Sunday, June 28, 2009

With the passing of these extraodinary icons.. Michael Jackson, a mere 50 years old...what a change he made to the music world... I remember the old songs.. and dancing to them.. when I was having sleep overs in junior high, Farrah Fawcett... whom I and I'm sure many others wanted their hair to look exactly like hers... , Ed McMahon Jr.. whom we all watched on Johnny Carson ... and they made us laugh... with crazy humor... and even Billy Mays...who could forget such a character... no one will ever be able to replace that shouting voice ... screaming at us.. to buy OxyClean or Orange Oil... boy another 50 year old what a shocker as I head to that 50 year old ground myself in another six months or so... none of us really know how much time we have here on this ever changing earth...

All of this should make us think .. and take notice that our time here and know that it is very precious ....always remember the simple things in life... the ones we take for granted...

Special and cherished friends.. memories... curling up and reading a good book... giving the dog a bath... watching the ocean... in these complicated times... and terrible economic state... life should be treated as a priceless event...during these times... we should cherish every day... and what it brings to us good and bad .. learning from every event. Through our lives our families go through life changes. We hope that most of these life changes will enhance and enrich our lives individually and our family as a whole.. but there are sometimes.. when life throws us a curve ball as it were and we experience a death, illness, or other family tragedy and the family goes through bending, breaking and severe stress on our relationships. We should always remember... that everyday is a gift and we should treat it as such. Our lives change with every moment, every event... even as much as every breath.. we can only work on the future.. what is done is done. Excellent and fun memories are fun... the not so fun ones... well we just hope we can learn from them and become a better person..... Carpe Diem ... " Seize the Day" from the Latin poem by Horace.... take each day, enjoy it to the fullest... Have Fun and most of all Love each other!!! Aloha & A Hui Ho!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


ADVICE - An opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action.

I think "Good Advice" is something that I can REALLY use!! I think personally the worst advice I have ever gotten was before I had to do a presentation and speak in front of alot of students and teachers. The advice.. that I'm sure that ALL of use have received in the past .. is "Picture the audience naked or in their underwear." WHAT!!! That has to be the most horrible, disgusting, repelling scene I could imagine in all my life!!! Why in the world would I want to picture that!!! Large people, skinny people, small, old, young, wrinkles, no wrinkles, hair and no hair, just a horrible picture!! I dont think I could say a word much less finish and entire paragraph or speech for that matter..!!!

I also think that it totally matters WHOM you get your advice from... its always good to go by a respectable source.... spouse, family, teacher... just like you wouldn't be likely to buy an ACME TV but you would definitely be sold on a SONY!!! Especially if the advice is going to affect or change an important decision. Sometimes advice is similar and .. goes hand in hand with "old wives tales.." or "urban legends" as it were.. stories and sometimes truths that have been handed down.. through families, generations etc. The most important thing about advice is to know when to take it.. and when not to... along with knowing in your mind if it really is good advice for YOU. This is something that you will only know yourself... but often times.. unfortunately find out if it was either good or bad only after you have taken action. Another one of life's gambles.. which there are many.

Advice is a funny thing...Some people give it, some people take it, some people question it, and some even make fun of it... But advice is a tricky thing. Its like a chameleon, it changes with whom it resonates.. Even so, sometimes after you receive it .. you think to yourself.. "Why did I ask for that?" I think its really a matter of your state of mind, how you are REALLY feeling, when you are in fact, thinking that you need this advice. Most of the time, you yourself know the answer or what to do in a certain situation but your are just looking for some type of "something" to confirm your thoughts and decision. Thus the infamous "SECOND GUESS" comes into play. When a simple decision.. or task is in question... your thoughts are rocking your confidence.. then BAM!!! THE SECOND GUESS!!! Maybe I should have this ... maybe that? could have been this? we could have tried that...AHHHHHH!!! even the simplest task is in question.. and your mind is racing with all of these answers... Could all of this been prevented??? Why am I going through this?? But when you really sit down .. and think, its all about you and how you handle each situation.. I have to go by my "GUT FEELING"... if you feel it in your gut, you know it in your heart, it's right!! TRUST YOUR GUT... no matter how big or small... TRUST IT!

So, ADVICE.......... TAKE IT, GIVE IT, LIVE IT, UNDERSTAND IT... THINK ON IT ... decide for yourself... then its usually your initial feeling, then TRUST YOUR GUT.. !!!

Aloha a hui ho!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog ... that is the question.

DEFINITION: Blog - an online diary; a personal chronological thoughts and/or experiences recorded on a webpage sometimes called a Web Page. Typically updated daily and often reflecting the personality of the author.

To Blog or not to Blog .. this surely is the question.. but why do people blog anyway?

Personally, I love to write, to journal, to create, to research and investigate anything to get the creative juices flowing. I also like to make people laugh and find the humor in things... it feels good to get the feelings out ... out on paper or the web for that matter. Secretly, I have always wanted to be a writer/journalist. Maybe more like a humorist ? (sp?) (NOUN - A person skillful in the use of humor, as in writing, talking and acting. A person with an active sense of humor.) I like to think that I am a HUMORIST. I also find that blogging is a great way to express your "Freedom of Speech". Only in America... but by now I'm sure everyone has gotten taken by the "Blogging Craze". I am now an official "Blogger" or "Bloggerist" not to be confused with a Journalist! Although I have only published a few blogs.... my ideas are churning constantly creating... and now I just have to make it point to sit down and make my thoughts known DAILY!! They say its takes twenty one (21) consecutive day of completing a simple task (like blogging) for it to become a habit. Easier said than done, I say. But I must admit, actually writing something for the real "public" to read and digest is kind of a rush! Now I just have to wait for the comments and followers to start to form. More importantly come up with some interesting stuff.

But seriously now, have you ever really tried to FORCE A HABIT, even a good habit? Just the word HABIT to me always seems to be linked to the word BAD... thus forming the BAD HABIT! Something that ALL of us have and secretly do not want to divulge for fear of ostracization from your peers... and try desperately to break them and not to pass them on to whomever may be in the way. On the other hand ... isn't it nice when someone says... "Thats a really great habit to have." For some reason, I don't seem to have as many of thoooseee habits. But I totally plan on turning my BAD HABITS INTO GOOD HABITS... as a part of my Mid Year Resolutions. There is such a thing you know ... Mid - Year Resolutions. These "Resolutions" are for people like me who really go through the trouble to make a list of New Years Resolutions really good ones too... but then, somehow have reasons (sometimes called excuses, a total other story) for these particular New Years Resolutions to be Post Poned! (sp? is this a real word?) which now I know is another wonderful word for PROCRASTINATION ..... ahhhhhh that sounds awful!!! That word seems to be worse than these others that we have been discussing... PROCRASTINATION - sounds like something you are diagnosed with when you are just going in for a simple exam.!! ANYWAY.... good habits - bad habits... we all have them... we just have to keep EACH of them in check... making sure one doesn't flow into the other..

All of this and many other things about each of us is what makes the world go round. All of us are very unique and querky in our own ways, which in turn, makes the world interesting. The same as when we enter an ice cream or donut shop and there are soooo many flavors to pick from no two being the same. This is the same as all of us. One is not worse or better than the other just different, just lending a different accent, flavor or spice, if you will, to the situation. I used to feel less worthy than the rest because I was different. More geeky or querky, but over the years ... I began to realize and learn that each one of our qualities are special and very worthy. We all play a special part to the world and to each other. We must always remember that. No matter how big or small our positions in life are ... EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT. It is when we lose sight of this .. is when things start to crumble. Our personalities, self esteem, all of it... it could also include our lives and relationships.

As EVERYONE is important and unique and what makes us .. US.... so are our thoughts and dreams and hopes for our futures.. we are all special, different, or you could even say exclusive to ourselves...

Knowing all of this we should be again POSITIVE.. in our views and understanding of one another whether we like chocolate or vanilla or we could go as far as even some of like SUV's or a Mini S Cooper Convertible... this is all what makes the world go round!!! Like what you like and ENJOY!!! Enjoy you life!! Aloha!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's just the quiet..

It's just the quiet... the quietness of the night... evening sounds so formal. I like the night. The night is a quiet, deep restful time. You can let your thoughts create .. churn.. you imagination wonders and begins to take on a new side that you never knew was there.. a reinvention of all the ideas, pictures, events, dreams overwhelming your already over worked brain.

Night can be peaceful and calming but also be a lonely and depressing time. A time that these thoughts can finally settle. There are so many thoughts they keep you up at night. Night .. a deep darkness covering a sea of many thoughts.

Sometimes at night.. I listen to the rain. The soothing sound of rain... covers me like a cool sheet in the summer. Just like the old saying ... "music soothes the savage beast" ..the music of nature is used in alot of meditations ... a reflection ... concentrating on the peaceful.. places.. like often mentioned... going to your "happy place". I believe if we take the time to clear our
minds.. and center our thoughts in the positive peaceful mode.. we could actually change our direction for that day... and maybe turn that whole day into a positive learning event. Watching and listening to the ocean whether it be day or night is one of my favorite visions I hold in my mind. I love being near the ocean. I believe it is one of God's gifts to us that we sometimes take for granted. It reminds me of how powerful He really is in our lives.. I have to sometimes take a minute and remember this.. Sounds like the ocean... listening to your spouse's even breath as they are peacefully sleeping... or your child's peaceful face as they slumber and dream...
and the soft sounds of my puppy snoring at my feet... to me thats the best... knowing that they all are quietly, calmly, and restfully safe and sound.

Life and the things going on in the world with all of its glitz and glamor, media and hype has us all going in alot of directions these days.. and sometime we forget ... what truly is peaceful AND TO BE THANKFUL FOR. We must take the time out in our busy days... and this is why I like to write things down.. journal .. reflect on paper and on the web, here in my blog.. to make it all REAL..!! and you can go back and remember... and even relive .. your thoughts again.

Remembering that He, God always has us in mind.. no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in.. this is my most important calm, peaceful thoughts. One that I like to remember right before I fall asleep no matter what kind of day I've had. It gives me comfort for a restful sleep. Sweet Dreams and Good Night...

Friday, June 12, 2009

"Do ya have a goal???"

Like my favorite line by Kit Deluca in "Pretty Woman"...."Do ya have a goal??? Ya gotta have a goal.... talk about rags to riches.... or should I say .. being at the right place at the right time... Yes, I think thats what its all about... Just like the old saying .. "It's not what you know... its WHO ya know!" But seriously though... in these days... things have changed a whole lot.. and I think in turn alot of all of our plans have changed to the point of major adjustments in our lives.

The luck of the draw... no matter how you cut it... I personally believe its all in your "PPA" Personal Positive Attitude... yes.. it is all in your attitude and how you perceive and handle what you may be going through... if its really good or it could be terribly bad... I truly believe, YOU and your thoughts can turn things around..... Wayne Dyer's book "Change Your Thought Change Your Life"... has a good handle on things if we could only REALLY AND TRULY make this a true practice... in our everyday mundane lives.. really and truly lets all really make it a daily practice... to "change our thoughts." I know myself when I have a terribly depressing bad day... boy .. do even more negative things start happening... its like rolling down a hill.. the DOMINOE EFFECT IS ON!! So what we really have to remember or even have a close relative nicely remind you CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW or we will just allow more negative thoughts and events to enter our lives... everything happens for a reason.. and we all must learn to take the positive from every event... no matter how terrible our circumstances become. Life continues to teach us lessons if we can only remember the POSITIVE ... I think THIS should become our goal. A life goal .. finding the POSITIVE in every situation. Positiveness and peacefulness... remember the special and most important things in life. Take the time to see the beauty of your day wherever you live..a beautiful ocean or the fresh fallen snow on top of a mountain, the laughter of your children.. a happy puppy on your lap.. the sun shining down on the ocean..or the moon glistening over calm waters in the quiet of the deep black night.. and even in the state that our country is in ... we still have so many things to be thankful for.... and freedom to speak, live and grab everything that life has to offer. So... "Do ya have a goal??" Yes, I have a goal... to make each day the best day I can ... and be truly grateful for all the special things there are. Have a great day ... Aloha!!

"How is it possible...????

I was just thinking ... "How is it possible... that we have let our lives be run by the latest electronic gadgets....

It seems to me that our children are loosing their handle on being self sufficient.. in the old fashioned way. Through this age of electronic gadgets like computers, internet, cellphones, blackberries, electronic games for fitness, fashion designing and the like and with tons of entertainment websites... we've let our lives and our children's lives be run by the world's latest gizmo!! Don't get me wrong ... I love my Apple laptop and IPhone... and at one point when my IPhone was on the fritz... I did reach a panic mode, thought my life was going to end.. cause I immediately blanked out and couldnt remember one phone number... but when I finally dried it off enough and prayed very deeply, and begged God... in about three days it was back to normal and my life was back on track.... Amazing and scary at the same time. But when you think about it ... how ridiculous is this..!!! Its just a small electronic organizer, phone, computer with email capabilities, weather checker, stock market results, address book, address and phone number locator, calendar/datebook, ipod, music identifier, work out buddy, calorie counter, pedometer, and it even can tell you within specified distances where the closest restroom is??? incidently, this is one I use alot... how much could I really rely on this thing!!! Now with the newest model coming out.. it has a compass, video player, a special locator if you happen to loose it, an upgraded camera, and even voice control for your phone and music as well!! It's no wonder our lives are run by these gadgets! They pretty much do EVERYTHING we're supposed to be doing... but with more speed and much more accuracy ..!! But the fact still remains, what happens if we loose our cherished gadget or worse, if it happens to fail us or our battery just dies..??? We are then forced to actually go back to manual mode... !!! OMG!! Can we deal with this?? How horrible can life be to us!!! We will actually have to remember how to add, subtract and even multiply all by ourselves!! Can you just imagine!!! Yes, we will have to rely on our own knowledge and what we've actually learned in school and what we've actually learned through life's experiences or even what we actually learned from our parents growing up. So then we begin to realize that everyday we are learning and gathering information. Thus, I believe as parents in this new electronic generation that as we update our data banks and learn everything we need to know about these wonderful little handy dandy little contraptions that are slowly taking over our lives... that it would nice if we could take a little time.. not being plugged into anything and get back to enjoying the simple things in life. Take some time to learn about something fun, share your thoughts about you're reading or just maybe go step by step and make some old fashioned cupcakes... decorated with different colored sprinkles and some really yummy chocolate icing!!! I truly believe if we all take and make this special time with our kids... these will be the special memories that we will all cherish for years to come!!

In closing... I still love my Apple laptop, and absolutely could not live without my IPhone.. but when these batteries wear out... and we keep replacing them... we can never replace the special memories just making cupcakes!! Love you Kenz!! Its time to head to bed... until tomorrow A Hui Ho!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is just way too cool......!!!

Wow, this is really just way tooo cool!!  I really feel like Carrie in Sex in the City... ! without or maybe not as many shoes...

This is really something that I've always thought about doing.. but never imagined I could come close... kind of like a columnist in a newspaper.. maybe even similar to a Dear Abby with a dash of Erma Bombeck/George Carlin if you will..

I hope everyone will enjoy my postings and ponderings.. It really does make a difference to write things down.  I am currently reading a super great book.. maybe you fellow bloggers would enjoy it as well.. "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser.  I really think there is something to this.  I just makes things real when you actually write them down.  Gets them out there..!

I really love this time in the evenings... when all is can hear everyone breathing in their own special way.  I love to look out my window on the peaceful deep dark ocean ... with the moonlight shinning down upon it the way it does.. everything is so calm allowing thoughts and dreams to be created.  We all take for granted these simple things in life... my feisty Cocker Spaniel.. laying at my feet breathing so quietly and restful.

Have you ever stayed up all night .. just flipping the channels ... looking for something to take your interest.. there sure are alot of weird things on late in the evening...  and so many infomercials!!! You can be totally free from debt to owing the world including your first born in just a few hours.. 

Well I really should retire .. my head is a little overwhelmed with the days events and entering this whole new world of blogging.. cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring.. join me for the events of a new day.. A hui ho! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who would have thought?

Hi, welcome to "A Day in the Life... I am starting a new adventure in blogging that is... I'm kind of new at all of this... but have always loved to write and journal. A real adventure in Blogging.. I'm excited to be able to have my own blogging website so to speak ... and be able to share and discuss life's challenges and lend a little bit of humor to an otherwise pretty depressing world..... I was first introduced to "blogging" by my twelve year old daughter who actually was given blogs to answer for her Social Studies class. The teacher would have them check into his Social Studies website and post a comment to this blog. Who would have guessed!!! Just the fact of using computers and/or laptops in school for homework, in 6th grade no less, and just about everything really kind of makes me feel "OLD"! not to mention to have to ask my 12 year old how it all really works.. So I made it a point to check out just what blogging thing was. Much to my surprise I had been receiving emails all the time about blogging and even making money blogging!! WOW!! What a cool thing.. So I decided to give this blogging thing a whirl in hopes to expand my horizons so to speak, maybe put a smile on someone's face that maybe sharing the same dilemmas raising children, keeping up a home, keeping up with homework, deciding whats for dinner, being an attentive wife, trying to fit into a pair of great black pants that you USED to wear, managing their own life with hormones and all and even make a little $$$ while I'm at it.

The internet is a truly wonderous thing... a plethora of endless information. It has taken the place of so many things... encyclopedias for one. When I mentioned this word to my daughter she looked at me like I was speaking in a total other language!! There are so many things that you can learn from our kids now.. believe me if you have any problems with an electronic gadget... just ask a 12 year old they surely will know. It truly is an amazing part of our lives these days. Whats really cool is that you can access the internet almost everywhere now... using all of these other wonderful electronic gadgets that control our lives.. maybe this should be more of an adventure in electronics!!! Just being able to access the internet even on our cellphones !!! I can even check my bank balance... although I would rather not...

Anyway, "A Day in the Life... I like all of the other "On the Go Moms" out there is just going to be my take on trying to keep up with lifes changes and challenges.... it will be nice to able to share thoughts, comments and ideas with other parents of quickly changing children. Its amazing how they wake up in 6th grade and know absolutely everything they need to know!!...This way I know in my heart that I'm not really going crazy when I walk into a room and immediately blank out on what I was there for and I just need another really tall iced STRONG coffee!! I wished that I would have found this kind of medium, so to speak, years ago.. but I'm totally one that believes "everything happens for a reason" whether we like it or not!

Well I'm excited.. I'm excited about getting my "lite on life" column, sorry blog started!! I'm getting ahead of myself.. and dreaming of a wonderful fanbase, is that really a word??? you know what I'm talking about... But, I am running out of time... gotta get going to get yet another dinner on the table... finish folding the laundry, load up the recyclables, police up the area before the family assembles for the feast... so tune in tomorrow..

for another "A Day in the Life... !" I promise I will have something fun and entertaining to talk about.. ALLLLLOHAAAAA!!!