Thursday, June 18, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog ... that is the question.

DEFINITION: Blog - an online diary; a personal chronological thoughts and/or experiences recorded on a webpage sometimes called a Web Page. Typically updated daily and often reflecting the personality of the author.

To Blog or not to Blog .. this surely is the question.. but why do people blog anyway?

Personally, I love to write, to journal, to create, to research and investigate anything to get the creative juices flowing. I also like to make people laugh and find the humor in things... it feels good to get the feelings out ... out on paper or the web for that matter. Secretly, I have always wanted to be a writer/journalist. Maybe more like a humorist ? (sp?) (NOUN - A person skillful in the use of humor, as in writing, talking and acting. A person with an active sense of humor.) I like to think that I am a HUMORIST. I also find that blogging is a great way to express your "Freedom of Speech". Only in America... but by now I'm sure everyone has gotten taken by the "Blogging Craze". I am now an official "Blogger" or "Bloggerist" not to be confused with a Journalist! Although I have only published a few blogs.... my ideas are churning constantly creating... and now I just have to make it point to sit down and make my thoughts known DAILY!! They say its takes twenty one (21) consecutive day of completing a simple task (like blogging) for it to become a habit. Easier said than done, I say. But I must admit, actually writing something for the real "public" to read and digest is kind of a rush! Now I just have to wait for the comments and followers to start to form. More importantly come up with some interesting stuff.

But seriously now, have you ever really tried to FORCE A HABIT, even a good habit? Just the word HABIT to me always seems to be linked to the word BAD... thus forming the BAD HABIT! Something that ALL of us have and secretly do not want to divulge for fear of ostracization from your peers... and try desperately to break them and not to pass them on to whomever may be in the way. On the other hand ... isn't it nice when someone says... "Thats a really great habit to have." For some reason, I don't seem to have as many of thoooseee habits. But I totally plan on turning my BAD HABITS INTO GOOD HABITS... as a part of my Mid Year Resolutions. There is such a thing you know ... Mid - Year Resolutions. These "Resolutions" are for people like me who really go through the trouble to make a list of New Years Resolutions really good ones too... but then, somehow have reasons (sometimes called excuses, a total other story) for these particular New Years Resolutions to be Post Poned! (sp? is this a real word?) which now I know is another wonderful word for PROCRASTINATION ..... ahhhhhh that sounds awful!!! That word seems to be worse than these others that we have been discussing... PROCRASTINATION - sounds like something you are diagnosed with when you are just going in for a simple exam.!! ANYWAY.... good habits - bad habits... we all have them... we just have to keep EACH of them in check... making sure one doesn't flow into the other..

All of this and many other things about each of us is what makes the world go round. All of us are very unique and querky in our own ways, which in turn, makes the world interesting. The same as when we enter an ice cream or donut shop and there are soooo many flavors to pick from no two being the same. This is the same as all of us. One is not worse or better than the other just different, just lending a different accent, flavor or spice, if you will, to the situation. I used to feel less worthy than the rest because I was different. More geeky or querky, but over the years ... I began to realize and learn that each one of our qualities are special and very worthy. We all play a special part to the world and to each other. We must always remember that. No matter how big or small our positions in life are ... EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT. It is when we lose sight of this .. is when things start to crumble. Our personalities, self esteem, all of it... it could also include our lives and relationships.

As EVERYONE is important and unique and what makes us .. US.... so are our thoughts and dreams and hopes for our futures.. we are all special, different, or you could even say exclusive to ourselves...

Knowing all of this we should be again POSITIVE.. in our views and understanding of one another whether we like chocolate or vanilla or we could go as far as even some of like SUV's or a Mini S Cooper Convertible... this is all what makes the world go round!!! Like what you like and ENJOY!!! Enjoy you life!! Aloha!!

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