Monday, March 26, 2012

Comforting thoughts...

I have been sooo busy and crazy this last month... that at this point I am trying to slow down and wish that I could find something as comforting as a baby blanket  .. to relax my mind, nerves and emotions.  My mind has been so boggled by so many ridiculous situations... that I can hardly sleep.  I wasn't sleeping well in the first place... but to be able to completely sleep through the night like baby sleep for at least one night a week.. I would be eternally grateful.  I seem to have this unique knack to be able to find or to be any particular situation... with all the greatest of intentions...  but things never seem to fail, get worse and even more complicated.  Is it truly that difficult to be able to generate a decent income using my God given talents???  Ive also discovered that my even great talent is to PRAY... and pray alot !!!  Have I truly missed my boat??  Could this truly be just a "pipe dream??"

I think NOT!!!

I know in my heart that all things work together for good...

So I remain faithful... and yes prayerful...

Aloha & A Hui Hou...!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Company Retreat

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes
As a team, we are spending this coming weekend going on a retreat to work on defining our business goals and statement (or mission) of purpose. Knowing what your goals are, and being on the same page with everyone toward meeting those goals, is fundamental to a company’s success. Today I am spending time on to see how technology can help us meet the goals we agree on. I think this retreat is just what the company needs right now anyway. We will participate in team-building, as well as moral-building, activities in the morning, followed by a nice lunch. We will then break into small groups with different questions each group is responsible for brainstorming answers to. We will then meet back as a large group to share our discussions and develop a plan for the company. In the evenings, there will be free time, with entertainment available, as well as opportunities for further learning and discussion. A lot of work has gone into planning this retreat, and I’m really looking forward to it.