Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is just way too cool......!!!

Wow, this is really just way tooo cool!!  I really feel like Carrie in Sex in the City... ! without or maybe not as many shoes...

This is really something that I've always thought about doing.. but never imagined I could come close... kind of like a columnist in a newspaper.. maybe even similar to a Dear Abby with a dash of Erma Bombeck/George Carlin if you will..

I hope everyone will enjoy my postings and ponderings.. It really does make a difference to write things down.  I am currently reading a super great book.. maybe you fellow bloggers would enjoy it as well.. "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser.  I really think there is something to this.  I just makes things real when you actually write them down.  Gets them out there..!

I really love this time in the evenings... when all is can hear everyone breathing in their own special way.  I love to look out my window on the peaceful deep dark ocean ... with the moonlight shinning down upon it the way it does.. everything is so calm allowing thoughts and dreams to be created.  We all take for granted these simple things in life... my feisty Cocker Spaniel.. laying at my feet breathing so quietly and restful.

Have you ever stayed up all night .. just flipping the channels ... looking for something to take your interest.. there sure are alot of weird things on late in the evening...  and so many infomercials!!! You can be totally free from debt to owing the world including your first born in just a few hours.. 

Well I really should retire .. my head is a little overwhelmed with the days events and entering this whole new world of blogging.. cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring.. join me for the events of a new day.. A hui ho! 

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