Friday, November 19, 2010

New discoveries.....

I have discovered ... but have always been interested in alternative medicine... but more importantly Chinese medicine... and becoming an herbalist..!! In these past days I have come to do some research... and have become very interested.  I started this research because our beloved Cocker Spaniel.. my boy "Thunder" has had a relapse... and had become extremely weak .. and lethargic.. the vet, who is an excellent vet practicing Western medicine said there was basically nothing more we could do.  I knew in my heart that .. that was what he was going to tell me... and I really want this special furry friend and family member

to have a wonderful life... soooooo with much prayer and positive thought...I decided to begin my research.. to see what else there was, alternatively to do for him.  I found out from friends and research.. that there is a Chinese herb called "yunnan baiyao" 

that helps in stopping internal bleeding in humans ... and in animals.  It comes in a capsule and/or powder form.  I was told to mix it with liquid, like chicken broth and give him an ounce every hour until he seemed to perk up..... I did just that.. every single hour from yesterday afternoon till this morning.... gave him a bit.. and this morning... although not completely and totally perky... Thunder is seeming to show definite signs of improvement!!!!  This stuff really smells weird.. and I can't imagine mixed with the chicken broth... that it would taste much better... but it is seeming to make a small but definite difference... !!!  I was very encouraged by this ... and am going to continue to give him this for a bit longer... not every hour now.. but a little at a time and hope and pray.. that our boy.. will continue with this positive progress.

So at this point... after speaking with this local herbalist... and she gave me no guarantees.. but at least I know I am trying everything possible...!!  I am actually now going to make an appointment for myself.. to see if she will be able to regulate these lovely hormones... and help me get back ... to my old normal condition and weight.... She seemed very encouraging and positive that she would be able to help me... with these types of herbs.. and also acupuncture ... which I am also very interested in.... 

I know this situation .. could easily turn around... but I am continuing to pray and keep my strong faith in God.. to help our beloved friend... 

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

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