Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well.. I'm off to a New Adventure!!!

I'm starting a new position next week... at a wonderful jewelry showroom here on the Big Island... it should be a ve
ry interesting...

I have spent the last 13 years.. in work out clothes, sneakers, Fit Flops and my hair twisted up to keep cool... I'm now searching and sifting through my closet for the old black pumps!!! and nowwwww even in this tropical setting I HAVE TO WEAR PANTYHOSE!!! It is a very "business like" atmosphere.. and we also have to wear uniforms.. well not really "uniforms" they are pretty basic and simple.. and a great purply blue color.. believe me as far as uniforms go.. there are alot worse!!! I'm kind of glad we're wearing them... that way I dont have to go sifting through clothes everyday.. to FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR!! I'm excited and anxious to learn about their jewelry.. and the company's background.. The sales staff is required to wear our "fine jewelry" and nothing else.. and also after a period of time.. we can buy some pieces.. OH BOY more shopping... !!! I have done some preliminary research... and noticed now that there is such things as "chocolate pearls".. Wow Chocolate and jewelry what a great combo!!! and they are absolutely beautiful!!! I have only really been in the showroom a couple of times living here.. but it didn't take me but a minute to hone in on one of the most expensive pieces... as one of my favorites.. !!

I love be
ing out in the public... and talking to people, telling and showing them some wonderful creations... .. I already know that I will really enjoy being around such beautiful pieces .. for our public here and tourists to check out and take home for their souvenirs of their special visit to our beautiful island of Hawaii... This is one of my favorite pieces already!! (to the left)

It also will be a different experience for me... not being at everyone's beck and call so to speak.. and I'm excited to know that they will begin a new adventure as well.. together .. bonding
and creating a special relationship that they will remember always..

I also wanted to let my readers know that they are not limited to check out our showrooms.. only when they visit our islands ... we are totally upscale and ANYONE CAN SHOP ONLINE!!! Just go to and register and you can browse and shop in the comfort of your own home!! "It's just my take ... but I think this is going to be fun!!!
So ... its Aloha for now...

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