Friday, June 12, 2009

"Do ya have a goal???"

Like my favorite line by Kit Deluca in "Pretty Woman"...."Do ya have a goal??? Ya gotta have a goal.... talk about rags to riches.... or should I say .. being at the right place at the right time... Yes, I think thats what its all about... Just like the old saying .. "It's not what you know... its WHO ya know!" But seriously though... in these days... things have changed a whole lot.. and I think in turn alot of all of our plans have changed to the point of major adjustments in our lives.

The luck of the draw... no matter how you cut it... I personally believe its all in your "PPA" Personal Positive Attitude... yes.. it is all in your attitude and how you perceive and handle what you may be going through... if its really good or it could be terribly bad... I truly believe, YOU and your thoughts can turn things around..... Wayne Dyer's book "Change Your Thought Change Your Life"... has a good handle on things if we could only REALLY AND TRULY make this a true practice... in our everyday mundane lives.. really and truly lets all really make it a daily practice... to "change our thoughts." I know myself when I have a terribly depressing bad day... boy .. do even more negative things start happening... its like rolling down a hill.. the DOMINOE EFFECT IS ON!! So what we really have to remember or even have a close relative nicely remind you CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW or we will just allow more negative thoughts and events to enter our lives... everything happens for a reason.. and we all must learn to take the positive from every event... no matter how terrible our circumstances become. Life continues to teach us lessons if we can only remember the POSITIVE ... I think THIS should become our goal. A life goal .. finding the POSITIVE in every situation. Positiveness and peacefulness... remember the special and most important things in life. Take the time to see the beauty of your day wherever you live..a beautiful ocean or the fresh fallen snow on top of a mountain, the laughter of your children.. a happy puppy on your lap.. the sun shining down on the ocean..or the moon glistening over calm waters in the quiet of the deep black night.. and even in the state that our country is in ... we still have so many things to be thankful for.... and freedom to speak, live and grab everything that life has to offer. So... "Do ya have a goal??" Yes, I have a goal... to make each day the best day I can ... and be truly grateful for all the special things there are. Have a great day ... Aloha!!

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