Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Flying the friendly skies .... "

Okay soooo ...I'm flying the friendly skies ... as they say ... Very interesting ... For all the years we've traveled ... I honestly can't remember when was the last time I've flown by myself ...  find it very interesting to see lots of people getting on and off planes... business trips, visiting airports all over the country as just a part of their normal work week... From the Big Island to the Big Apple... I know it sounds weird, especially in this day and age... but seriously, this IS a bit of an adventure for me ... in lots of ways.. Im excited and scared all at the same time.. but its ALL GOOD... Im ready for some rest, fun and relaxation ... Times Square, Central Park, Michael and Kelly, The Rocketttes, Broadway... The Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero ....  IYou know with the way the world is ... today .. Its DEFINITELY thought provoking to say the least... I'm a bit anxious to see Ground Zero in person... as it reflects soo much our thoughts and prayers for our Country.. Our  Country is in great need of POSITIVENESS... with terrorism and and upcoming election ... sometimes, I know some people differ, but for the most part... all we really can do is pray... 

I am really excited and very thankful ... for being able to go on this trip and to see a "real" city... especially NYC!!!  THIS CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS ...!!! LOL... I better get some sleep before arriving ... so I can write more about my adventures... and not sleep through these exciting days ahead..  

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Don't get me wrong... but

Don't get me wrong ... I love my life and family... and they are the absolute best ...They are very thankful, giving and appreciative, and I wouldn't change things for the world.  But,  I would love to know how did it get so creatively convient to realize that when women get a job OUTSIDE the home ... that they are FINALLY working ... REALLY ??? SERIOUSLY???  I find this super interesting ... and kinda frustrating to say the least ... I'm not sure where this assumption comes from.. Where and how does a family think that all the cooking, cleaning, and housework actually gets done???  Miracle guardian angels???  Menihune maids???  Do they think that we have a magic wand in our arsenal ???  I found it very interesting that hear the approximate salary of a full time Homemaker - being as how this profession encompasses the following .. Private Chef, House Cleaner, Child Care, Driver, Laundry Service, Lawn Maintenance, and Property Manager .. just to name a few... If you added all of these approximate salaries up 

The Bottom Line
Total for a year of all service is: $52,260 + $6,127 + $31,200 + $4,168 + $936 +$1,560 = $96,261 per year... 

Well, for not having a four year college degree... it pretty much adds up to almost $100,000.00 a year which sounds like its really not too shabby... ... or about $1923.00 per week.. But, I failed to mention there are NO paid holidays, NO days off, NO sick time, NO vacation and NO retirement .... lol.. and yea .. just a little side note... ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER.. lol.. not even a little bit of a manual to refer to... when you really get stumped... However, there are some women that are fortunate enough to have a mentor .. but not all.  I was fortunate to have married into a family that had a very experienced, inspirational, genuinely loving and caring mentor... as the family I was born into had a defective one.... it happens .. and I understand it totally could have been worse .. but the most important thing I learned being born into that situation .. was "what NOT to be like"... but that has really nothing to do with my entry this time.... 

I am quite entertained by the fact that people think that being home raising a family and running a household ... has exact hours .. and that we can kind of do ... whatever we want ... whenever we want... but anyone who has at least one child know that thats NOT the case... YOU ARE ON CALL 24/7 .... literally no matter where you are!!!  At least now we can try to problem solve and put out small fires through email, texting and FaceTime... THANK YOU APPLE.. but things are they way they are ... Once you're a Mother and/or Parent... YOUR JOB NEVER ENDS... so this is why you should make POSITIVELY SURE .. before you decide to be a PARENT .. but thats a whole other ballgame to be discussed at another time lol...  I've listened to many women who have more than one child .. and they say its easier ... and I can see that as the children will be able to help each other and their parents.. We decided to have only one.. and she is the best!!!  

So back to the topic at hand... when a woman decides or is forced to go back to the "full time" community by our lovely economy .. it can be quite an undertaking ... you have to reschedule just about everything .. and the so called days off ... haha are now consumed with ALLLL the things you weren't able to do during your previous job's week (i.e. Homemaker position ..) Its funny because you then realize and make it a point to really prioritize your work.  Including ... time for yourself... which is pretty much impossible if you ask me.. lol  ..

So in conclusion ... If you are a full-time Homemaker, please don't let anyone ever tell you .. that you are JUST a housewife... because you are MUCH MORE and always will be .. and if you have a "full time gig" outside of the home .. I applaud you and understand completely your task at hand.. as I recently joined the "full time gig" scene as well... so ladies.. find sometime for YOU and relax .. do a little something that you enjoy "just for you!!" YOU DESERVE IT!!!  Happy Sunday!!!
Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!