Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG.!!!!! I can't believe its September.....!!!!

Well I can't believe its September ALREADY and I haven't made any posts since August......... where does the time fly....??? It seems just like yesterday... we were ending a school year ... and now its almost Halloween.  Not to mention that its already 2pm today.... where DOES the time fly????  

And another thing...... why is it when you have a day off .. there is MORE WORK TO DO!  It almost seems that you go "into" work to rest and relax!!!  This is like a weird twist on things..for us, so to speak "stay at home Moms!" 

Don't get me wrong and I would 't trade lives with anyone... I love being there for my family..... cleaning, cooking, laundry, taxi driver, seamstress, organizer, juggler of schedules... listening to their stories, celebrating victories, and giving them a shoulder to cry on when their day doesn't work out like they planned.  I have just one question ...  even after 14 years ... I still haven't found any way to carve out "just a little" ME time..!! I really don't understand how these women who have more than one child actually find ANY time... to just hang out .. relax... read a book ... or even use the restroom without a ton of questions...!!!  I think its a "learned skill" rather than something thats awarded..!! 

They say you just have to "TAKE" it...!!  I guess I just have a hard time with that .... since all of my married life ..well ALL of my life .. I've always made sure that EVERYONE else had something scheduled, something fun to do and just plain someone to be with before I would schedule ANYTHING for myself.  I guess is always made me feel kind of selfish in a way.  But then there is always the other side of the coin... that I hear ALOT... that if you don't take care of yourself... then NO ONE WILL!!... So thats what I'm trying to do ... each day I try to do a couple things like writing or drawing in addition to practicing some yoga and meditation ... it seems to keep me a little more centered.....Its kind of funny though... the more time I have in a day off (off from the store) the less individual items I seem to get done!   It is certainly a frustrating situation to say the least.  It really takes alot of work and discipline to get on a real schedule to be able to accomplish this otherwise impossible act of self preservation.  Nighttime is soooo peaceful.. listening to the quietness of the evening noises.. knowing everyone is restfully sleeping... and this when my creative ideas start to run around in my head !!  I also really love to read... and have a ton of books on my list to devour but I have contracted a common ailment that when I sit down for too long my eye close before I even finish a chapter.!!  I have recently started another book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called The Astonishing Powers of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.  It also comes with an audio CD ... which I have already downloaded and hope to listen to.  It really is very interesting!! I have many other books by these same authors .. and they are all very enlightening and informative.  I really love Hay House, Inc. as well .. You should check their website its loaded with tons of goodies.!!  I'm thinking my new book of interest will also shed some light in my own life.  

Well, now even after the little time I've spent here writing.. time has again flown by... and must get moving... sooo  hopefully this month will bring blogging to a normal routine.. so until next time A Hui Ho!!