Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Flying the friendly skies .... "

Okay soooo ...I'm flying the friendly skies ... as they say ... Very interesting ... For all the years we've traveled ... I honestly can't remember when was the last time I've flown by myself ...  find it very interesting to see lots of people getting on and off planes... business trips, visiting airports all over the country as just a part of their normal work week... From the Big Island to the Big Apple... I know it sounds weird, especially in this day and age... but seriously, this IS a bit of an adventure for me ... in lots of ways.. Im excited and scared all at the same time.. but its ALL GOOD... Im ready for some rest, fun and relaxation ... Times Square, Central Park, Michael and Kelly, The Rocketttes, Broadway... The Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero ....  IYou know with the way the world is ... today .. Its DEFINITELY thought provoking to say the least... I'm a bit anxious to see Ground Zero in person... as it reflects soo much our thoughts and prayers for our Country.. Our  Country is in great need of POSITIVENESS... with terrorism and and upcoming election ... sometimes, I know some people differ, but for the most part... all we really can do is pray... 

I am really excited and very thankful ... for being able to go on this trip and to see a "real" city... especially NYC!!!  THIS CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS ...!!! LOL... I better get some sleep before arriving ... so I can write more about my adventures... and not sleep through these exciting days ahead..  

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

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