Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its ALL GOOD........

It really IS....... ALL good...

Its ALL good if we learn to stay FOCUSED.. focused on the positive.  I'm learning to keep this in mind... and keep focused... It truly is amazing how distracted you can get with life's crazy events. 

I believe when we do, stay focused, on the POSITIVE in life... good things will come... Its a little like "The Secret" surrounding yourself with the positive.

I have read and listened to the audio version of "The Secret".. and for the most part.. I agree.. but I believe people take it a bit too far.. 

Sometimes I believe people use this "secret" thing like something magic by simply  wishing and believing there will be a Mercedes in their driveway when they wake up in the morning... and then disappointed... and becoming frustrated when its not there... Don't get me wrong, its perfectly fine to focus, plan and keep centered and determined for good things to happen but that ONLY will not, MAKE things happen.  There is only one in control.. a higher being, a stronger life force... God is in control.. He has our present, past and future... in His hands... 

So "Don't Worry God is in Control".... 

stay focused, stay centered... believe and have faith...

Forever thankful... 
Aloha & A Hui Hou

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm sitting here wondering........

I'm sitting here 
wondering... how did I get to this spot... what were all the circumstances that led up to this point in our lives.... you always try to do the right thing.. say the 
right thing,   eat the right way, try to be            understanding, try to be a good listener, try to be .....  I ALWAYS put others first.. and myself last.. but at this time.... it doesn't seem to be helping much... I've been doing ALOT of praying these days... I know that I don't trust Him enough out of fear of the unknown... but trust and faith... is just that TRUST AND FAITH... It even states on our money.... 

IN GOD WE TRUST.... but do we REALLY...??? Do we REALLY TRUST????  It is very difficult to trust, sometimes... but we MUST... I know through the ups and downs in my life,  I really have trusted and prayed to God.. and the real trusting thing is to pray HIS WILL not your own... Wow..!!!  Yes we must understand that it is HIS Will be done.. He knows what our desires are.. and really what is best for us... but sometimes the difference between what He thinks and what WE think is best... seems quite a bit different.... 
"The Art of being a Mom" ... is just that ... quite an art....and it requires alot of trust ... in ourselves as the Wife, Mother and Mom.. friend.. sister.. whatever... it is a truly rewarding, difficult, exciting exhausting, once in a lifetime experience.  But once you really do experience it.. I promise you will never regret it..

I've now spent my day... with my little boy "Thunder"... it was a "slow" day... even working out, cleaning out things ... cleaning out the frig...gathering the trash..... chasing cats.. & geckos.. it was just a "slow" day... I'm praying God's will for this beloved, cherished little boy... I want his little body healed... and back to his fiesty old self.... I LOVE MY LITTLE BOY..... YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Eat, Pray, Love

Okay guys.. I'm about to watch Eat, Pray, Love.  A totally enjoyed reading and also listening to the audio version of this New York Best Seller.  I have heard mixed reviews of this movie.. and it seems even from my own experience.. that when I read a book and THEN see the movie... I tend to be a bit disappointed. 

If you are familiar with this story .. its basically a story of a women pretty much trying to find herself traveling through three countries after a bitter divorce.  I find it sad that this women had to go through such a life changing event .... to then go through yet another life changing experience.  But, I guess when you really sit down and think about it .. everything in life.. is "life changing".  But then again... everything in life ........ is changing.!!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm going through so many "changes" in my life.  (see http:www.artfulmamasmenapausalmadness.blogspot.com) But then again... the only thing in life that stays the same .. is CHANGE.  As much as I hate that statement it remains, still,  very true.  As one of my favorite singers states in one of my most favorite songs..
"Can I handle the seasons in my life......." 


I guess my Eat, Pray, Love... is praying that I can do just that, handle the seasons of my life.  I have truly gotten back to prayer in my life and I do feel much more secure.  I've always had a very strong faith in God... just seem to stray away and get distracted with life's circumstances. Praying God's Will For Your Life: A Prayerful Walk To Spiritual Well Being

I found it very difficult at first.. to pray His will.. not mine.. but I finally came to terms with that.  I have finally let go of my own or at least, most of my own desires and trust God to be in control.  

Well, I finally finished the movie... and it was quite disappointing to say the least...just goes to show you that our imaginations are probably much more powerful that even Hollywood...!!  Its all good though.. it was nice to relax and watch the movie in peace... 

Didn't want to put a damper on this for you.. I was truly excited to see this movie..... especially with Julia Roberts....but .. all in all ... I think she'll always be.....a "Pretty Woman"  in my mind......

Aloha & A Hui Hou........ 

Friday, November 19, 2010

New discoveries.....

I have discovered ... but have always been interested in alternative medicine... but more importantly Chinese medicine... and becoming an herbalist..!! In these past days I have come to do some research... and have become very interested.  I started this research because our beloved Cocker Spaniel.. my boy "Thunder" has had a relapse... and had become extremely weak .. and lethargic.. the vet, who is an excellent vet practicing Western medicine said there was basically nothing more we could do.  I knew in my heart that .. that was what he was going to tell me... and I really want this special furry friend and family member

to have a wonderful life... soooooo with much prayer and positive thought...I decided to begin my research.. to see what else there was, alternatively to do for him.  I found out from friends and research.. that there is a Chinese herb called "yunnan baiyao" 

that helps in stopping internal bleeding in humans ... and in animals.  It comes in a capsule and/or powder form.  I was told to mix it with liquid, like chicken broth and give him an ounce every hour until he seemed to perk up..... I did just that.. every single hour from yesterday afternoon till this morning.... gave him a bit.. and this morning... although not completely and totally perky... Thunder is seeming to show definite signs of improvement!!!!  This stuff really smells weird.. and I can't imagine mixed with the chicken broth... that it would taste much better... but it is seeming to make a small but definite difference... !!!  I was very encouraged by this ... and am going to continue to give him this for a bit longer... not every hour now.. but a little at a time and hope and pray.. that our boy.. will continue with this positive progress.

So at this point... after speaking with this local herbalist... and she gave me no guarantees.. but at least I know I am trying everything possible...!!  I am actually now going to make an appointment for myself.. to see if she will be able to regulate these lovely hormones... and help me get back ... to my old normal condition and weight.... She seemed very encouraging and positive that she would be able to help me... with these types of herbs.. and also acupuncture ... which I am also very interested in.... 

I know this situation .. could easily turn around... but I am continuing to pray and keep my strong faith in God.. to help our beloved friend... 

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative inspiration and then some.....

Now that I know that Abudaubi... is a REAL city... it sounds so very exotic...
I'm not sure if it was just the place or the culture, their beliefs... or all of the above..

I'm sure ... it is all of the above... but this also lends for great inspiration and imagination... as well...

Since the series and the movie "Sex in the City" I have been truly inspired by all of the characters of course... but my favorite being "Samatha Jones"
& of course
"Carrie Bradshaw"
Her writing career.. and the interesting and current things she writes about really do inspire me as I have mentioned probably too many times before.  It was really cool.. although I know it was "fictional" that they all, the great friends that they are traveled alone to such a place... and were able to enjoy such pampering!!  It was even fun to imagine being there yourself.... it was pretty awesome.  

There are so many movies that I've watched that are very inspirational.. to me ... I know that sounds really cheesy but... even movies like "Karate Kid"... the new version.. was a pretty inspiring story... although it is the same type of story... it still gives inspiration and sends a message.  A "never give up"... KEEP POSITIVE ... journey on message.... The strength ...control, discipline, drive pumps through your blood and thoughts... something I really need at this time in my life... I studied TaeKwoDo .. years back.. and really miss the concentration, discipline and centerness of my mind.  I was in my best shape ever then.. even at 8 months pregnant.. it was so much fun I never realized all the exercise I was doing!!!  Now.. that I'm way too overweight... with my blood pressure and probably cholesterol suffering each and every day... and both my knees being popped out with self care and recovery .. they sure are not what they used to be.  I'm at a crossroads... I cant keep going on this way.. I do the minimal here and there...  but not enough to make a difference during this menopausal time in my life.  I have the means to get back into my yoga practice and mix in the pilates.. after all I havent used this Total GYM as much
as I should have and my visits with Chuck and Christie have been minimal at best... so as one that I probably knows me the best tells me .. I just need to "suck it up, face EVERYTHING WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE"  and just do this thing......!!! Quit beating around the bush, making excuses ... and make the difference and DO IT!!!

"When life gets you down YOU make the choice to get back up again..!!" 

Aloha & A Hui Ho.............

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What does it take...???

Okay people ... what does it take... ???  What does it take ... to get inspired .. to be enthusiastic... to be excited???  I know I'm a really creative person... but I really do hate these ruts I get it ... with lots of stuff in my life... exercise... dieting... staying in shape... writing... creating... 

So I decided to watch Sex in the City 2 for inspiration...!!  Although Carrie is just a character... but I really do like what she does... her writing career... her crazy fashions... and ideas...  

I'm waiting patiently for the inspiration to hit me... 

I have at least a half a dozen portraits I need to work on ... some more writing & blogging that I haven't been able to keep up with my promise to myself to keep up with this blogging habit... some creative sewing ... and for some reason... its just not hitting me... and I'm not liking it very much... 

Hopefully ... sometime soon... Until next time .. A Hui Ho!!

My Life has been a tapestry

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue; An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view; A wond'rous woven magic in bits of blue and gold;A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold once amid the soft silver sadness in the sky, there came a man of fortune; a drifter passing by. He wore a torn and tattered cloth around his leathered hide and a coat of many colors; Yellow, green, on either side.  He moved with some uncertainty as if he didn't know just what he was there for or where he ought to go.  Once he reached for something  golden hanging from a tree and his hand came down emp-ty.  Soon within my tapestry,  along the rutted road, he sat down on a river rock and turned into a toad.  It seemed that he had fallen into someone's wicked spell and I wept to see him suffer, though I didn't know him well.  As I watched in sorrow,  there suddenly appeared a figure gray and ghostly beneath a flowing beard.  In times of deepest darkness I've seen him dressed in black.  Now my tapestry's unraveling;  He's come to take me back. He's come to take me back.

My Life has been a tapestry... I just love this ... it is TOTALLY ME.... and I love Carole King.. this album featured here... was my very first album given to me by my Aunt Linda... who is a singer/songwriter herself.  I memorized every single song on this album and still could sing each one, not very well mind you... but could still recite every word... this album and lyrics ALWAYS stuck with me... even after all these years... it was released in 1971...WOW.. the 70's... what a weird era...   what ever changing views we went through.  Similar to what we are going through right now... politically, relationally, fashionally (maybe not a word, but you get my point) ... I just wish I knew then ... what I know now... Haha... what a powerful statement... 

Which leads me to another direction... ever changing views... I really find it extremely amazing how some peoples views DO change... sometimes on command... or change radically.. from one direction or view to another without warning... not to be an extremist or anything...but its just amazing ... how people can profess to be so "perfect" but don't look at themselves and what they need to change.  More importantly... they refuse to remember and recognize whom they hurt in their past by their uncaring life choices.. a very sad affair.  

But I guess in conclusion we really can't change the past...  we can truly learn from our past mistakes... while....
 moving on to the future... I guess in thinking of all of this ... and trying to let go resentment and bitterness... I need to give all of this to God.. and leave it in God's Hand...

Aloha & A Hui Ho...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Only on the internet...

Aloha ... I am seriously trying to keep blogging.. but it just seems that time gets away from us.... I can't believe its already NOVEMBER.....  where does the time go...????

So I was surfing the net ... a few days ago... and was taking in all the sites... still searching for more writing assignments... haha..!! but really I do love to write... and I stumbled upon... http://www.goodbonusguide.com a very interesting site... and lots of fun things to do sportsbook, casino, bingo, gambling.. etc. Even Live Dealer Casino !!! 

Although I had traveled to Vegas a couple of times... I loved the city... lights, shows.. and not to mention the SHOPPING!!!  So since the internet has now been my new playground... what more interesting avenue could there be than gambling ONLINE!! This was truly a world I had never explored.. so I decided to check it out... I started out with the article on each of the types of money making ideas (aka gambling)... the more I read the more I knew why people could acquire such addictions... without extreme self control...

The articles were truly informative and insightful... and tempting.  It really sounded like a lot of fun... if only I still had the disposable income I once had.  Don't get me wrong... the website... gives you tons of options.. to have the enjoyment of gambling in your jammies... but in this economy ... who are we kidding here.. 

So in conclusion... http://www.goodbonusguide.com 

truly provides quality and quantity in its info and opportunity ... you just have to have the "means" to join in...  It just proves to me again.. how truly powerful the internet is to us..it seems like no matter what you need or what you need to find and find out... the internet is definitely the place to go.. 

 Aloha & A Hui Ho..............

Monday, October 18, 2010

Housewives really???

What to write....... hmmmmm..  there are so many things to write about.. so many opinions to listen to, so much advice to be given and then received.  Sometimes its just hard to get focused.
                              I have recently be drawn to a couple of episodes of The View..  

Now as I do like some of the hosts on this show .. I am surprised at how ignorant and ridiculous some of them can act.  But then again ... maybe I'm not.  The whole episode with The Real Housewives of DC focusing on  the Salahis was absolutely amazing.  Like Barbara said .. this is exactly WHAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN... people walking off stage, washing their hands of things... we do have freedom of speech and this show amongst other talk shows breeds these type of issues and opinions.  But, I mean lets be realistic here... if they were really and truly invited to the White House all they'd have to do is present their written and official invitation to prove that they were actually as they say officially "invited" to this White House event.  Instead, they both continue to draw attention to themselves... in every way, shape and form by pleading the 5th!  I know here in America we are innocent until proven guilty.  So, if they continue to stick with the story that they, in fact WERE INVITED why skirt around the issue and not prove themselves once and for all.!!! I don't get it!!!  But then again, I do ... its just like all of these other REALITY type programs where it seems that these celebrities... etc. are bored with their lives and have to dramatize everything.  Now, if their NATIONAL spectacle of themselves weren't enough... the Salahis have now written a book dramatizing the event and other details of their constant attention seeking lives.  What person in their right mind would write an entire book based on what the majority of the public view as a crime and disrespect of the President of the United States, however little that means anymore..  What is this world really coming to ???  As this Housewives phenomenon comes to light... I am guilty as the rest of their viewers in looking forward to the next exciting and juicy episode and also their written personal details.   Which brings me to another "Housewives" series... The Real Housewives of New Jersey... probably my personal favorite.. and guilty as charged, looking forward to the next season.  I love all the characters in this one.... they all show sooooo much drama!!!! The variety with this group... is just hilarious...!!! 

We also recently watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.... how much plastic surgery can one person ... actually have??  This is just their first episode.. but from this early content... I'm sure it will be filled with more drama that we can imagine!!!!   

Okay... so my point here is how are ALL these women really housewives???  I mean seriously... they really have EVERYTHING done for them... maids, servants, trainers, nannies... you name it...!!!   The most difficult thing they do is order everyone else around.. and shop!!  Must be nice if you ask me...     It's just my take on this one... but I don't think they are REAL HOUSEWIVES AT ALL!!      

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I often ponder....

I often ponder my desire to write... especially after listening to the interview with Oprah and JK Rowling... , the first billionaire woman author of the Harry Potter series... Although I have only read a portion of her first book...I am intrigued to really make it a point to at the least read the first book through and through...

I do have a wondering imagination.. and a yearn to create .. whether its painting, drawing and yes writing...  one might think.. that if my desire to write was so strong.. my blog here would have many posts.... you're probably right... but dont get me wrong ... I actually think about "writing" in every sense of the word pretty much all the time....  I also think about "Carrie" in the Sex and the City series/movies... and how she sits down at her laptop... to record her thoughts formed throughout the day.... talking about her opinions .... ideas ... etc.  I really think this would be such fun and a tremendous creative outlet for me ...  I'm a bit tired and exhausted thinking about all of these ideas .... and more frustrated that I really haven't put them in motion... hmmmm.... maybe this my final realization... watching this interview.... if all of these once "ordinary" people... women and men.... were just like the rest of us... just without the bank accounts.!!!  Some were even on public assistance,.. working in basic jobs,... single parents raising children alone, literally not knowing where their next meal is coming from... and all it takes is inspiration, imagination, a creative mind, drive, determination and time.  So with people like JK Rowling and Oprah ... and all of the people who came from nothing ... this really inspires me...!!  After all we do live in America... where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE .... supposedly...

I am planning on making my blogging a habit... along with starting a manuscript for a Best Seller... I know I've mentioned my blogging before... but .. after all, I have to start somewhere.. I'm thinking I should be reading and digesting writing prompts, ideas, and listening to interviews like the Oprah interview with JK Rowling... and keeping a positive attitude.  I also try to be truly "thankful" for all that I have already.. not material things .. but the things in life that are most meaningful.. love, marriage, my daughter, my faithful Cocker Spaniel, love for creativity and my art... things that money cant buy.

So right now, this moment I am going to stop sitting around .. and get going here.. holding on and let my creativity take a beautiful journey...  Aloha & A Hui Ho....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG.!!!!! I can't believe its September.....!!!!

Well I can't believe its September ALREADY and I haven't made any posts since August......... where does the time fly....??? It seems just like yesterday... we were ending a school year ... and now its almost Halloween.  Not to mention that its already 2pm today.... where DOES the time fly????  

And another thing...... why is it when you have a day off .. there is MORE WORK TO DO!  It almost seems that you go "into" work to rest and relax!!!  This is like a weird twist on things..for us, so to speak "stay at home Moms!" 

Don't get me wrong and I would 't trade lives with anyone... I love being there for my family..... cleaning, cooking, laundry, taxi driver, seamstress, organizer, juggler of schedules... listening to their stories, celebrating victories, and giving them a shoulder to cry on when their day doesn't work out like they planned.  I have just one question ...  even after 14 years ... I still haven't found any way to carve out "just a little" ME time..!! I really don't understand how these women who have more than one child actually find ANY time... to just hang out .. relax... read a book ... or even use the restroom without a ton of questions...!!!  I think its a "learned skill" rather than something thats awarded..!! 

They say you just have to "TAKE" it...!!  I guess I just have a hard time with that .... since all of my married life ..well ALL of my life .. I've always made sure that EVERYONE else had something scheduled, something fun to do and just plain someone to be with before I would schedule ANYTHING for myself.  I guess is always made me feel kind of selfish in a way.  But then there is always the other side of the coin... that I hear ALOT... that if you don't take care of yourself... then NO ONE WILL!!... So thats what I'm trying to do ... each day I try to do a couple things like writing or drawing in addition to practicing some yoga and meditation ... it seems to keep me a little more centered.....Its kind of funny though... the more time I have in a day off (off from the store) the less individual items I seem to get done!   It is certainly a frustrating situation to say the least.  It really takes alot of work and discipline to get on a real schedule to be able to accomplish this otherwise impossible act of self preservation.  Nighttime is soooo peaceful.. listening to the quietness of the evening noises.. knowing everyone is restfully sleeping... and this when my creative ideas start to run around in my head !!  I also really love to read... and have a ton of books on my list to devour but I have contracted a common ailment that when I sit down for too long my eye close before I even finish a chapter.!!  I have recently started another book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called The Astonishing Powers of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.  It also comes with an audio CD ... which I have already downloaded and hope to listen to.  It really is very interesting!! I have many other books by these same authors .. and they are all very enlightening and informative.  I really love Hay House, Inc. as well .. You should check their website its loaded with tons of goodies.!!  I'm thinking my new book of interest will also shed some light in my own life.  

Well, now even after the little time I've spent here writing.. time has again flown by... and must get moving... sooo  hopefully this month will bring blogging to a normal routine.. so until next time A Hui Ho!! 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Do you ever feel FAT ... like me (sometimes??)

 I just picked up this book.... "Women Food and God" by Geneen Roth.. she was on the Oprah show recently .. she discusses women's compulsive eating issues... whether they are really hungry or not.. and really "Why do we eat??"  but somehow I felt drawn to read it.... as I eat my "diet" tuna sandwich...

 Do you ever just feel fat, ugly, undesirable, worthless???  I think there are probably ALOT OF PEOPLE... that feel this way from time to time... maybe even more times than they would like to admit.  Life, the media, magazines... tv, websites, you name it ... its all drawn on looking "perfect" or what THEY think looks perfect.... I mean was there every any "SKINNY" jeans when we went to school??  Lets face it... we all think about it ...we all have tried a diet or two or three... ??? Especially us "middle" aged women dealing with menopause, puberty and whats for dinner tonight???  This weight and FIT "thing" can get us ALL a little NUTS to say the least...  I guess I decided to write about this WEIGHT issue, because as of late... this WEIGHT thing sucks!!!  I had never ever had to worry about weight before ... until this time in my life and never realized how hard it is to focus and be disciplined when there are so many OTHER things going on in life... 

Like they say... " you would be surprised how much you can accomplish, when you put your mind to it...!!"

I've tried soooo many diets, pills, plans, gimmicks, routines and ideas..... I get so tired just thinking about it... but more frustrated when things don't work... sometimes I feel like a pin ball in a pin ball machine.. bouncing bouncing...bouncing ..from barrier to barrier only to get to another dead end..  I like and follow Weight Watchers which I truly believe to be the best REAL FOOD program...from all of my research... but I AM reading this book to see what the real connection is between Women, Food and God... I do have a strong faith.. but sometimes.. like any human being ... the negativity of the world looms over and is extreeeeeeemely overwhelming to say the least......

I know this in my heart... and I know I must continue to have FAITH........ I wish we knew what things will work and what won't ... but the fact still remains God is the ONLY ONE ... with the plan...  we must have FAITH..What does this really mean?? What is FAITH anyway..??  I guess I've heard it said best is "Faith is not believing that God can... its believing that HE WILL!!"  and I know YOU and I have FAITH.....  Have Faith... A Hui Ho!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I know we're all here and we all have the experiences in our lives for a reason... some are wonderful experiences .. and then some.. well, not so wonderful...   Sometimes the things we go through in our lives... we continue to ask "why" ... why, are we going through this at this time.. why, can we not seem to get ahead... why, is there jealousy, resentment, hate, and discontent in this life.. in our lives..??? why why why???? I tend to ask myself this question alot... and I must admit.. I do get angry, frustrated and miserable.  Its very difficult to deal with these feelings.. but I always go back to "God is Good"... he does not make mistakes...sometimes I wonder just how much He thinks we can take... but I know in my heart I will get through things... but only with HIS guidance and direction....

Now I have been shown yet another path that I have already explored... but would love to really make a business of my own... and continue to... thrive..but also contribute to my family.  I do love my family very very much... but really have this yearning .. to be successful in my own interests.  I love my art ... and creative interests... but seem to be thrown back into the skincare/makeup thing continually in my life... selling my creative ideas and helping others feel great about themselves... is what I really thrive on I've found.. so by the end of this entry... I will be involved with MK .. once again!! or not... I really don't know..I was just reading yet another website.. The Pink Truth..which showed me a completely other perspective.. I do believe the Lord directed a new person in my life.. and resparked this interest... She is a thriving, full of life representative... that assured me that she can give me the training and direction I need... because she is of God's direction as well... but there is so much other information.. out there... that discourages me about this program.. which makes me soooo unsure... so again I am waiting for HIS direction... what to do ....... what to dooo.....!!!

Life gives us many twists and turns... and its alot like a roller coaster ride.... we all just have to hang on and have a deep seated faith in our God... HE is truly AWESOME.. so I am in constant prayer for direction and the ways and means to get things started again.. I know in my heart... I've been sent in this direction for His purpose.... Aloha!! & A Hui Ho... 

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well "It's just my Take..."..but its just another day .... and finally going back to work... I have been off for the last four days... and it seems that I need to go to work to actually take a rest!!!  I enjoy doing all kinds of things on my days off .. mostly creative ideas..and tasks and it always seems that the actually keeping up the house/cleaning/cooking/DECIDING what to make for dinner... takes up more time than you think!!  I mean really its soooooooo  tiring !!!

But now not to change the subject .. but I'm soooo glad that school is back in session.. !!! Dont get me wrong I enjoy spending time with my daughter... but routine is soooo totally nice.

Okay... "Its just my take .. " but .. I found this AWESOME totally shopping website... called http://www.become.com!!  I am ALWAYS surfing the web to find ways to save.. and find interesting items and I totally stumbled upon this one!!  It totally compiles the BEST of everywhere!!!  This in turns saves you time and plenty of $$$ !!  There is also a wonderful local feature that all you have to do is plug in your zip code.. and it locates everything close to you saving you gas & money!!!  There are soooooo many things to check out .. I found this beautiful photo frame for under $5!!!  http://www.become.com/wire-photo-holder 

There are sooooo many options to shop for from canopy bed frames....http://www.become.com/canopy-bed-frame to computers, electronics, clothing, camera..to beautiful comforters http://www.home-and-garden.bcome.com/hotel-collection-comforter.... the sky is the limit!!!!  Amazing... its the kind of place you can spend an hour or spend the day and not even leave your bed!!!!  There is even a tab called "HOT PRODUCTS" that narrows things down to item, style, designer..

and it pretty much does the research for you!! I know it will save sooooo much time and money for all of you!!!! Especially with the holidays quickly approaching!!!!  There is also a totally AWESOME section on Health & Beauty that offers EVERYTHING from Cosmetics and skin care to fragrances, hair care, vision care.. and then even vitamins and supplements!!!  I wished I would have found this website earlier.  Living in Hawaii... sometimes our supplies are limited and we do ... do alot of online shopping so this website is a complete asset to ANYONE trying to save some money and limit their time running around town... Soooooo SHOP ON FRIENDS!!!!  and please let me know your thoughts.. when you guys check things out!!

Hope you guys have a great time surfing the web!!! and enjoy this new find... http://www.become.com !!!! A Hui Ho!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hawaii is a cooooooollll place!!

It's Just My Take.. but Hawaii is a coooolll place to be..

I must admit.. when we decided to move here almost five years ago now... (it was my idea) .. it was a pretty adventurous thought to say the least! I was living in Florida for most of my life.. and was caught up in the rush rush hussle bussle of life.. always going somewhere, lots of fun sporting events, shopping malls everywhere, programs, shows...it can be alot of craziness if you let it..we were always on the go.. don't get me wrong.. we had tons of fun.. it was just a "different" time in our lives. It was just then that we were losing sight of the real life, relaxing.. and actually taking the time to smell the roses.. It was just time for us to sit down ... take notice of things.. So we made the decision to move across country... like they say. We had visited and vacationed here lots of times.. and always enjoyed the wonderful weather.. ( while you guys are freezing back on the East Coast)...and the totally relaxing tropical atmosphere.. of these beautiful islands...!!! The Big Island... is truly BIG!! Although the Big Island has the most square footage.. it has less people ... than Honolulu... which is on the island of Oahu. There are also several other islands you can visit as well like Maui, Kaui, Lanai, Molokai.. Kahooholawe and Niihau these last two.. actually you can't even visit but they ARE listed on the map.. !!

Anyway, after packing everything up.. and loading it in a large metal container.. floating it two weeks plus across the ocean and then driving cross country hitting every pet motel on the way...getting our wonderful black Cocker Spaniel "Thunder" on the plane with us.. we finally arrived here on the Big Island !! and it is a truly beautiful place with wonderful ocean and mountain views..... the people are friendly and helpful.. and it was very easy to "fit in" so to speak.

  Generally moving to a whole other place in the country.. is quite a stressful experience for families, relationships and marriages.  It is listed as one of the top events in people's lives that contributes to divorce.  But I truly believe that if you have faith in God and your heart and soul is full of love and commitment to work together through thick and thin you'll grow and prosper and live an amazing life together.  Enjoy your day and life to day with positive prayers and thoughts!!  Aloha & A Hui Ho!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Getting back on track....

Well I know its been awhile... and I apologize to my readers... although they may be few ... I know they are genuine. I just came back from almost a month vacation..I should have been blogging then.. so I could be able to release some tensions, worries and concerns.... and now it seems that things are more jumbled up and complicated than they were when I left.

We and above all ME.. needs to learn more to rely on my strong faith in God and His guidance through ALL of our life's circumstances... not just the negative ones. As soon as there is a situation that is turning negative or a really huge problems arises... we all run to the comfort of God in our lives. We need to trust in Him through ALL times... and remember that He is ALWAYS in charge.

So with that being said I am trusting and praying everyday... that He is going to guide us through this recovery time of our family's beloved "Thunder"... our black Cocker Spaniel... Just a week ago on July 21st was rushed in for an emergency splenectomy. They removed his spleen and a large growth that was taking up close to 30% of his little 33lb body. The biopsy of the spleen came back positive for this horrible ridiculous disgusting disease of cancer. All of his xrays and reviews came back clear before the surgery. But since there was cancer in his spleen there could have been some microscopic way of the disease getting into his body. I am trusting God to BEAT THESE odds and Thunder to have a full speedy recovery. Now to make things even MORE COMPLICATED.... just about 15 years ago TO THE DAY... our former black Cocker Spaniel.. "Norman" had the very same surgery... and removed another 5lb tumor...!!! Our doctor before... told us that he had never seen such a large tumor in such a small dog. This type of tumor or growth is usually more common in larger breeds such as German Shepards etc.... From my research and information so far... there is no way to prevent or understand why these growths form.. I guess just another freak of nature that cannot be explained!!! Now Norman lived for another 8 years... and lived a completely happy full life after the surgery. I am now on a quest to have Thunder live his full happy life as well. I am researching any NATURAL AND HOLISTIC remedies and or treatments to ensure his full and complete recovery. I just don't understand why with all the studies, educated specialists, doctors, research etc. that they have not been able to figure out a way to deal and destroy this terrible disease!!! or just be able to treat this disease without almost killing the patient to do it. It just doesnt make sense to me...!! I've heard some rumors that they are purposely avoiding a cure to be able to make more money on the current treatments etc. Although we dont know that this is just a rumor...I think thats just plain sick!!! So if anyone has any other "takes" on this disease, treatments etc... please feel free to contact me by comment or email etc... I will be anxious to hear from you...

Life is full of unexplained events, situations and circumstances... we all must remain trusting and confident in God to be there for all of us... not matter what!! So I am now "Getting back on track.." and hopefully back on the "blogging " track.. I do miss writing.. and am going to do my best to make my blogging part of my normal routine.. Thank you for listening and all of your POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.. and promise to keep you posted and POSITIVE.... Aloha till the next time we meet...

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm backkkkkk....

Well its almost been another month... not the schedule I intended to keep... "It's just my take... but... I didn't forget about my writing ... just seems that there is quite alot more happenings in my life these days... Honestly, I have been quite busy.. with "life"...but I have managed to complete a couple of portraits... and you can see ... hmmmm.. Meet my new friends "Fred" on the left... and "Duke" on the right!!! I now have several portraits that I need to start production on... I JUST LOVE ANIMALS... Like I always tell people... "Pets are just humans with fur coats!!!" I'm not giving up on this creative side of my life... drawing, writing ... etc. It's what keeps me connected to my inner desires. You see I am always creating in my mind...and when the desire and inspiration hits me ... I HAVE TO ACT... almost immediately!! I guess thats an artist thing...its just how it works with me...I always have a pad of paper, pen and pencils, my laptop and a good book.. by my nightstand... so I am completely ready when I get the required inspiration. I think thats probably why I havent gotten into the big bucks just yet with my creations... "It's all good though.. I really do love to draw, paint, needlework, organize, design.. its just in my blood. Blogging has become another new creative outlet... and I love reading all my creative colleague's blogs and writings as well. You just never know... when it will be "your time!"

I believe I have truly been blessed my talents, my wonderful supportive and even getting more supportive... family... good health and great friends new and old. Life is truly what you make it.. and I don't plan on missing a beat.. I have also been truly blessed by many inspirational people in my life... they are very creative, colorful and extremely talented people that I am very thankful for touching my life. I have recently found out that a very dear and truly inspirational friend, amongst so many people out there, has been diagnosed with the relentless and random disease of cancer. It really hit me like a nothing I have ever experienced. I continue to pray and send positive energies their way ... in hopes of remission... and haulting of this terrible condition. I think of all the wonderful crazy times we spent together...
sharing, laughing and crying... and I know in my heart POSITIVELY... that we will AGAIN be able to spend more time together in the future with God's healing and blessings.

With that being said I will conclude in professing and telling ALL of you... to LIVE EACH OF YOUR DAYS TO THEIR FULLEST POTENT
IAL.... take a chance, BE CREATIVE... try something new ... learn something new... GO OUT OF THE BOX!!! Be kind, enjoy and share each other's experiences..and above love one another ... Like Oprah says "Live your Best Life!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well it has been awhile since my last post... I've been pretty busy with Spring Break.. .. learning the ropes...with my new job...and trying to make all the schedules come together... and as always .... trying to keep everyone happy at the same time.. I guess thats ...my blessing and a curse at the same time.. and why I keep feeling guilty.. making a little time for myself.. time for my creativity in writing and maybe someday a little notariaty for my writing, art, color and drawing.. I also loving being up late and spending time alone reading.. and yes making more time for my exercise, yoga and even a little meditation. Trying to make sure to keep up my writing .. seems to be a little more difficult that I thought at first... "Its just my take ... but I'm thinking that like anything else you try to really make a commitment to do.. at first .making it a habit..is the hardest part. Writing, like everything else creative, I believe should be more spontaneous...when the moment hits you, so to speak ... like right now.. at 3:29am... I really should be sleeping.. cause I have to get up early but .. something inside wanted to finally make a new post.. since it is already the end of the month and this is only my second or third post of the month... I have been reading a new book and have been inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert.. Committed..... to start writing more.. I really enjoyed reading her first book Eat, Pray, Love.. and even listened to the CD audio version.. it was really inspiring listening to her actually reading the book...her voice and thoughts really came out... and it felt like a friend telling me of her experience.. Mia King... also another inspiring female author .. is also a neighbor here on the Big Island .. thats what makes it REAL to me .. that I have actually met at one point someone who has a wonderfully creative talent of writing and has published her writings into to wonderful novels. So .. it doesn't seem like such a far off experience.. to know a REAL person.. and that there not just like someone you read about or see in magazines and tv.. so, I think we truly just have to believe in our hearts..and follow our passions.... don't waste our talents and leave them in the closet.. but exercise them.. just like our regular exercise routine.. be positive and don't give up....and you just never know.. our greatest dreams can come true....

Life is too short folks... we ALL need to make the best of our days... live life to the fullest .. no matter what... enjoy your day... pursue your passions... Aloha!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exciting New Adventure!!!

Aloha to all my friends!!!

Its been a little bit since I've been able to post another blog... cause I've been enjoying and exploring my new adventure in fine jewelry!!! Wow !!! I never realized how much there was actually to learn... but... has definitely been an interesting ride so far...!!! I'm excited about learning this new field and fulfilling my desire to learn.

Fine jewelry is a whole new bright, shiny and exciting world!!! There is so many things I've learned is such a short amount of time... Yellow gold, white gold and now the new attraction in the rose gold... a beautifully sparkling way to enhance the earth toned jewelry. Actually rose gold has copper added so this is how it gets its "rose" coloring. As I mentioned in my previous post ... this enhances the newest in pearls as well... the Chocolate pearl!!! There are so many different shades of the Tahitian Black pearl as well... ranging from black to grayish, purples, greens, and the greatest color the peacock shade of wonderful... shades of blues and greens ..

This is truly another world that I have always been around.. but have never really experienced...and learning all about pearls... our wonderful designed pieces... and then selling them... is a wonderfully new chapter that I am excited to begin... !! Aloha to my readers ... and I hope you visit our website... http://www.mauidivers.com!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well.. I'm off to a New Adventure!!!

I'm starting a new position next week... at a wonderful jewelry showroom here on the Big Island... it should be a ve
ry interesting...

I have spent the last 13 years.. in work out clothes, sneakers, Fit Flops and my hair twisted up to keep cool... I'm now searching and sifting through my closet for the old black pumps!!! and nowwwww even in this tropical setting I HAVE TO WEAR PANTYHOSE!!! It is a very "business like" atmosphere.. and we also have to wear uniforms.. well not really "uniforms" they are pretty basic and simple.. and a great purply blue color.. believe me as far as uniforms go.. there are alot worse!!! I'm kind of glad we're wearing them... that way I dont have to go sifting through clothes everyday.. to FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR!! I'm excited and anxious to learn about their jewelry.. and the company's background.. The sales staff is required to wear our "fine jewelry" and nothing else.. and also after a period of time.. we can buy some pieces.. OH BOY more shopping... !!! I have done some preliminary research... and noticed now that there is such things as "chocolate pearls".. Wow Chocolate and jewelry what a great combo!!! and they are absolutely beautiful!!! I have only really been in the showroom a couple of times living here.. but it didn't take me but a minute to hone in on one of the most expensive pieces... as one of my favorites.. !!

I love be
ing out in the public... and talking to people, telling and showing them some wonderful creations... .. I already know that I will really enjoy being around such beautiful pieces .. for our public here and tourists to check out and take home for their souvenirs of their special visit to our beautiful island of Hawaii... This is one of my favorite pieces already!! (to the left)

It also will be a different experience for me... not being at everyone's beck and call so to speak.. and I'm excited to know that they will begin a new adventure as well.. together .. bonding
and creating a special relationship that they will remember always..

I also wanted to let my readers know that they are not limited to check out our showrooms.. only when they visit our islands ... we are totally upscale and ANYONE CAN SHOP ONLINE!!! Just go to http://www.mauidivers.com and register and you can browse and shop in the comfort of your own home!! "It's just my take ... but I think this is going to be fun!!!
So ... its Aloha for now...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Art of Extreme Self-Care"

I am soooo glad.. to be back blogging again.. guess my New Year's Resolution is not holding up well.. but I'm not giving up on ANY of them..

"Its Just My Take.. but I believe ALL of us need Extreme Self-Care... and thats why I picked up one of my favorite author's new book "The Art of Extreme Self-Care". I guess this is my new book review .. don't
worry there will be time for more.. and I just had a revelation.. maybe this way I will push myself to start really reading all of these wonderful books.. and the posting an ACTUAL REVIEW.. for my readers.. two bird with one stone!! So far I find it very interesting reading and intriguing proposals of new daily practices. She states early on that in order to practice this Extreme Self-Care is to learn to love yourself unconditionally accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities! Wow this is alot to work on to say the least... !!

Chapter One.. goes on to discuss "Ending the Legacy of Self Deprivation"... The goal is to give yourself more breathing room than you think you need.. when you start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated etc... ask yourself some questions regarding this. Where do I feel deprived? What do I need more of right now? basically what makes us start to feel overwhelmed and the like?? Attack the basics and try to figure out.. where the
se actually feeling stem from?

Chapter Two.. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.. makes us confront ourselves.. and lets us face the real person in us. I am going to try this experiment she suggests by actually looking in the mirror.. and stating.. to ourselves.."I love you. ______" showing us and being able to tell ourselves that we really do love ourselves, unconditionally... with all our imperfections..

Okay, well this is only two chapters.. and I believe I am already really getting things here.. I guess what I'm saying is that we are ALL good special people. We get caught up in the negative things in life.. and let ourselves get overwhelmed with bad situations, our poor choices, hurt feelings and just plain unkindness... and we really need to remember .... like the saying goes to learn to "Treat yourselves like
company!" Cause we really deserve it!! After all .. if we are not at our best .. and don't take care of ourselves in everyway.. we will be NO GOOD to the people that we love and hold the dearest....I like that!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I write.....

I write and I try to write everyday... although I've not been too faithful these last few days... but I'm trying to write everyday...whether anyone reads it or not ... I like to write.. a work in progres... Maybe someday... someone might notice... but I know its all in God's timing... This IS Just My Take... but this year .. I 'm truly leaving it up to God's timing...

Sometimes.. don't you just wish... you could know what's going to happen about a situation?? an answer to prayer ...whether you're accepted into a program...medical results.. but then where would our faith and trust be??? if we knew all the answers... so its probably best ... we don't know..and continue to grow through our experiences .. learning to completely and ultimately give EVERYTHING TO HIM!!

But, I cant help it.. I really do love to write...and I'm going to continue.. to write... to explore my imagination...thoughts and dreams... this is why .. I so totally enjoy blogging... and just writing out my thoughts.. Blogging and reading ... and art of course.. are the things I enjoy most.. but dont seem to be able to schedule enough time to do these things... I so feel so uplifted, creative and alive when I'm able to complete at least a little of each of these things..

I guess this is just what I'll keep doing .. following my passions and what makes me feel good inside and out.. and I know that God will honor me...

Have a great one ...Aloha!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Well I must admit...

Well .. I must admit.. I screwed up.. last week was an absolutely horrible week...I haven't blogged in SEVEN DAYS.. haven't really done much... I apologize to all my readers.. I will try not to let this happen again...

Its amazing how your emotions can really get the best of you!! I really d
on't know where last week went.. and then Friday showed up!!! I started out the new year okay... and started posting something everyday... but I let life and its negativity get to me.. and that threw the wrench in the spokes..!! But today is a new day.. to a new week.. and I'm really trying to set "little" goals for myself.. and take each day as it comes..

This week .. I plan on getting back on the work out track.. exercise EVERY DAY.. and start eating healthier... OMG!! I really have to do this... one day at a time.. its really difficult to give up our vices.. whether its food, drink, or just stayi
ng away from the things we know will help us .. like exercise!!!

Its Just My Take.. but whatever happened to the good old days when we went out for a night of dancing.. and partying.. and even LOST WEIGHT!! Now just thinking of the wrong food puts on at least 1o lbs!! Times sure have changed.. and its definitely hard to admit!! and whats worse these are things that my Mother would say... !!! There are soooooo many things to get used to.. getting older...our minds, bodies, thoughts, opinions.. everything... seems to be changing.. but then I have to remember that I'm supposed to be getting WISER!! At this point ... it remains to be seen. I really like that old saying..." If knew THEN what I know NOW!!" boy wouldn't that change things up!!!

We all have to learn and remember "no to sweat the small stuff.." "its all good.." life is full of journeys and trips we take ourselves on.. where we learn, e
xplore... make mistakes, enjoy... and even fail.. but even in those times we always hope to learn from our mistakes... This weekend turning the big "50"... really has awakened me in different ways....I know I'm never going to look as good as I did at 20 or even 35 at that matter again and certainly never going to "feel" that way again... BUT... I have made a promise to myself.... I'M GOING TO BE BETTER!!

Thank you for listening.... and there will be more tomorrow!! Have a great one!! Aloha Ahui Ho, Mahalo Nui !!!!!!! :)