Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creative inspiration and then some.....

Now that I know that Abudaubi... is a REAL city... it sounds so very exotic...
I'm not sure if it was just the place or the culture, their beliefs... or all of the above..

I'm sure ... it is all of the above... but this also lends for great inspiration and imagination... as well...

Since the series and the movie "Sex in the City" I have been truly inspired by all of the characters of course... but my favorite being "Samatha Jones"
& of course
"Carrie Bradshaw"
Her writing career.. and the interesting and current things she writes about really do inspire me as I have mentioned probably too many times before.  It was really cool.. although I know it was "fictional" that they all, the great friends that they are traveled alone to such a place... and were able to enjoy such pampering!!  It was even fun to imagine being there yourself.... it was pretty awesome.  

There are so many movies that I've watched that are very inspirational.. to me ... I know that sounds really cheesy but... even movies like "Karate Kid"... the new version.. was a pretty inspiring story... although it is the same type of story... it still gives inspiration and sends a message.  A "never give up"... KEEP POSITIVE ... journey on message.... The strength ...control, discipline, drive pumps through your blood and thoughts... something I really need at this time in my life... I studied TaeKwoDo .. years back.. and really miss the concentration, discipline and centerness of my mind.  I was in my best shape ever then.. even at 8 months pregnant.. it was so much fun I never realized all the exercise I was doing!!!  Now.. that I'm way too overweight... with my blood pressure and probably cholesterol suffering each and every day... and both my knees being popped out with self care and recovery .. they sure are not what they used to be.  I'm at a crossroads... I cant keep going on this way.. I do the minimal here and there...  but not enough to make a difference during this menopausal time in my life.  I have the means to get back into my yoga practice and mix in the pilates.. after all I havent used this Total GYM as much
as I should have and my visits with Chuck and Christie have been minimal at best... so as one that I probably knows me the best tells me .. I just need to "suck it up, face EVERYTHING WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE"  and just do this thing......!!! Quit beating around the bush, making excuses ... and make the difference and DO IT!!!

"When life gets you down YOU make the choice to get back up again..!!" 

Aloha & A Hui Ho.............

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