Monday, January 11, 2010

"Well I must admit...

Well .. I must admit.. I screwed up.. last week was an absolutely horrible week...I haven't blogged in SEVEN DAYS.. haven't really done much... I apologize to all my readers.. I will try not to let this happen again...

Its amazing how your emotions can really get the best of you!! I really d
on't know where last week went.. and then Friday showed up!!! I started out the new year okay... and started posting something everyday... but I let life and its negativity get to me.. and that threw the wrench in the spokes..!! But today is a new day.. to a new week.. and I'm really trying to set "little" goals for myself.. and take each day as it comes..

This week .. I plan on getting back on the work out track.. exercise EVERY DAY.. and start eating healthier... OMG!! I really have to do this... one day at a time.. its really difficult to give up our vices.. whether its food, drink, or just stayi
ng away from the things we know will help us .. like exercise!!!

Its Just My Take.. but whatever happened to the good old days when we went out for a night of dancing.. and partying.. and even LOST WEIGHT!! Now just thinking of the wrong food puts on at least 1o lbs!! Times sure have changed.. and its definitely hard to admit!! and whats worse these are things that my Mother would say... !!! There are soooooo many things to get used to.. getting older...our minds, bodies, thoughts, opinions.. everything... seems to be changing.. but then I have to remember that I'm supposed to be getting WISER!! At this point ... it remains to be seen. I really like that old saying..." If knew THEN what I know NOW!!" boy wouldn't that change things up!!!

We all have to learn and remember "no to sweat the small stuff.." "its all good.." life is full of journeys and trips we take ourselves on.. where we learn, e
xplore... make mistakes, enjoy... and even fail.. but even in those times we always hope to learn from our mistakes... This weekend turning the big "50"... really has awakened me in different ways....I know I'm never going to look as good as I did at 20 or even 35 at that matter again and certainly never going to "feel" that way again... BUT... I have made a promise to myself.... I'M GOING TO BE BETTER!!

Thank you for listening.... and there will be more tomorrow!! Have a great one!! Aloha Ahui Ho, Mahalo Nui !!!!!!! :)


  1. I did a decade in review post and it was an eye opener. While I admit I am not crazy about the number of my age (just turned 48), I have to say I am a lot more happy, content and just better off with myself and my life than I was 10 years ago, when I hadn't even entered my 40s. So, I am adjusting to this new mindset.

  2. Thanks for the input.. a decade in review .. what an interesting idea.. thank you again for your comments..