Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well it has been awhile since my last post... I've been pretty busy with Spring Break.. .. learning the ropes...with my new job...and trying to make all the schedules come together... and as always .... trying to keep everyone happy at the same time.. I guess thats blessing and a curse at the same time.. and why I keep feeling guilty.. making a little time for myself.. time for my creativity in writing and maybe someday a little notariaty for my writing, art, color and drawing.. I also loving being up late and spending time alone reading.. and yes making more time for my exercise, yoga and even a little meditation. Trying to make sure to keep up my writing .. seems to be a little more difficult that I thought at first... "Its just my take ... but I'm thinking that like anything else you try to really make a commitment to do.. at first .making it a the hardest part. Writing, like everything else creative, I believe should be more spontaneous...when the moment hits you, so to speak ... like right now.. at 3:29am... I really should be sleeping.. cause I have to get up early but .. something inside wanted to finally make a new post.. since it is already the end of the month and this is only my second or third post of the month... I have been reading a new book and have been inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert.. Committed..... to start writing more.. I really enjoyed reading her first book Eat, Pray, Love.. and even listened to the CD audio version.. it was really inspiring listening to her actually reading the book...her voice and thoughts really came out... and it felt like a friend telling me of her experience.. Mia King... also another inspiring female author .. is also a neighbor here on the Big Island .. thats what makes it REAL to me .. that I have actually met at one point someone who has a wonderfully creative talent of writing and has published her writings into to wonderful novels. So .. it doesn't seem like such a far off experience.. to know a REAL person.. and that there not just like someone you read about or see in magazines and tv.. so, I think we truly just have to believe in our hearts..and follow our passions.... don't waste our talents and leave them in the closet.. but exercise them.. just like our regular exercise routine.. be positive and don't give up....and you just never know.. our greatest dreams can come true....

Life is too short folks... we ALL need to make the best of our days... live life to the fullest .. no matter what... enjoy your day... pursue your passions... Aloha!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Exciting New Adventure!!!

Aloha to all my friends!!!

Its been a little bit since I've been able to post another blog... cause I've been enjoying and exploring my new adventure in fine jewelry!!! Wow !!! I never realized how much there was actually to learn... but... has definitely been an interesting ride so far...!!! I'm excited about learning this new field and fulfilling my desire to learn.

Fine jewelry is a whole new bright, shiny and exciting world!!! There is so many things I've learned is such a short amount of time... Yellow gold, white gold and now the new attraction in the rose gold... a beautifully sparkling way to enhance the earth toned jewelry. Actually rose gold has copper added so this is how it gets its "rose" coloring. As I mentioned in my previous post ... this enhances the newest in pearls as well... the Chocolate pearl!!! There are so many different shades of the Tahitian Black pearl as well... ranging from black to grayish, purples, greens, and the greatest color the peacock shade of wonderful... shades of blues and greens ..

This is truly another world that I have always been around.. but have never really experienced...and learning all about pearls... our wonderful designed pieces... and then selling them... is a wonderfully new chapter that I am excited to begin... !! Aloha to my readers ... and I hope you visit our website...!!!