Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"B F F!!!!"..

Good Friends, true blue friends...or BFF's are a very special cherished miracle of life. These Best Friends Forever (BFF) are special but a very rare species and very difficult to find. Like I always say... if you find at least one good friend through school, marriage and life... you are doing exceptionally well... good friends are the ones that stick with you through thick and thin.. help you through the rough spots, celebrate with you through the fun times and sob with you through the sad times.

I never made any lasting friendships through school... pretty much had friends at that time.. went through your typical ups and downs.. but no one really kept in touch. It always seems that, not to be proud of myself.. but I really tried to call, stay in contact, write letters... the old fashioned snail mail... but it really never seemed to stick... just lost touch. Or, maybe, THEY just never thought it was worth it. Each relationship and friend I have come to love and cherish fit together in our puzzle of life. I always tried to remember fun times and great memories... ones that I thought we could continue to share... well, alot of times this supposed lasting relationship just never materialized. I did think I had a really great friend once.. and the friendship did last for quite sometime... but it just never survived. Alot of petty things and stupid circumstances got in the way and deteriorated this friendship. Fortunately, at an older age .. I was able to make some really lasting friendships. Friends that I know now will last forever. These friends .. I made through having a wonderful daughter and met them while us Moms were going through the same things in life. Things like extreme weight gain and swollen ankles through pregnancy, Mommy and Me classes, potty training, chasing toddlers, birthday parties, homework and uniforms, dealing with school projects and out of the park teachers with crazy ideas... , family crisis, Halloween costumes... and now puberty... a very trying time, I must say myself and just plain old "what am I going to make for dinner, AGAIN... you name it.. and Moms stick together. This strong "Motherly" bond.. I think outlives any other type of "friendship bond". Its like two day old oatmeal stuck to your mug that you forgot in the car yesterday... cause you were already on the run trying to get the kids to school... work out, keep up with the housecleaning, laundry, dusting... and yes... how am I supposed to be able to get all of this done... still make a delicious economically sensible meal.. and be able to throw that black teddy on.. and still entertain the evening troops!!! Only a Mom knows ... and can really relate to another Mom on this ... soooo with this in mind.. this is why I truly believe that the Mom to Mom bond is a very unique and special bond.. In this stage of my life... with my daughter heading through the teen years.. and myself.. well lets just say she is getting on the bus and I'm definitely getting off the bus! These are very trying, tiring, stressful, fun, exciting and adventurous years.. and you definitely need good friends... its just too tough to go this alone. Don't get me wrong... our husbands are our best friends too.... another very special once in a lifetime bond... that can never be replaced. But, the Mom Bond... is a whole other ballgame entirely!!! I am truly in love with my husband... but I totally cherish my "Mom" friends. In my lifetime so far, I have only been able to make five really great Mom friends... five totally different personalities, Mom styles, backgrounds, interests and takes on life, but all five have great big hearts full of love and caring. One quality that I pride myself on as well.. I have been fortunate to have learned great things from all of them... and will always enjoy and learn every moment I spend time with each one of them and I hope they do as well with me.

Friends in life are very important.. vital part of our lives. We learn, we laugh, we love, we cry, we lean on them and they lean on us, and we have fun.. with our friends..especially these "Mom" friends... I thank God everyday.. for my friends and we all should as well as our spouses, children and family. Life is too short my friend... enjoy your life and enjoy your love to all and as always Aloha!!!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I have come to the conclusion that you have to live life to the full and cherish those around you. Friends seem to come and go in my life, similarly to yours, and I love them while we are close, but life moves on and my friends don't always move in the same direction as me.I might sound a bit horrible here, but I have realised that you only get a handful of real friends who will stay for a lifetime.I don't even need to see them all the time, but I know we are always there for each other. S