Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hi guys!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! We're still not quite there its 7:11pm HST.. but just in case the "spirits" take over ....just wanted to make ONE LAST POST FOR 2009!!!!!! BOY DID THAT YEAR SUCK!!!!!!!

Anyway... we're on to another year THANK GOD!!!!!

Thank you sooooo much for listening... !!! I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!!!... IN 2010!!!!!!

ITS BEEN REAL... !!! to quote a saying from the 70's!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today .. another day...

Yes, I'm writing a new post for the day... and I'm pleased that I seem to be following along pretty well with my promise.. "to write something EVERYDAY.." even if its just ... a little paragraph..

First I would like to let me readers know that I am writing a separate blog.. called the "The Menopause Diaries"... its kind of a guide.. to get me through.. this wonderful mid-life stage of my life so if you are reading this .. please also check out "The M Diaries!!"

Now as we look at the new year ahead.. lets try to approach each day with a positive thoughts and attitude.. remember there are tooooo many negative and terrible things going on in this life.. we all have to make a difference..

Its getting late.. I will have more to write tomorrow.. but lets be kind to one another!

Until tomorrow.. ALoHA!!

One good deed deserves another....

Okay .. I guess I got a little carried away yesterday... but I guess when an idea shows up... you gotta go with it.. but I am enjoying the writing.. and I think as I keep going .. my writings will become more interesting.. like they say "Practice makes perfect!!"

Lets see well I'm back today .. I believe this is my 4th post.. toward my total commitment.. hopefully by the end of this experience .. I won't have to be committed.. !!! Could be close though...

All I can tell you .. and what I've learned for the day and like I say "Its Just My Take..but.. "RELATIONSHIPS ARE WORK!! total and complete work.. Dont get me wrong, there is alot of joy, fun, understanding and most importantly LOVE... but whether its a marriage.. a friendship.. a relationship between .. a child and a parent.. whatever .. it is totally ALOT OF WORK... I think the key is .. and you would hope that most think as I do.. is that if everyone put in 110% without ever expecting anything in return.. strictly and truly from your heart giving... I believe the world would be a better place!!! But the trick is to get EVERYONE .. to be on this same page so to speak.. kind of a "Pay it Forward" kind of thing.... incidently I really did enjoy that movie.. excellent acting, wonderful concept.. and almost completely believeable story.. I especially enjoyed the three main actors.. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt and Haley Jo Osment... (just a little sidebar here didn't mean to get distracted) Anyway, back to the Pay it Forward concept... think that it would totally be a project for us to be trying to carry through.. Lord knows we all need a little more positive in our lives to say the least.. Even in its simplicity.. and realistic view.. why couldn't each one of us just do three nice things for three different people.. and so on and so forth...?? Its it a truly unbelieveable idea?? really??? I mean, come on.. IT IS POSSIBLE... think about it...just for a moment... give it a real serious thought.. what could really be that wrong about it!! ?? Doing some simple kind deeds for one another.. without giving it a question.. Just come out and do something nice for someone.. BECAUSE YOU REALLY WANT TO.. and nothing else behind it, wouldn't that be just a HOOT!! For starters.. the thankfulness,gratefulness and gratitude would be consumingly overwhelming !!! Just thinking about all of it gives me the goosebumps!! Just the fact that we would be spreading POSITIVENESS instead of doom and gloom all the time makes me seriously want to make it one of my New Year's Resolutions.. but make it "do able"... even just ONE nice thing.. one good deed for someone everyday.. something sincere and truly from the heart.. so that person would really be touched enough to want to go out and help another.. Do you think we really have it in us.. to not get caught up with the negative.. to help one encourage one anther.. without an inkling.. or doomsday thought!! Wouldn't that be truly amazing!! I know its terrible to say and crazy to think.. but I think its pretty much a crap shoot. Cause I think for the most part, most of almost thrive on the negative. Its pretty sad.. but when you think of it.. when you see someone with an injury.. whats the first thing we ask..."How did you do it?" its not "How are you doing?" We almost naturally go towards the negative .. we love the gore, the guts... the details on how it went... its a natural instinct, we can't help it. I wish it were different .. but unfortunately, its not..

But we do have a choice in life...we have a brain..and free will... WE CAN DECIDE.. "'What kind of day we're going to have.." So with that being said.. Lets choose... lets change out that negative.. Lets make our mind up.. lets make the positive choice .. to have the great day... to remember what we have to be thankful for ...lets be helpful, kind and loving to each other.. you'll be surprised how much it will change your life..

So until tomorrow.. till our next thought... Lets try to Pay it Forward..
Aloha & A Hui Ho!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Possible book review... coming up...

Hello again.. I am going to do a possible book review.. here.. and would like to be able to count on my readers.. for any comments..

Another part of my New Year's Resolutions...

Looking forward to hearing from you ..

Aloha & A Hui Ho!!!

But really now....

Okay folks really ... "Its just my take.. " BUT what does someone really mean when they say " Wow, you look great FOR YOUR AGE!" What in the world do you actually mean by that??? I dont know about you but.. I dont think I like that comment very much... I know the person may mean well but .. I think I'd rather go with.. "If you can't say something nice, then dont say anything at all..."

So with that being said.. and lots of my own personal improvement resolutions in mind...I hope all of your are doing well... and planning for yet ANOTHER holiday weekend... frankly between you and I .. I think New Years Eve is pretty much over rated... you know! I mean really to sit around ... . and count the seconds... after we've already had tons of drinks and way too much food that we will be writing new years resolutions in the morning to get rid of... basically if I won't be in Times Square, New York City... with a bunch of family and me is just one more night to see who in the family will actually make it and stay up till MIDNIGHT... Its funny when you actually really plan to... and try to stay up ... "watch the BALL drop..." and all that stuff.. it puts like a hex on you... you feel your eyes getting sleepy around 10:30pm... and you're looking for a tall or viente ice coffee or ANYTHING just to keep you up.. I think maybe we should be getting ourselves ready and make a total game plan.. to wake up FIRST THING... NEW YEARS DAY.. AND HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!! Maybe not literally but .. really get going... try to stick to our plan.. our goals.. our commitments.. I mean.. I remember babysitting when I was in high school.. and watching poor Guy Lombardo.. and then on to Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve... PEOPLE .. these guys need a rest.. and we probably do too... so lets all make our list of resolutions... and/or commitments.. this year.. the 2010 new year... and really try to start out on the good foot.. I know I am really going to try this .. year.. and between blogging EVERYDAY.. and a half dozen of other broken promises I've made to myself in the the past.. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS YEAR DIFFERENT... !! Really start out with a clean slate.. so I wish you ALL a Very Happy New Year.. and my best to all of you in making your commitments stick!!!! "Its just my take...

Aloha till tomorrow!!

I made it back...

Okay .. its my third day here... I have to admit.. I'm barely here.. I am really tired in alot of different ways.. but if I'm going to follow through... like I promised myself... I have to continue on...I really do enjoy writing... and I know now .. what writer's block is really about... although I haven't had anything published.. just the fact of coming up with daily ideas.. is sometimes draining...

The holiday season is almost over... and all of its festivities... another season come and much preparation ... poof its over... it seems like just a split second.. it really is crazy how quickly time passes..

I'm sorry but my ideas seem to be escaping me.. and I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open.. but I will be back again... until next time.. Good Night & Aloha!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Okay... I'm trying here... but you see I'm back!!!!!

Okay, I'm trying here... and I'm back... its the second day of my new commitment ... to blog everyday... about "My take.. on things... " Pretty much anything. It is what it is...
"Its just my take ... on these wonderful issue
s of life... I'm so glad to be here today.. its just a sign to me that maybe I am on the road to following through... blogging everyday on "STUFF"... thus "Its just my take...!" They say it takes just 21 days of doing something to make it a habit... and this IS a good habit.. something that .. may take a while to really catch on .. but I truly believe in my heart.. that I have always been a good writer and always wanted to pursue this career... and I've always envied the "Carrie Bradshaws" in life although I think I would find it quite difficult to write about SOME of the things that she writes about... but thats okay... you never know.. I could be really good at it.... just have to give things a chance and always follow your dreams and pursue your passions to their fullest...

I am also pursuing my artistic talents .. this being my 50th year... and I'm going to start with envolving this current photo I've taken... I have always loved flowers.. and always drew them as a child... but I have particularly taken an interest in these water lilies... they have always been particularly beautiful to me .. and I have been truly inspired by this one... I have this interest in "cubism" .. and most of my work seems to end up in this form... I can't wait to get started on this one.. and see what I end up with .. its funny when I begin.. I never know what it will end up to look like.. but most of the time I am pretty pleased.. and sometimes really surprised.. I love the colors and shape difference between the flower and the floating leaves... this one should be pretty interesting... I feel like my love of art is definitely blossoming these days... God has given me an inspiration for all type of creativeness.. and I am trying to indulge in each one... I enjoy knitting.. so I created a couple of really funky scarves for friends for Christmas this year.. it was fun to get back into the "texture" of things... I found a new fun gift idea for some of my daughter's friends.. and got into creating some custom bulletin boards.. they were really lots of fun to create...incidently do not hesitate to contact me by email... if you would like to check these out..

I truly enjoy being creative .. it makes me feel alive.. and accomplished when it is all said and done.. and I seem to look EVERYWHERE these days to be just that creative.. and be able to help others enhance their lives....
I really can't imagine the world without color.. it would be like going to the ice cream shop and they only have vanilla!! How boring would that be!!!

This is why I include color in EVERYTHING I do.. and some people, even family think I'm nuts.. but thats okay... its all in their minds.. I thoroughly enjoy and love.. the world of creativity ..... and truly respect others with this totally unique talent... I have a very good friend who happens to be a very successful artist here .. on the island and is and has been a true inspiration to me... just recently I had an a occasion to sit and have a little lunch with her... and she told me her whole story... WOW!!!! I was really amazed.. and very very inspired... her work is truly wonderful.. and she has a faithful following.. and she is a gifted artist... someone that I will always admire... but the one thing
she said to me .. that has seemed to stick is "Everyday.. find at least ONE thing to better and further your career as an artist... no matter what it is, make that commitment... DO ONE THING EACH DAY!!"

So I am ... I am writing EVERYDAY... and after this entry I am going to sit down and begin .... my new creation...

Aloha and A Hui Ho!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

.... and now its all over!!!!

Wow... it always amazes me... this thing about Christmas... we prepare... we shop ... we bake .. we wrap... we shop again... hussle and bussle... we get frustrated... we're licking and stamping.. and writing out cards... waiting in lines... searching for just the right gift... our whole entire mind and mood is controlled... by the outcome of this holiday... buying things to please one another... preparing meals.. and buying too much food.. stuff our refrigerators.. with ALL THE LEFT OVERS.. (incidently there's nothing better than a left over turkey or ham sandwich)... and special Christmas cookies... to top things off... on an already over stuffed tummy... but we make the excuses cause we know its a holiday.. and commit ourselves yet again to another New Years Resolution... to loose weight.. not over eat... not over spend.. stay within our budgets.. and just be good to ourselves.. BUT I ask you.. do we really ever FOLLOW THROUGH??? on at least ONE of these resolutions??? Sure lots of times.. we at least make it through at least January ... but then there goes just one more year!! Come on people.. where is our discipline?? where is our drive.. ??? where is my mind??? But really folks... today is Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009...and I plan on making a change... taking on a commitment.. and real live promise to myself.. to finally follow through on something... but really many things... I will soon be celebrating my 50th birthday AHHHHHH!!! I can't believe it but its true... it seems like just yesterday.. that I was going to college, or getting married... or having a baby.. but now my daughter is already 13 and soon will be finishing school because it seems like these years are passing by quicker than I would like.. and there are STILL SOOOOO MANY THINGS I have not yet to finish.. sooooo for the FIRST THING I am planning on following through with my "bloggerist" career. The power of the internet has given us ALL free rein to be real authors of our own ideas.. and thats what I'm planning to do.. I was truly inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia" and Amy Adams' character who decided to like Nike says "JUST DO IT!" ... be persistent.. and complete an idea, a thought .. a commitment!! So this blog "Just My Take.. !!" is going to be just that.. "My take on life, ideas, interests, and The Art of Being a Mom!!!" We Moms have aspirations and ideas and even careers to pursue along with being a Mom.. So ladies lets get started... set some goals... make some REAL NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS... make some REAL COMMITMENTS TO YOURSELF... to follow through.. and enjoy your life to its fullest potential!!!!

I hope you enjoy and begin to follow ... and let me know YOUR thoughts and comments as I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

With Warm Aloha and a Very
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all .. or as we
say here in the islands..."Mele Kalikimaka Hau'oli Makahiki Ho!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Merry Christmas!!"

Merry Christmas!!! Wow I can't believe its already Christmas...

Where does the time go.. !!! Christmas.. hussle bussle of this busy season... should get us to realize and remember what this season is really all about.. I love looking at the Christmas snow scenes.. as so carefully painted by artists like Thomas Kinkade... he truly knows how to capture the light.. and spirit of an old fashioned Christmas...

... Its not about the shopping.. or spending money we don'
t have.. or running from party to party.. and worrying about what to give and to whom.. or even finding the perfect tree, or having the nicest decorations.. or going on fancy, extravagant trips.. but its remembering .. the actual true meaning of Christmas... and celebrating Christ's birth.. !!
Sometimes.. and I know I'm totally guilty myself .. for getting lost in the "materialistic" and expense of the holidays.. getting lost in the "What do I get for this person..???" or worrying about finding the perfect tree with the perfect decorations..what we really need to do is to be thankful.... and remember we are celebrating Christ's birth... and the wonderful miracle that it was...
We all can get caught up in the materialistic "retailism" of this truly lost holiday season... and totally loose sight of this very special meaning... soo.. when you're running and rushing around.. trying to get things done.. getting frustrated at stupid things.. that we really shouldn't worry about at all... remember "it is better to give than receive"... and be thankful.. for family and friends no matter where they are.. and what they mean to you. Life is a gift.. and we need to cherish each moment that we are given... all the rest is just stuff!!

Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka Hau'oli Makahiki Ho!!!