make ONE LAST POST FOR 2009!!!!!! BOY DID THAT YEAR SUCK!!!!!!!

Anyway... we're on to another year THANK GOD!!!!!

Thank you sooooo much for listening... !!! I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!!!... IN 2010!!!!!!

ITS BEEN REAL... !!! to quote a saying from the 70's!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today .. another day...

Yes, I'm writing a new post for the day... and I'm pleased that I seem to be following along pretty well with my promise.. "to write something EVERYDAY.." even if its just ... a little paragraph..

First I would like to let me readers know that I am writing a separate blog.. called the "The Menopause Diaries"... its kind of a guide.. to get me through.. this wonderful mid-life stage of my life so if you are reading this .. please also check out "The M Diaries!!"

Now as we look at the new year ahead.. lets try to approach each day with a positive thoughts and attitude.. remember there are tooooo many negative and terrible things going on in this life.. we all have to make a difference..

Its getting late.. I will have more to write tomorrow.. but lets be kind to one another!

Until tomorrow.. ALoHA!!

One good deed deserves another....

Okay .. I guess I got a little carried away yesterday... but I guess when an idea shows up... you gotta go with it.. but I am enjoying the writing.. and I think as I keep going .. my writings will become more interesting.. like they say "Practice makes perfect!!"

Lets see well I'm back today .. I believe this is my 4th post.. toward my total commitment.. hopefully by the end of this experience .. I won't have to be committed.. !!! Could be close though...

All I can tell you .. and what I've learned for the day and like I say "Its Just My Take..but.. "RELATIONSHIPS ARE WORK!! total and complete work.. Dont get me wrong, there is alot of joy, fun, understanding and most importantly LOVE... but whether its a marriage.. a friendship.. a relationship between .. a child and a parent.. whatever .. it is totally ALOT OF WORK... I think the key is .. and you would hope that most think as I do.. is that if everyone put in 110% without ever expecting anything in return.. strictly and truly from your heart giving... I believe the world would be a better place!!! But the trick is to get EVERYONE .. to be on this same page so to speak.. kind of a "Pay it Forward" kind of thing.... incidently I really did enjoy that movie.. excellent acting, wonderful concept.. and almost completely believeable story.. I especially enjoyed the three main actors.. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt and Haley Jo Osment... (just a little sidebar here didn't mean to get distracted) Anyway, back to the Pay it Forward concept... think that it would totally be a project for us to be trying to carry through.. Lord knows we all need a little more positive in our lives to say the least.. Even in its simplicity.. and realistic view.. why couldn't each one of us just do three nice things for three different people.. and so on and so forth...?? Its it a truly unbelieveable idea?? really??? I mean, come on.. IT IS POSSIBLE... think about it...just for a moment... give it a real serious thought.. what could really be that wrong about it!! ?? Doing some simple kind deeds for one another.. without giving it a question.. Just come out and do something nice for someone.. BECAUSE YOU REALLY WANT TO.. and nothing else behind it, wouldn't that be just a HOOT!! For starters.. the thankfulness,gratefulness and gratitude would be consumingly overwhelming !!! Just thinking about all of it gives me the goosebumps!! Just the fact that we would be spreading POSITIVENESS instead of doom and gloom all the time makes me seriously want to make it one of my New Year's Resolutions.. but make it "do able"... even just ONE nice thing.. one good deed for someone everyday.. something sincere and truly from the heart.. so that person would really be touched enough to want to go out and help another.. Do you think we really have it in us.. to not get caught up with the negative.. to help one encourage one anther.. without an inkling.. or doomsday thought!! Wouldn't that be truly amazing!! I know its terrible to say and crazy to think.. but I think its pretty much a crap shoot. Cause I think for the most part, most of almost thrive on the negative. Its pretty sad.. but when you think of it.. when you see someone with an injury.. whats the first thing we ask..."How did you do it?" its not "How are you doing?" We almost naturally go towards the negative .. we love the gore, the guts... the details on how it went... its a natural instinct, we can't help it. I wish it were different .. but unfortunately, its not..

But we do have a choice in life...we have a brain..and free will... WE CAN DECIDE.. "'What kind of day we're going to have.." So with that being said.. Lets choose... lets change out that negative.. Lets make our mind up.. lets make the positive choice .. to have the great day... to remember what we have to be thankful for ...lets be helpful, kind and loving to each other.. you'll be surprised how much it will change your life..

So until tomorrow.. till our next thought... Lets try to Pay it Forward..
Aloha & A Hui Ho!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Possible book review... coming up...

Hello again.. I am going to do a possible book review.. here.. and would like to be able to count on my readers.. for any comments..

Another part of my New Year's Resolutions...

Looking forward to hearing from you ..

Aloha & A Hui Ho!!!

But really now....

Okay folks really ... "Its just my take.. " BUT what does someone really mean when they say " Wow, you look great FOR YOUR AGE!" What in the world do you actually mean by that??? I dont know about you but.. I dont think I like that comment very much... I know the person may mean well but .. I think I'd rather go with.. "If you can't say something nice, then dont say anything at all..."

So with that being said.. and lots of my own personal improvement resolutions in mind...I hope all of your are doing well... and planning for yet ANOTHER holiday weekend... frankly between you and I .. I think New Years Eve is pretty much over rated... you know! I mean really to sit around ... . and count the seconds... after we've already had tons of drinks and way too much food that we will be writing new years resolutions in the morning to get rid of... basically if I won't be in Times Square, New York City... with a bunch of family and me is just one more night to see who in the family will actually make it and stay up till MIDNIGHT... Its funny when you actually really plan to... and try to stay up ... "watch the BALL drop..." and all that stuff.. it puts like a hex on you... you feel your eyes getting sleepy around 10:30pm... and you're looking for a tall or viente ice coffee or ANYTHING just to keep you up.. I think maybe we should be getting ourselves ready and make a total game plan.. to wake up FIRST THING... NEW YEARS DAY.. AND HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!! Maybe not literally but .. really get going... try to stick to our plan.. our goals.. our commitments.. I mean.. I remember babysitting when I was in high school.. and watching poor Guy Lombardo.. and then on to Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve... PEOPLE .. these guys need a rest.. and we probably do too... so lets all make our list of resolutions... and/or commitments.. this year.. the 2010 new year... and really try to start out on the good foot.. I know I am really going to try this .. year.. and between blogging EVERYDAY.. and a half dozen of other broken promises I've made to myself in the the past.. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT... !! Really start out with a clean slate.. so I wish you ALL a Very Happy New Year.. and my best to all of you in making your commitments stick!!!! "Its just my take...

Aloha till tomorrow!!

I made it back...

Okay .. its my third day here... I have to admit.. I'm barely here.. I am really tired in alot of different ways.. but if I'm going to follow through... like I promised myself... I have to continue on...I really do enjoy writing... and I know now .. what writer's block is really about... although I haven't had anything published.. just the fact of coming up with daily ideas.. is sometimes draining...

The holiday season is almost over... and all of its festivities... another season come and much preparation ... poof its over... it seems like just a split second.. it really is crazy how quickly time passes..

I'm sorry but my ideas seem to be escaping me.. and I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open.. but I will be back again... until next time.. Good Night & Aloha!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Okay... I'm trying here... but you see I'm back!!!!!

Okay, I'm trying here... and I'm back... its the second day of my new commitment ... to blog everyday... about "My take.. on things... " Pretty much anything. It is what it is...
"Its just my take ... on these wonderful issue
s of life... I'm so glad to be here today.. its just a sign to me that maybe I am on the road to following through... blogging everyday on "STUFF"... thus "Its just my take...!" They say it takes just 21 days of doing something to make it a habit... and this IS a good habit.. something that .. may take a while to really catch on .. but I truly believe in my heart.. that I have always been a good writer and always wanted to pursue this career... and I've always envied the "Carrie Bradshaws" in life although I think I would find it quite difficult to write about SOME of the things that she writes about... but thats okay... you never know.. I could be really good at it.... just have to give things a chance and always follow your dreams and pursue your passions to their fullest...

I am also pursuing my artistic talents .. this being my 50th year... and I'm going to start with envolving this current photo I've taken... I have always loved flowers.. and always drew them as a child... but I have particularly taken an interest in these water lilies... they have always been particularly beautiful to me .. and I have been truly inspired by this one... I have this interest in "cubism" .. and most of my work seems to end up in this form... I can't wait to get started on this one.. and see what I end up with .. its funny when I begin.. I never know what it will end up to look like.. but most of the time I am pretty pleased.. and sometimes really surprised.. I love the colors and shape difference between the flower and the floating leaves... this one should be pretty interesting... I feel like my love of art is definitely blossoming these days... God has given me an inspiration for all type of creativeness.. and I am trying to indulge in each one... I enjoy knitting.. so I created a couple of really funky scarves for friends for Christmas this year.. it was fun to get back into the "texture" of things... I found a new fun gift idea for some of my daughter's friends.. and got into creating some custom bulletin boards.. they were really lots of fun to create...incidently do not hesitate to contact me by email... if you would like to check these out..

I truly enjoy being creative .. it makes me feel alive.. and accomplished when it is all said and done.. and I seem to look EVERYWHERE these days to be just that creative.. and be able to help others enhance their lives....
I really can't imagine the world without color.. it would be like going to the ice cream shop and they only have vanilla!! How boring would that be!!!

This is why I include color in EVERYTHING I do.. and some people, even family think I'm nuts.. but thats okay... its all in their minds.. I thoroughly enjoy and love.. the world of creativity ..... and truly respect others with this totally unique talent... I have a very good friend who happens to be a very successful artist here .. on the island and is and has been a true inspiration to me... just recently I had an a occasion to sit and have a little lunch with her... and she told me her whole story... WOW!!!! I was really amazed.. and very very inspired... her work is truly wonderful.. and she has a faithful following.. and she is a gifted artist... someone that I will always admire... but the one thing
she said to me .. that has seemed to stick is "Everyday.. find at least ONE thing to better and further your career as an artist... no matter what it is, make that commitment... DO ONE THING EACH DAY!!"

So I am ... I am writing EVERYDAY... and after this entry I am going to sit down and begin .... my new creation...

Aloha and A Hui Ho!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

.... and now its all over!!!!

Wow... it always amazes me... this thing about Christmas... we prepare... we shop ... we bake .. we wrap... we shop again... hussle and bussle... we get frustrated... we're licking and stamping.. and writing out cards... waiting in lines... searching for just the right gift... our whole entire mind and mood is controlled... by the outcome of this holiday... buying things to please one another... preparing meals.. and buying too much food.. stuff our refrigerators.. with ALL THE LEFT OVERS.. (incidently there's nothing better than a left over turkey or ham sandwich)... and special Christmas cookies... to top things off... on an already over stuffed tummy... but we make the excuses cause we know its a holiday.. and commit ourselves yet again to another New Years Resolution... to loose weight.. not over eat... not over spend.. stay within our budgets.. and just be good to ourselves.. BUT I ask you.. do we really ever FOLLOW THROUGH??? on at least ONE of these resolutions??? Sure lots of times.. we at least make it through at least January ... but then there goes just one more year!! Come on people.. where is our discipline?? where is our drive.. ??? where is my mind??? But really folks... today is Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009...and I plan on making a change... taking on a commitment.. and real live promise to myself.. to finally follow through on something... but really many things... I will soon be celebrating my 50th birthday AHHHHHH!!! I can't believe it but its true... it seems like just yesterday.. that I was going to college, or getting married... or having a baby.. but now my daughter is already 13 and soon will be finishing school because it seems like these years are passing by quicker than I would like.. and there are STILL SOOOOO MANY THINGS I have not yet to finish.. sooooo for the FIRST THING I am planning on following through with my "bloggerist" career. The power of the internet has given us ALL free rein to be real authors of our own ideas.. and thats what I'm planning to do.. I was truly inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia" and Amy Adams' character who decided to like Nike says "JUST DO IT!" ... be persistent.. and complete an idea, a thought .. a commitment!! So this blog "Just My Take.. !!" is going to be just that.. "My take on life, ideas, interests, and The Art of Being a Mom!!!" We Moms have aspirations and ideas and even careers to pursue along with being a Mom.. So ladies lets get started... set some goals... make some REAL NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS... make some REAL COMMITMENTS TO YOURSELF... to follow through.. and enjoy your life to its fullest potential!!!!

I hope you enjoy and begin to follow ... and let me know YOUR thoughts and comments as I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

With Warm Aloha and a Very
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all .. or as we
say here in the islands..."Mele Kalikimaka Hau'oli Makahiki Ho!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Merry Christmas!!"

Merry Christmas!!! Wow I can't believe its already Christmas...

Where does the time go.. !!! Christmas.. hussle bussle of this busy season... should get us to realize and remember what this season is really all about.. I love looking at the Christmas snow scenes.. as so carefully painted by artists like Thomas Kinkade... he truly knows how to capture the light.. and spirit of an old fashioned Christmas...

... Its not about the shopping.. or spending money we don'
t have.. or running from party to party.. and worrying about what to give and to whom.. or even finding the perfect tree, or having the nicest decorations.. or going on fancy, extravagant trips.. but its remembering .. the actual true meaning of Christmas... and celebrating Christ's birth.. !!
Sometimes.. and I know I'm totally guilty myself .. for getting lost in the "materialistic" and expense of the holidays.. getting lost in the "What do I get for this person..???" or worrying about finding the perfect tree with the perfect decorations..what we really need to do is to be thankful.... and remember we are celebrating Christ's birth... and the wonderful miracle that it was...
We all can get caught up in the materialistic "retailism" of this truly lost holiday season... and totally loose sight of this very special meaning... soo.. when you're running and rushing around.. trying to get things done.. getting frustrated at stupid things.. that we really shouldn't worry about at all... remember "it is better to give than receive"... and be thankful.. for family and friends no matter where they are.. and what they mean to you. Life is a gift.. and we need to cherish each moment that we are given... all the rest is just stuff!!

Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka Hau'oli Makahiki Ho!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New journeys in life...

Well .. here is another day gone by.. and I think things seem to be coming together more.. I am trying to work on a new discipline and blog more.. I really do like this blogging thing ... actually the definition is as follows.. "and online diary, a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a web page." Sounds impressive!! I guess I can be called a "bloggerist?" Is this a word?? I think so .. now..

Today was a day full of interesting learning events.. s
ome great, some not so great. I would like to talk about a wonderful new company that I'm involv
ed in .. a "w
ellness" company. My new business.. "Moms helping Moms to create a healthier brighter future!" Artfulmama's Wellness... I really love the
products and there are so many. All of them healthy and environmentally safe for you and your family.. you may go to the website.. and explore your possiblities to save money, get healthier, and develop your own personal business.. just by helping others.. do the same.!!
My greatest passion.. besides writing is my artwork.. I so completely enjoy being creative.. and sharing with the world. I have discovered a wonderful website offering a wonderful retreat, getaway.. whatever you m
ay call it.. enjoying nature and indulging yourself in art!!! The web
site offers a truly wonderful authentic Hawaiian experience.. of art, culture and nature compiled with relaxation and restfulness. Please feel free to explore the website and contact me if you have any questions etc.

This weekend I took a beautiful walk through a small town near my home, Holualoa, Hawaii .. browsing and enjoying art and sipping and tasting Kona coffee from many different coffee
farms!! Who could beat it.. coffee and art all in one experience.. at the
Kona Coffee Art Stroll. I visited many quaint little art galleries.. and met lots of beautifully talented peo
ple. I really love these unique galleries!!
I also had the pleasure of being introduced to another excellent organization .. Arts of Kona... who involves artists of all different types and mediums.. to promote the presence of art in our community he
re and Hawaii. The organize various showings of all talents from concerts to art shows and the like. Check out and visit their website..
I hate to end on a real but negative note.. but this morning I was watching my favorite news and everything show.. Good Morning America. I think I've been watching this program for at least 25 years... every morning while getting dressed for work.. or the day, having a cup of coffee or herbal tea.. I try to at least get in an hour of Good Morning America.. today was different.. I was truly disturbed by a story I heard about yet another little girl .. missing then found murdered.. her body found destroyed just a few days after her disappearance. I truly don't know whats going on in this world
! More and more of these terribly awful stories.. are popping up all over.. !! I listened to the mother of this little girl.. and watched her cry for her lost daughter.. she mentioned and it stuck with me, about being too busy .. taking the little things and times for granted.. sometimes its just that we are "just too busy in our heads.." Wow..!! that really hit me.. then she said .. you never know as each day goes by that we could be sitting here.. maybe with our own tragic story. If you have a moment take time to visit the website... http://www.rememb and take the time to read the story and send a message of hope and prayers.

So, with this in mind.. please lets all think.. take time with our children and families.. even just the little times.. talking in bed when its dark.. cuddling all together in one bed .. watching a silly tv show.. these times are making most memorable events in our minds.. Try not to get "too busy in your head." Take time for the little things.. love and enjoy your families and children..!! With Warm Aloha.. Good Night... Artfulmama

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its a New Month .. A New Day... New Beginnings!!

Aloha to all !!! I know its been a little bit since I've blogged in.. trying to get started on a new schedule this month!!! More discipline.. and more details to cover.. !!
I hope to "blog in" every day with a new message .. or news or whatever.. I have been kind of slack on this .. and really get back with my followers.. !! and hope I get more NEW followers.. !!

I've been busy with so many things.. and have really enjoyed getting back to my writing.. I never realized there were so many online writing content websites!!! I have really enjoyed writing for and met so many new wonderful friends.. You would
be surprised on how much you can learn from this website.. interesting information covering health, wealth, excellent recipe ideas.. you name it .. I would so enjoy you checking out my articles and rating them.. Lets face it we ALL have something to "give back!"

I have also joined another wonderful "Mom's" group.. (but you really don't have to be a Mom) to reap the benefits of a super company offering excellent environmentally safe and healthy products .. literally from soup to nuts.. and THE BIG THING IS .. you can create a great LEGITIMATE BUSINESS RIGHT FROM YOUR OWN HOME!!! Please feel free to check out my website.. and contact me with ANY questions.. etc.. Love to hear from all of you!!! Aloha .. we'll talk again tomorrow.!!! Artfulmama

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I'm Sooooo Hungry!!!"

How to Videos & Articles:

OMG!!!! I'm soooo hungry!!! This seems to be what my daughter says almost everyday coming home from school!!!! I understand they have growing bodies... and alot more energy than I have.. but ... I surely do miss MY SNACKS going to the RIGHT PLACE!!! It is sooooo frustrating.. and sometimes I have to say... I'm a bit jealous.. in ways.. !! I remember those days after school.. and even after classes in college...!! I would drive through and get a large french fry... and a large milk shake... and wolf it all down.. do some homework... studying, even go to a part time job, work late.. go out and party with friends.. and still NO WEIGHT GAIN!!! Now I watch my own daughter .. devour the same things.. and the same result.. NO WEIGHT GAIN... now I look at a french frie ... and gain at least five pounds!! There are so many fun ways to make more he
althy food more attractive to kids... especially through holiday time.. now with Halloween coming up.. you can get scarily creative.. I was checking a Family Fun Magazine..and found some really great creative English Mummies, English muffins with swirled
mozarella cheese on top and olives for eyes!! You can cut bread out in ghost shapes, covered them with cream cheese and use raisins for eyes!! How about cutting up apples like scary faces and using cut up almonds for jagged teeth!! There is also an excellent website with great ideas as well.. ·
This website has lots of wonderful ways to "Give Back!!' with a Halloween theme!!! I like the creative idea to send emails to each other using your o
wn photo downloaded in a scary character sending a spooky Halloween message!!! Each email makes a donation to the WWF!! I would give my left arm to be able to have that metabolism and even half the energy that I used to have then. But like they say that was then and this is now!!! I love my little "Carb Cueen" .. and wouldn't change her for the world.. I watch her everyday .. growing up. It seems like yesterday I was buying diapers and baby formula and now .. I know it will be any day and she'll be asking for the keys to the car!! Life is truly like a roller coaster ride.. some times up, some times down, some times fast, some times slow... you just have to hold on .. and enjoy the ride whether we like it or not!!

So with all this "healthy" food in mind.. and school almost being out... for the day, I better go try to russle something "good to eat" for the after school snack and then the inevitable... MOM... WHAT'S FOR DINNER???? Oh well.. its all in a day "The Art of Being a Mom!!!" able to create interesting things to eat in a single bound!!! Aloha till next time!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Here comes Halloween!!!

Well here comes Halloween... can you believe it!!! Seems just like yesterday.. it was the end of the school year!!! These days, weeks and months.. seem to be moving soooooo fast... !! Our children seem to be growing so quickly and adopting new habits and hobbies. I think this teenage age is much more difficult than the toddler stage.. There are sooooo many things that they are exposed to and can quickly get involved in. It is up to us as parents... to try to do our best to keep them on the straight and narrow.. especially here on the internet.
I found this really super website.. Its a very informative website but fun too!! There are all kinds of tips for healthy eating for our children, opportunity for blogging and creative, healthy and yummy recipes from Robin Miller .. the writer for the Food Network. The really cute fun thing is that you can create your own "monster card" to send to friends and family! All you have to do is choose a Halloween character, upload one of your own photos!! and and send a spooky Halloween email message !!! Each email sent makes a donation to the WWF Fund! Kids spend lots of time on the internet these days.. and this a great way to get in a spppppookky fun mood for Halloween!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Mission in Chaos"

A "Mission in Chaos!!" sometimes thats what my life seems to be.. never knowing what the next second, minute or hour will hold.. I believe the only real thing I can hold on to is my Faith... Faith in God .. and that I know that He is always there for me... to keep me going... keep me positive.. that and a Venti Ice Coffee with soy!!! I really do feel like this piece on the left... everything jumbled up into one big bunch of ideas..

I believe a lot of times, I am on a "mission".... a mission to be the best Wife, Mother, Frugalista and artist I can be. I have truly been inspired by my visions and ideas of color and my new pieces along with more and more ideas seem to "be on a roll" these days... For some reason my creativity has been locked up with the stress of these harsh economic times.. and after just simply letting go.. and letting God.. take over.. my ideas are really popping!!! I am finding and maybe finally fitting into my lifetime career as a full time Mom on the Run like I say...

I think one of my most difficult tasks is "What's for dinner???" ... I just get completed blocked when it comes to figuring out new ideas to make for dinner.. Frankly, I w
ould be happy with pancakes.. and so would my daughter.. but I may get a little bit of an odd look from the "King of the Castle" haha!!! Seriously though, they all usually eat what I make without toooo many odd looks or running to the ph
one to call for pizza!!! Dont get me wrong, I really do love to cook, bake and create... but the idea thing...AHHHH!!! I just hate it!!! Just tell me what to make and your wish is my command!! Just trying to add more healthy things to the menu is a task in itself... I think the only thing green they get really excited over is Skittles or M&M's!!! Believe me I like them both as well, but a steady diet.. welll... everything in moderation comes to mind.. maybe I should start another blog... !!! thats it !! Another blog for people to comment and send in suggestions.. and we can all share and swap healthy and creative ideas
for meals... not just limited to dinner but everything breakfast, lunch and dinner !!! The Works!!! Creative ideas and crafty, healthy receipes.. that EVERYONE WILL LIKE!!

So, now with Halloween loooming ahead..
and tons of candy and goodies.. to be made and offered, what better time would there be to be able to come up with and share great creative ideas.. and we don't have to stop there.. lets get going NOW.. instead of doing things the last minute for our costumes as well... soo stayed tuned for my up and coming new blog.. "Look What's for Dinner" (under construction at this time) and lets start thinking and sharing our thought and ideas.. Hope to see your comments soon!!!... don't forget to check out the following website in your Haunting Halloween Spirit!!!


So Aloha for now.. !!! Have a good ONE!! Artfulmama

Friday, September 25, 2009

Confessions of a now "Frugalista"

I was just thinking ... about "Money, what is it good for?" The long and short of it is that the more money you have ... the more you want... it just doesn't matter how much we think we need ... and then obtain, there always seems like.. the plain simple truth ... we always need more!! Its a terrible vicious cycle. These stressful economic times have put us all on notice. We are all learning and have been forced to realize the value of the all mighty dollar and the part that it plays in our lives whether we like it or not. We all need money to live and survive but the key is not to get caught up in the deep dark addiction of "spending". I myself am a recovering "Shopaholic". It took me a long time to really admit and the big word and accept this fact of being a Shopaholic but ... its true, "I am a Shopaholic." Definition and or meaning "A person who shops compulsively and or frequently." This like many other addictions, will always be a part of my life and a constant temptation. Fortunately, I live in a place where the nearest mall is three hours away... but believe me if I let myself, I can do preeettty serious damage at the local Walmart. Believe me its not a fun experience. I wished it would have been different but in the long run, but, I have really learned from this situation. The movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was absolutely totally me.. maybe not to the supreme extent.. but it was me. The statement "I wish I knew then what I know now.. " is really evident with me on this one. Just watching the movie with my daughter.. was, I must admit a little embarrassing.. just because I could totally relate... I was her..".. the rush of hearing the credit card being swiped.." that was a goose bump thing for me.

Believe me I tried to quit.. several times.. I have also cut up all my credit c
ards just to make my statement clear to myself. I used to say like all the other addicts.. "I can quit anytime I want.." But, I would end up going straight to a
store and making a payment .. but then making a purchase immediately after right off the statement.. pretty sick I know.. but it was the nature of the beast. It was a new thing.. something new in my life.

I even remember having a bad day at the office.. and heading straight for the mall on my lunch hour and spending ridiculous
amounts on even just a small tube of lipstick for a quick fix to make me feel better for the rest of the day. Wow, how stupid was I to get caught up in such an "addiction." I never knew how
much trouble this small innocent act would get me into......

So, now as I sit here as a recovering "shopaholic" and randomly dig through old boxes, bags and various other containers.. I sit in wonderment
of all the things that I have spent money on that at the time I really didn't need. I think of all the money I could have saved and used for more sensible things..
but then I think too, that was a different time then and we weren't in such awful economic times. Maybe its just the way I justify it in my mind .. but I literally thought I could use the things that I bought..They say these economic times are turning around.. I'm not sure on that one though.. but I'm hoping for the best. Now, I've adopted a new name instead of the shopaholic .. I am now a thriving and healthy "Frugalista!" My new mantra is " Do I really need this??? or do I just really want it.." I find all kinds of
ways .. to stretch, save, recycle, reuse, re-everything. I find all kinds of ways of refinishing and/or revamping all kinds of things. The new saying at our house now is "Don't throw that away... you never know, it will come back to you in a different form."

As I sit here watching the beautiful ocean.. or blazing sunset, instead of planning yet another trip to the mall, I just go down in the garage or closet and sift through some boxes and find lots of new to me items. P
robably, because I was in such a delirious mode when I purchased them.

In conclusion to this revelation .. that I've come to realize is truly think before you spend. Don't buy just because you want. Don't get a shopping cart, basket or bag if you don't have the cash cause you know you're just gonna fill it up! But, like even dieters say, you don't have to deprive yourself because if you do you'll just end up on a binge that you may never recover from.. EVERYTING IN MODERATION. Now, thinking back, I should have known that Loreal makeup is probably just the same thing as the Dior stuff in different packaging..I used to spend tons of cash on (just my opinion of course) but you would definitely be
surprised on how much you can save when you're in your own mind.

But there is one good thing about being a former now I have the convenience of my own shopping mall in my own home!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Pretty interesting.. I was just watching a tv program, actually a documentary.. on the wonderful artist .. Georgia O'Keefe.. Wow.. such brilliant, beautiful.. colorful work!! I had seen her work in the past.. but really didnt get a chance to really digest her work.. I was soooo impressed and it seemed to give me an uplift.. for at least the day, although I am continuing to look at more of her stuff online. She kept painting and creating till she was 98!! I felt soo.. stifiled .. and stagnant ... until seeing this program. Although I know the chances of being that great are pretty slim.. it does give me inspiration for color! I really love to paint and draw along with my writing and also enjoy sharing with others. The power we have with the internet gives us so much opportunity to ourselves known.. and I love seeing and browsing the talents of others.
Georgia's never ending desire to paint and create is very inspirational to me .. and especially being a woman myself.. gives me that little extra incentive.. to create my own art of all kinds.

We all need an inspiration sometime.. and this wonderful power that we have with the internet is just amazing... !! You can search, learn .... explore they say you can even experience a vacation ONLINE!!! I don't remember the exact websites.. but I know they're out there..

After we are in the midst of our inspiration... who knows what can happen...!! I know with my creative talents.. I can get visions and inspirations at any time of the day or night.. sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and just have to either write something .. or sketch something even if its just a quick note or a name.. if I dont do it just then.. most likely it will be lost.. you really have to grab that inspiration the moment it happens.
This was my inspiration for the day.. I am insanely in love with lime greeen ... I dont know why its just so.... well "inspirational!!" I have had this old stool in the house for just forever.. and today when I saw it "BANG" it hit me.. !!! I just had to jump on it.. Mind you this stool has been in my garage ready for the garbage for quite sometime.. I just always seem to forget it.. and it gets lost in all my other cluttered things in my garage.. So now after today's episode .. this is my new line of "Island Garbage ART!!!" Anything ready for the garbage.. I will figure out something with it. Like I always say someone's garbage could be someone else's treasure!

There are soooo many things and ways to express ourselves writing, drawing, painting .. all we need is a little push or shove ... we sometimes need a little inspiration...!!

Aloha .. and A Hui Ho!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Art of Being a Mom !!

The Art of Being a Mom.. wow.. that it truly is.. but more importantly the statement and book.. there is a book you know.. The Art of Being a Woman is truly a major statement!! It is truly that.. AN ART. It is also the most difficult job for ANYONE.. but one you can never really be trained for or receive a degree for.. it is a thankless job.. but then again so rewarding.. a truly fullfilling position.. that you may never be able to use on a resume or as a reference of almost any kind. I am in the process of writing a book.. to recognize, celebrate and encourage these women they call Moms. Once this particular position is held.. you will never be the same .. whether you physically have given birth, adoption.. or just taking care of your own husband.. the job is pretty much the same. Now by no means am I complaining... just stating facts, experiences.. my own personal advice from experience.. and I truly do not profess to be an expert by any means.. just reporting on first hand.. on the job training.. I often dreamed about an actual handbook for this job.. or position.. but NO ONE has been able to be "on the spot" with their Mom position. Dont get me wrong .. we are ALL IN TRAINING.. and unfortunately this pretty much doesnt end.. no mater how old or far away.. or even independent your children claim to be. WE ARE ALWAYS THERE... no paid vacation, no sick time, no days off, no specific time frame, no end of work.. no even time for yourself.. if your not smart enough to take it from the beginnng.. My advice is YOU GOTTA TRAIN EM EARLY!!! Its not like I'm not a "devoted" Mom.. I will and would do anything for my family... but we Moms do have to have a little time for ourselves.. to remember who WE are.. or to pursue things and events that we would like to do .. enhance our personalities and even stimulate our minds!! Wouldn't that be something!! Something other cooking dinner, laundry, gardening.. cleaning, taxiiiinggg!!! After all Moms are people too.. So thats why I say that there is definitely and "Art " to being a Mom. We all have find just the right way to juggle, organize and coordinate the timing to please all of our family members.. and fit in that special personal time for ourselves..

Like I said, "Don't get me wrong..." I really love being a "Mom" and couldn't imagine being anything else... but IT IS truly the most difficult but the most rewarding job in the world.

So have a great day, enjoy your family and get a little time for yourself.. !! Aloha!

Monday, August 31, 2009

It's all about GRATITUDE!!!

Be thankful, be grateful... everything counts!! I am trying to take time out...
to be mindful and thankful.. we ALL have lots to be thankful for ... I wish everyone would ta
ke time out of their day ... to write five things that they are thankful for.. just five simple or detailed
which ever you like...just take a small time out of your time ... Writing things down makes things more real, they take effect... just take a small notebook, journal,... even keep a record on your on personal computer... it doesn't matter.. just really WRITE IT DOWN.. IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Our lives are filled with stress and tribulations of life's events..and sometimes we get carried away and let the "little " things get to us. It is truly like the saying... "It's all Good!!!"

Take time today, even if its just a moment... but please take the time.. I promise you WILL see the difference..... be thankful, be mindful, and be grateful... for we all have sooooo much to really be thankful for...

Thank you for listening... Aloha.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Live Life to its Fullest!!!

I just love the movie "Erin Brockovich"... it is soooo inspiring .. just to go out and do it!! Julia Roberts is just magnificent in this movie! Its just totally what I needed to end my day..

I am also reading a wonderfully inspiring book.. from an author I completely admire, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.. Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life! Living the Wisdom of the Tao. Dr. Dyer explores and lives out the Tao Te Ching, referred to as the Tao for short, a wonderful book of wisdom written by a Chinese author Lao-tzu. He goes through this interesting book verse by verse, discusses it, and also gives you tips (Do the Tao Now) that he has derived from each individual verse. It's amazing.. like the Bible, of which I hold very dear, written so many years ago.. its contents and inspiration gives us tips even for today in 2009!!

Anyway, I am reading tonight the 6th Verse.. Living Creatively
The part of the verse I like the best is...
"The gateway to the mysterious female is called the root of all creation!" Wow, does that say it all or what!!! What about "Words may change, but be assured that the feminine energy can and will bring you to your own perfection. "

The book goes on to say "Whatever you feel within you as your calling ... whatever makes you feel alive-- know in your heart that this excitement is all the evidence you need to have your inner passion become reality!" I just love that!!

EVEN MORE POWERFUL - "Whatever you feel within you as your calling -- whatever makes you FEEL ALIVE -- know in your heart this excitement is all the evidence you need to have your inner passion become reality."

"Be creative -- in your though
ts, in your feelings, and in all of your actions. Apply your own uniqueness to everything you undertake. "

"Whatever you feel complelled to do -- be it write music, design software, do floral arrangements, clean teeth, or drive a taxi -- do it with your unique flair. Being creative means trusting your inner calling, ignoring criticism or judgement, and releasing resistance to your natural talents."

So with all of this in mind... there should be absolutely no reason for any of not to pursue a dream with drive and determination. We have so many opportunities to take advantage of and myself included sometimes get discouraged or feel defeated when we stumble upon a road block. We should take these "road blocks" in stride and learn from them ... for I believe that it just puts us in a different direction or route that will just make us better when we get there.

I always try to turn things no matter what, around and look at it in a total positive light.. because there is truly always a "bright side" to things... Think and meditate on the positive because God will carry us through.. Enjoy the day!!! Aloha

"I write because I can, to fill the empty void of purpose.. I study because I want to - to gain the knowledge for my
soul - to quench the deep thurst of my desire..."

"I love the solitude of my space. I can be whole here and delve deeper into my creativity. I hate being trapped in a world of shallowness and sadness. Each moment I create I come closer to completeness... " -- Artfulmama --

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We can't take the little things in life for granted...

Today has really left me at a loss for words...

You go through your day trying to make ends meet.. dealing with the details of your life.. relationships with your spouses, children and family. Stressing over really meaningless things. You deal with the world's business.. crime, lousy economy, companies going bankrupt, people being laid off, consistent expenses, worries about you and and your family's future.. you get frustrated when your schedule is overloaded and you miss appointments... and then WHAMMM!!! Something really hits home.. to make you realize .. that all of that stuff really doesn't matter.. there could be so many worse things to happen to us in our lives..

I just got a phone call from a friend... another Mother.. with three children.. busy family, enjoys lfe, travels with her family and visits wonderful places all over the world... enjoys life and it it has to give... we see each other at different school events.. and share the common bond of our children.. she told me that she was just diagnosed with Acute Leukemia ! I literally, didnt know what to say... I sat there on the phone completely stunned... she said she showed no symptoms but now has to go for treatments.. possibly up to three months... three months of being away from her children.. and home.. and not knowing .. not knowing if .. if she will be around to see her children grow up and graduate.. or celebrate the next holiday... I am still in total shock.. I kept thinking.. this is truly something to be concerned about.. not little things like missing appointments.. or getting frustrated in a parking lot cause we missed a parking spot closer to the front door... or getting down on ourselves for gaining weight.. LIFE IS TOOOOO SHORT PEOPLE!!! Wake up and smell the COFFEE..!!! Take time to be with your family and enjoy them.. tell them you love them, give them a hug and always remember to try to say loving, caring, encouraging words on your way out the door... you just never know.. all our lives could change completely in a split second...

Lets all take time to be thankful and grateful for all that we have been given in our lives... everyone is truly special and have special talents and gifts that we must cherish... take time and take a minute... look around you and be mindful... Life is a gift .. we must live it to the fullest!!!

Take care and send some prayers out there for all who are in need. I'm praying for you friend and your family. Aloha!

"Creativity keeps me sane!!!"

Creativity keeps me sane!!! What a loaded statement... It keeps me sane through the world of stress, anxiety,puberty, menopause and deciding what to prepare the evening meal... I enjoy writing and blogging .. it seems to open up more and more ideas all the time. I guess there comes a point in every Mom's life where they need to rediscover themselves so that they can still maintain the process of maintaining everyone elses life. Being a Mom is a huge job. I have spoken to so many women that have had major professional "real" jobs, so to speak and now they are home raising their children .. and they totally admit that being a Mom is the most difficult job there is and that they will ever have. But, the most rewarding and irreplaceable.

After discovering this way to express myself through writing I have been able to explore and investigate other artist's work as well. I have found sooooo many creative talent
ed people here through our blogs and websites. It is truly amazing, encouraging and completely inspiring as well. I thank all of you talented folks out there ... you
all keep me going !!! This is truly a wonderful artistic connection with people throughout the world!!

I am thankful for these times when I get to write and express myself through my art especially thr
ough these difficult economic times where everything in the news, national and local seems to be getting worse by the minute. It is truly an outlet for
my frustrations, trials and tribulations of life. I am thankful for the gift of the internet and all that it offers us. After all lowly starving artists like myself can now post their artistic creativities live on the web... and who knows... maybe the statement that an artist only gains fame after they have passed will change!! I surely hope so....Aloha for now... Have a wonderful day!! and Treat yourself like company!!

Thought for the Day...

He is our hiding place when we are fearful, and He is our confidence when we are doubtful. Our trust in His love and strength is indispensable to staying on course in the race that is set before us!

Monday, August 10, 2009

On a lighter note....

I have been working on some of my pet portraits... and kind of got on a roll here lately... of which I am totally elated about because I truly thought I lost my touch... these are some of my latest portraits of some of my beloved furry friends... !!! Drawing, painting, designing.. color.. I love it all and have always tried to keep it apart of my life. I truly feel more of myself.. when I am creating.. like in my writing... and hope to keep expanding my creative horizons..

I truly believe that our furry friends are really just special people in fur coats.. the fact that they continue to give unconditional love at all times.. is truly a special and unique trait... I find myself even when enjoying a wonderful vacation.. missing my special loving furry friend ("Thunder", the portrait just above in the center) its a special, completely undescribable feeling ... of his unique snore, breathing and even dreaming... I feel completely safe feeling him next to me or at my feet... a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else..

We need to be good to our furry friends.. they are truly a special creation from God.. Thank you God for this truly wonderful creation.. Have a great day & Aloha!!