Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New journeys in life...

Well .. here is another day gone by.. and I think things seem to be coming together more.. I am trying to work on a new discipline and blog more.. I really do like this blogging thing ... actually the definition is as follows.. "and online diary, a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a web page." Sounds impressive!! I guess I can be called a "bloggerist?" Is this a word?? I think so .. now..

Today was a day full of interesting learning events.. s
ome great, some not so great. I would like to talk about a wonderful new company that I'm involv
ed in .. a "w
ellness" company. My new business.. "Moms helping Moms to create a healthier brighter future!" Artfulmama's Wellness... I really love the
products and there are so many. All of them healthy and environmentally safe for you and your family.. you may go to the website.. http://www.internetceomoms.com/Artfulmama and explore your possiblities to save money, get healthier, and develop your own personal business.. just by helping others.. do the same.!!
My greatest passion.. besides writing is my artwork.. I so completely enjoy being creative.. and sharing with the world. I have discovered a wonderful website offering a wonderful retreat, getaway.. whatever you m
ay call it.. enjoying nature and indulging yourself in art!!! The web
site http://www.hawaiianartjourney.com offers a truly wonderful authentic Hawaiian experience.. of art, culture and nature compiled with relaxation and restfulness. Please feel free to explore the website and contact me if you have any questions etc.

This weekend I took a beautiful walk through a small town near my home, Holualoa, Hawaii .. browsing and enjoying art and sipping and tasting Kona coffee from many different coffee
farms!! Who could beat it.. coffee and art all in one experience.. at the
Kona Coffee Art Stroll. I visited many quaint little art galleries.. and met lots of beautifully talented peo
ple. I really love these unique galleries!!
I also had the pleasure of being introduced to another excellent organization .. Arts of Kona... who involves artists of all different types and mediums.. to promote the presence of art in our community he
re and Hawaii. The organize various showings of all talents from concerts to art shows and the like. Check out and visit their website.. http://www.artsofkona.org
I hate to end on a real but negative note.. but this morning I was watching my favorite news and everything show.. Good Morning America. I think I've been watching this program for at least 25 years... every morning while getting dressed for work.. or the day, having a cup of coffee or herbal tea.. I try to at least get in an hour of Good Morning America.. today was different.. I was truly disturbed by a story I heard about yet another little girl .. missing then found murdered.. her body found destroyed just a few days after her disappearance. I truly don't know whats going on in this world
! More and more of these terribly awful stories.. are popping up all over.. !! I listened to the mother of this little girl.. and watched her cry for her lost daughter.. she mentioned and it stuck with me, about being too busy .. taking the little things and times for granted.. sometimes its just that we are "just too busy in our heads.." Wow..!! that really hit me.. then she said .. you never know as each day goes by that we could be sitting here.. maybe with our own tragic story. If you have a moment take time to visit the website... http://www.rememb
eringsomer.com and take the time to read the story and send a message of hope and prayers.

So, with this in mind.. please lets all think.. take time with our children and families.. even just the little times.. talking in bed when its dark.. cuddling all together in one bed .. watching a silly tv show.. these times are making most memorable events in our minds.. Try not to get "too busy in your head." Take time for the little things.. love and enjoy your families and children..!! With Warm Aloha.. Good Night... Artfulmama

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its a New Month .. A New Day... New Beginnings!!

Aloha to all !!! I know its been a little bit since I've blogged in.. trying to get started on a new schedule this month!!! More discipline.. and more details to cover.. !!
I hope to "blog in" every day with a new message .. or news or whatever.. I have been kind of slack on this .. and really get back with my followers.. !! and hope I get more NEW followers.. !!

I've been busy with so many things.. and have really enjoyed getting back to my writing.. I never realized there were so many online writing content websites!!! I have really enjoyed writing for ehow.com and met so many new wonderful friends.. You would
be surprised on how much you can learn from this website.. interesting information covering health, wealth, excellent recipe ideas.. you name it .. I would so enjoy you checking out my articles and rating them.. Lets face it we ALL have something to "give back!"

I have also joined another wonderful "Mom's" group.. (but you really don't have to be a Mom) to reap the benefits of a super company offering excellent environmentally safe and healthy products .. literally from soup to nuts.. and THE BIG THING IS .. you can create a great LEGITIMATE BUSINESS RIGHT FROM YOUR OWN HOME!!! Please feel free to check out my website.. and contact me with ANY questions.. etc.. Love to hear from all of you!!! Aloha .. we'll talk again tomorrow.!!! Artfulmama