Sunday, June 28, 2009

With the passing of these extraodinary icons.. Michael Jackson, a mere 50 years old...what a change he made to the music world... I remember the old songs.. and dancing to them.. when I was having sleep overs in junior high, Farrah Fawcett... whom I and I'm sure many others wanted their hair to look exactly like hers... , Ed McMahon Jr.. whom we all watched on Johnny Carson ... and they made us laugh... with crazy humor... and even Billy Mays...who could forget such a character... no one will ever be able to replace that shouting voice ... screaming at us.. to buy OxyClean or Orange Oil... boy another 50 year old what a shocker as I head to that 50 year old ground myself in another six months or so... none of us really know how much time we have here on this ever changing earth...

All of this should make us think .. and take notice that our time here and know that it is very precious ....always remember the simple things in life... the ones we take for granted...

Special and cherished friends.. memories... curling up and reading a good book... giving the dog a bath... watching the ocean... in these complicated times... and terrible economic state... life should be treated as a priceless event...during these times... we should cherish every day... and what it brings to us good and bad .. learning from every event. Through our lives our families go through life changes. We hope that most of these life changes will enhance and enrich our lives individually and our family as a whole.. but there are sometimes.. when life throws us a curve ball as it were and we experience a death, illness, or other family tragedy and the family goes through bending, breaking and severe stress on our relationships. We should always remember... that everyday is a gift and we should treat it as such. Our lives change with every moment, every event... even as much as every breath.. we can only work on the future.. what is done is done. Excellent and fun memories are fun... the not so fun ones... well we just hope we can learn from them and become a better person..... Carpe Diem ... " Seize the Day" from the Latin poem by Horace.... take each day, enjoy it to the fullest... Have Fun and most of all Love each other!!! Aloha & A Hui Ho!!

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  1. Hi ArtfulMama! Thanks for commenting on and following my blog - I'm glad you like it!!I have been looking at your blog and you write really well - many opinions that I share with you! Its funny isn't it.... as you said, we are linked across the world by this blogging lark!I look forward to reading more.Take care. Sarah