Thursday, May 23, 2013

What has this world come to??

Growing up.. I never really paid much attention to "current events."  My Father, in his joking way .. would quiz me .. "Hey, who is the President of the United States?"  I was lucky I got that right! As I sit here watching CNN.. I'm almost sorry and very saddened in a way, that I finally started to pay attention.  
I really dont get people these days.. The Boston Bombings to now these poor women being kidnapped for a decade!!!  We have horrible storms wiping out entire towns and killing innocent families and children.   The latest video I've watched .. the brutal killing in London and then video taping their message as to why??  This is just absolutely, ultimately CRAZY to say the least..    I understand that there are people saying that the media, whichever station or news programing you're watching, tends to "play up" or sensationalize the news to make it seem even more attractive.. to the viewer but REALLY??? these are peoples REAL lives and REAL life circumstances..!!!  Its very sad to me that some of the media play up stories and REAL LIFE situations like they're the latest novel needing publicity.  Thats pretty SICK if you ask me.  

I think one of the worst stories now that people are following is the "Jodi Arias Show".... REALLY???  She's trying to sell t-shirts?? wants to start a book club??? in jail?? Does she think its going to be a social event??  ARE YOU REALLY KIDDING ME??? I dont think death is enough punishment for her.. she should be in solitary for the rest of her life.. NO ATTENTION .. that would be her punishment.. Such a horrific crime.. could never be construed as "self defense".. very very sad.  All of this is pretty damn sad.. if you ask me.  I really dont know what this world has come to.... I'm just glad I have my faith and I know where I'm going in the end.. 

Just keep you faith strong.. and only look ahead... Until next time..

A Hui Hou...