Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's just the quiet..

It's just the quiet... the quietness of the night... evening sounds so formal. I like the night. The night is a quiet, deep restful time. You can let your thoughts create .. churn.. you imagination wonders and begins to take on a new side that you never knew was there.. a reinvention of all the ideas, pictures, events, dreams overwhelming your already over worked brain.

Night can be peaceful and calming but also be a lonely and depressing time. A time that these thoughts can finally settle. There are so many thoughts they keep you up at night. Night .. a deep darkness covering a sea of many thoughts.

Sometimes at night.. I listen to the rain. The soothing sound of rain... covers me like a cool sheet in the summer. Just like the old saying ... "music soothes the savage beast" ..the music of nature is used in alot of meditations ... a reflection ... concentrating on the peaceful.. places.. like often mentioned... going to your "happy place". I believe if we take the time to clear our
minds.. and center our thoughts in the positive peaceful mode.. we could actually change our direction for that day... and maybe turn that whole day into a positive learning event. Watching and listening to the ocean whether it be day or night is one of my favorite visions I hold in my mind. I love being near the ocean. I believe it is one of God's gifts to us that we sometimes take for granted. It reminds me of how powerful He really is in our lives.. I have to sometimes take a minute and remember this.. Sounds like the ocean... listening to your spouse's even breath as they are peacefully sleeping... or your child's peaceful face as they slumber and dream...
and the soft sounds of my puppy snoring at my feet... to me thats the best... knowing that they all are quietly, calmly, and restfully safe and sound.

Life and the things going on in the world with all of its glitz and glamor, media and hype has us all going in alot of directions these days.. and sometime we forget ... what truly is peaceful AND TO BE THANKFUL FOR. We must take the time out in our busy days... and this is why I like to write things down.. journal .. reflect on paper and on the web, here in my blog.. to make it all REAL..!! and you can go back and remember... and even relive .. your thoughts again.

Remembering that He, God always has us in mind.. no matter what circumstances we may find ourselves in.. this is my most important calm, peaceful thoughts. One that I like to remember right before I fall asleep no matter what kind of day I've had. It gives me comfort for a restful sleep. Sweet Dreams and Good Night...

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