Monday, June 22, 2009


ADVICE - An opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action.

I think "Good Advice" is something that I can REALLY use!! I think personally the worst advice I have ever gotten was before I had to do a presentation and speak in front of alot of students and teachers. The advice.. that I'm sure that ALL of use have received in the past .. is "Picture the audience naked or in their underwear." WHAT!!! That has to be the most horrible, disgusting, repelling scene I could imagine in all my life!!! Why in the world would I want to picture that!!! Large people, skinny people, small, old, young, wrinkles, no wrinkles, hair and no hair, just a horrible picture!! I dont think I could say a word much less finish and entire paragraph or speech for that matter..!!!

I also think that it totally matters WHOM you get your advice from... its always good to go by a respectable source.... spouse, family, teacher... just like you wouldn't be likely to buy an ACME TV but you would definitely be sold on a SONY!!! Especially if the advice is going to affect or change an important decision. Sometimes advice is similar and .. goes hand in hand with "old wives tales.." or "urban legends" as it were.. stories and sometimes truths that have been handed down.. through families, generations etc. The most important thing about advice is to know when to take it.. and when not to... along with knowing in your mind if it really is good advice for YOU. This is something that you will only know yourself... but often times.. unfortunately find out if it was either good or bad only after you have taken action. Another one of life's gambles.. which there are many.

Advice is a funny thing...Some people give it, some people take it, some people question it, and some even make fun of it... But advice is a tricky thing. Its like a chameleon, it changes with whom it resonates.. Even so, sometimes after you receive it .. you think to yourself.. "Why did I ask for that?" I think its really a matter of your state of mind, how you are REALLY feeling, when you are in fact, thinking that you need this advice. Most of the time, you yourself know the answer or what to do in a certain situation but your are just looking for some type of "something" to confirm your thoughts and decision. Thus the infamous "SECOND GUESS" comes into play. When a simple decision.. or task is in question... your thoughts are rocking your confidence.. then BAM!!! THE SECOND GUESS!!! Maybe I should have this ... maybe that? could have been this? we could have tried that...AHHHHHH!!! even the simplest task is in question.. and your mind is racing with all of these answers... Could all of this been prevented??? Why am I going through this?? But when you really sit down .. and think, its all about you and how you handle each situation.. I have to go by my "GUT FEELING"... if you feel it in your gut, you know it in your heart, it's right!! TRUST YOUR GUT... no matter how big or small... TRUST IT!

So, ADVICE.......... TAKE IT, GIVE IT, LIVE IT, UNDERSTAND IT... THINK ON IT ... decide for yourself... then its usually your initial feeling, then TRUST YOUR GUT.. !!!

Aloha a hui ho!!

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