Friday, June 12, 2009

"How is it possible...????

I was just thinking ... "How is it possible... that we have let our lives be run by the latest electronic gadgets....

It seems to me that our children are loosing their handle on being self sufficient.. in the old fashioned way. Through this age of electronic gadgets like computers, internet, cellphones, blackberries, electronic games for fitness, fashion designing and the like and with tons of entertainment websites... we've let our lives and our children's lives be run by the world's latest gizmo!! Don't get me wrong ... I love my Apple laptop and IPhone... and at one point when my IPhone was on the fritz... I did reach a panic mode, thought my life was going to end.. cause I immediately blanked out and couldnt remember one phone number... but when I finally dried it off enough and prayed very deeply, and begged God... in about three days it was back to normal and my life was back on track.... Amazing and scary at the same time. But when you think about it ... how ridiculous is this..!!! Its just a small electronic organizer, phone, computer with email capabilities, weather checker, stock market results, address book, address and phone number locator, calendar/datebook, ipod, music identifier, work out buddy, calorie counter, pedometer, and it even can tell you within specified distances where the closest restroom is??? incidently, this is one I use alot... how much could I really rely on this thing!!! Now with the newest model coming out.. it has a compass, video player, a special locator if you happen to loose it, an upgraded camera, and even voice control for your phone and music as well!! It's no wonder our lives are run by these gadgets! They pretty much do EVERYTHING we're supposed to be doing... but with more speed and much more accuracy ..!! But the fact still remains, what happens if we loose our cherished gadget or worse, if it happens to fail us or our battery just dies..??? We are then forced to actually go back to manual mode... !!! OMG!! Can we deal with this?? How horrible can life be to us!!! We will actually have to remember how to add, subtract and even multiply all by ourselves!! Can you just imagine!!! Yes, we will have to rely on our own knowledge and what we've actually learned in school and what we've actually learned through life's experiences or even what we actually learned from our parents growing up. So then we begin to realize that everyday we are learning and gathering information. Thus, I believe as parents in this new electronic generation that as we update our data banks and learn everything we need to know about these wonderful little handy dandy little contraptions that are slowly taking over our lives... that it would nice if we could take a little time.. not being plugged into anything and get back to enjoying the simple things in life. Take some time to learn about something fun, share your thoughts about you're reading or just maybe go step by step and make some old fashioned cupcakes... decorated with different colored sprinkles and some really yummy chocolate icing!!! I truly believe if we all take and make this special time with our kids... these will be the special memories that we will all cherish for years to come!!

In closing... I still love my Apple laptop, and absolutely could not live without my IPhone.. but when these batteries wear out... and we keep replacing them... we can never replace the special memories just making cupcakes!! Love you Kenz!! Its time to head to bed... until tomorrow A Hui Ho!!

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