Monday, December 28, 2009

But really now....

Okay folks really ... "Its just my take.. " BUT what does someone really mean when they say " Wow, you look great FOR YOUR AGE!" What in the world do you actually mean by that??? I dont know about you but.. I dont think I like that comment very much... I know the person may mean well but .. I think I'd rather go with.. "If you can't say something nice, then dont say anything at all..."

So with that being said.. and lots of my own personal improvement resolutions in mind...I hope all of your are doing well... and planning for yet ANOTHER holiday weekend... frankly between you and I .. I think New Years Eve is pretty much over rated... you know! I mean really to sit around ... . and count the seconds... after we've already had tons of drinks and way too much food that we will be writing new years resolutions in the morning to get rid of... basically if I won't be in Times Square, New York City... with a bunch of family and me is just one more night to see who in the family will actually make it and stay up till MIDNIGHT... Its funny when you actually really plan to... and try to stay up ... "watch the BALL drop..." and all that stuff.. it puts like a hex on you... you feel your eyes getting sleepy around 10:30pm... and you're looking for a tall or viente ice coffee or ANYTHING just to keep you up.. I think maybe we should be getting ourselves ready and make a total game plan.. to wake up FIRST THING... NEW YEARS DAY.. AND HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!! Maybe not literally but .. really get going... try to stick to our plan.. our goals.. our commitments.. I mean.. I remember babysitting when I was in high school.. and watching poor Guy Lombardo.. and then on to Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve... PEOPLE .. these guys need a rest.. and we probably do too... so lets all make our list of resolutions... and/or commitments.. this year.. the 2010 new year... and really try to start out on the good foot.. I know I am really going to try this .. year.. and between blogging EVERYDAY.. and a half dozen of other broken promises I've made to myself in the the past.. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT... !! Really start out with a clean slate.. so I wish you ALL a Very Happy New Year.. and my best to all of you in making your commitments stick!!!! "Its just my take...

Aloha till tomorrow!!

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  1. I soooo agree with you on that "look good for your age" comment! I recently had a new picture done for my husband's desk, he wanted it, and me, feeling a bit blue about my 48th birthday, thought it might be a good time to have it done. It worked, he liked the picture a lot and I liked how I looked (not in an ego way, but more so in a way like "okay, I can deal with being this age" sort of way. I posted it as my facebook profile picture and got a few compliments, and then (from someone my age) got "you are looking good for your age." Is that a compliment? Is that an off-handed snit? What the heck does that mean? Thankfully, several of my friends saw it and decided it wasn't a compliment and came back with things like "you look great for ANY age" and such. People are hard to figure.