Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well.. I'm off to a New Adventure!!!

I'm starting a new position next week... at a wonderful jewelry showroom here on the Big Island... it should be a ve
ry interesting...

I have spent the last 13 years.. in work out clothes, sneakers, Fit Flops and my hair twisted up to keep cool... I'm now searching and sifting through my closet for the old black pumps!!! and nowwwww even in this tropical setting I HAVE TO WEAR PANTYHOSE!!! It is a very "business like" atmosphere.. and we also have to wear uniforms.. well not really "uniforms" they are pretty basic and simple.. and a great purply blue color.. believe me as far as uniforms go.. there are alot worse!!! I'm kind of glad we're wearing them... that way I dont have to go sifting through clothes everyday.. to FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR!! I'm excited and anxious to learn about their jewelry.. and the company's background.. The sales staff is required to wear our "fine jewelry" and nothing else.. and also after a period of time.. we can buy some pieces.. OH BOY more shopping... !!! I have done some preliminary research... and noticed now that there is such things as "chocolate pearls".. Wow Chocolate and jewelry what a great combo!!! and they are absolutely beautiful!!! I have only really been in the showroom a couple of times living here.. but it didn't take me but a minute to hone in on one of the most expensive pieces... as one of my favorites.. !!

I love be
ing out in the public... and talking to people, telling and showing them some wonderful creations... .. I already know that I will really enjoy being around such beautiful pieces .. for our public here and tourists to check out and take home for their souvenirs of their special visit to our beautiful island of Hawaii... This is one of my favorite pieces already!! (to the left)

It also will be a different experience for me... not being at everyone's beck and call so to speak.. and I'm excited to know that they will begin a new adventure as well.. together .. bonding
and creating a special relationship that they will remember always..

I also wanted to let my readers know that they are not limited to check out our showrooms.. only when they visit our islands ... we are totally upscale and ANYONE CAN SHOP ONLINE!!! Just go to and register and you can browse and shop in the comfort of your own home!! "It's just my take ... but I think this is going to be fun!!!
So ... its Aloha for now...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Art of Extreme Self-Care"

I am soooo glad.. to be back blogging again.. guess my New Year's Resolution is not holding up well.. but I'm not giving up on ANY of them..

"Its Just My Take.. but I believe ALL of us need Extreme Self-Care... and thats why I picked up one of my favorite author's new book "The Art of Extreme Self-Care". I guess this is my new book review .. don't
worry there will be time for more.. and I just had a revelation.. maybe this way I will push myself to start really reading all of these wonderful books.. and the posting an ACTUAL REVIEW.. for my readers.. two bird with one stone!! So far I find it very interesting reading and intriguing proposals of new daily practices. She states early on that in order to practice this Extreme Self-Care is to learn to love yourself unconditionally accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities! Wow this is alot to work on to say the least... !!

Chapter One.. goes on to discuss "Ending the Legacy of Self Deprivation"... The goal is to give yourself more breathing room than you think you need.. when you start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated etc... ask yourself some questions regarding this. Where do I feel deprived? What do I need more of right now? basically what makes us start to feel overwhelmed and the like?? Attack the basics and try to figure out.. where the
se actually feeling stem from?

Chapter Two.. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.. makes us confront ourselves.. and lets us face the real person in us. I am going to try this experiment she suggests by actually looking in the mirror.. and stating.. to ourselves.."I love you. ______" showing us and being able to tell ourselves that we really do love ourselves, unconditionally... with all our imperfections..

Okay, well this is only two chapters.. and I believe I am already really getting things here.. I guess what I'm saying is that we are ALL good special people. We get caught up in the negative things in life.. and let ourselves get overwhelmed with bad situations, our poor choices, hurt feelings and just plain unkindness... and we really need to remember .... like the saying goes to learn to "Treat yourselves like
company!" Cause we really deserve it!! After all .. if we are not at our best .. and don't take care of ourselves in everyway.. we will be NO GOOD to the people that we love and hold the dearest....I like that!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I write.....

I write and I try to write everyday... although I've not been too faithful these last few days... but I'm trying to write everyday...whether anyone reads it or not ... I like to write.. a work in progres... Maybe someday... someone might notice... but I know its all in God's timing... This IS Just My Take... but this year .. I 'm truly leaving it up to God's timing...

Sometimes.. don't you just wish... you could know what's going to happen about a situation?? an answer to prayer ...whether you're accepted into a program...medical results.. but then where would our faith and trust be??? if we knew all the answers... so its probably best ... we don't know..and continue to grow through our experiences .. learning to completely and ultimately give EVERYTHING TO HIM!!

But, I cant help it.. I really do love to write...and I'm going to continue.. to write... to explore my imagination...thoughts and dreams... this is why .. I so totally enjoy blogging... and just writing out my thoughts.. Blogging and reading ... and art of course.. are the things I enjoy most.. but dont seem to be able to schedule enough time to do these things... I so feel so uplifted, creative and alive when I'm able to complete at least a little of each of these things..

I guess this is just what I'll keep doing .. following my passions and what makes me feel good inside and out.. and I know that God will honor me...

Have a great one ...Aloha!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

"Well I must admit...

Well .. I must admit.. I screwed up.. last week was an absolutely horrible week...I haven't blogged in SEVEN DAYS.. haven't really done much... I apologize to all my readers.. I will try not to let this happen again...

Its amazing how your emotions can really get the best of you!! I really d
on't know where last week went.. and then Friday showed up!!! I started out the new year okay... and started posting something everyday... but I let life and its negativity get to me.. and that threw the wrench in the spokes..!! But today is a new day.. to a new week.. and I'm really trying to set "little" goals for myself.. and take each day as it comes..

This week .. I plan on getting back on the work out track.. exercise EVERY DAY.. and start eating healthier... OMG!! I really have to do this... one day at a time.. its really difficult to give up our vices.. whether its food, drink, or just stayi
ng away from the things we know will help us .. like exercise!!!

Its Just My Take.. but whatever happened to the good old days when we went out for a night of dancing.. and partying.. and even LOST WEIGHT!! Now just thinking of the wrong food puts on at least 1o lbs!! Times sure have changed.. and its definitely hard to admit!! and whats worse these are things that my Mother would say... !!! There are soooooo many things to get used to.. getting older...our minds, bodies, thoughts, opinions.. everything... seems to be changing.. but then I have to remember that I'm supposed to be getting WISER!! At this point ... it remains to be seen. I really like that old saying..." If knew THEN what I know NOW!!" boy wouldn't that change things up!!!

We all have to learn and remember "no to sweat the small stuff.." "its all good.." life is full of journeys and trips we take ourselves on.. where we learn, e
xplore... make mistakes, enjoy... and even fail.. but even in those times we always hope to learn from our mistakes... This weekend turning the big "50"... really has awakened me in different ways....I know I'm never going to look as good as I did at 20 or even 35 at that matter again and certainly never going to "feel" that way again... BUT... I have made a promise to myself.... I'M GOING TO BE BETTER!!

Thank you for listening.... and there will be more tomorrow!! Have a great one!! Aloha Ahui Ho, Mahalo Nui !!!!!!! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gotta get back to work.....

Well.... I guess I didnt make my goal of writing EVERYDAY... I am disappointed in myself ... but I'm back... all I know is I gotta get back working doing the things that I truly enjoy...

Being part of this excellent "wellness" company is one of the things I really do enjoy along with so many other creative things.. please don't hesitate to contact me.. and I would absolutely love to tell you more about it .. it certainly be an
excellent way to start off the New Year!!!

I hope that this new year will be at least a little better than the seems to be filled with all kinds of curves... but I think if we try to remain as positive as possible.. WE WILL GET THROUGH! I plan on making BIG changes this year and hope to really see some major results... to say the least!

I thank all of you readers/followers for your interest and hope that you will feel free to make some comments that I can better myself and my writing..

"It's Just My Take... but this has got to be a NEW AND BETTER YEAR!!

Womens Self-esteem

Friday, January 1, 2010

Its a New One...

Well I'm following through on at least one of my New Years Resolutions...and writing another post even if its just a quick paragraph.. or sentence..

I am thankful for the capability of writing .. no matter how much or how little .. you really never know .. how successful you can be until you try.. so I am looking forward to my next year of writing about all kinds of things.. and I thank all you followers for reading and your encouraging comments...

Aloha and A Hui Ho!!