Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who would have thought?

Hi, welcome to "A Day in the Life... I am starting a new adventure in blogging that is... I'm kind of new at all of this... but have always loved to write and journal. A real adventure in Blogging.. I'm excited to be able to have my own blogging website so to speak ... and be able to share and discuss life's challenges and lend a little bit of humor to an otherwise pretty depressing world..... I was first introduced to "blogging" by my twelve year old daughter who actually was given blogs to answer for her Social Studies class. The teacher would have them check into his Social Studies website and post a comment to this blog. Who would have guessed!!! Just the fact of using computers and/or laptops in school for homework, in 6th grade no less, and just about everything really kind of makes me feel "OLD"! not to mention to have to ask my 12 year old how it all really works.. So I made it a point to check out just what blogging thing was. Much to my surprise I had been receiving emails all the time about blogging and even making money blogging!! WOW!! What a cool thing.. So I decided to give this blogging thing a whirl in hopes to expand my horizons so to speak, maybe put a smile on someone's face that maybe sharing the same dilemmas raising children, keeping up a home, keeping up with homework, deciding whats for dinner, being an attentive wife, trying to fit into a pair of great black pants that you USED to wear, managing their own life with hormones and all and even make a little $$$ while I'm at it.

The internet is a truly wonderous thing... a plethora of endless information. It has taken the place of so many things... encyclopedias for one. When I mentioned this word to my daughter she looked at me like I was speaking in a total other language!! There are so many things that you can learn from our kids now.. believe me if you have any problems with an electronic gadget... just ask a 12 year old they surely will know. It truly is an amazing part of our lives these days. Whats really cool is that you can access the internet almost everywhere now... using all of these other wonderful electronic gadgets that control our lives.. maybe this should be more of an adventure in electronics!!! Just being able to access the internet even on our cellphones !!! I can even check my bank balance... although I would rather not...

Anyway, "A Day in the Life... I like all of the other "On the Go Moms" out there is just going to be my take on trying to keep up with lifes changes and challenges.... it will be nice to able to share thoughts, comments and ideas with other parents of quickly changing children. Its amazing how they wake up in 6th grade and know absolutely everything they need to know!!...This way I know in my heart that I'm not really going crazy when I walk into a room and immediately blank out on what I was there for and I just need another really tall iced STRONG coffee!! I wished that I would have found this kind of medium, so to speak, years ago.. but I'm totally one that believes "everything happens for a reason" whether we like it or not!

Well I'm excited.. I'm excited about getting my "lite on life" column, sorry blog started!! I'm getting ahead of myself.. and dreaming of a wonderful fanbase, is that really a word??? you know what I'm talking about... But, I am running out of time... gotta get going to get yet another dinner on the table... finish folding the laundry, load up the recyclables, police up the area before the family assembles for the feast... so tune in tomorrow..

for another "A Day in the Life... !" I promise I will have something fun and entertaining to talk about.. ALLLLLOHAAAAA!!!

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