Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Eat, Pray, Love

Okay guys.. I'm about to watch Eat, Pray, Love.  A totally enjoyed reading and also listening to the audio version of this New York Best Seller.  I have heard mixed reviews of this movie.. and it seems even from my own experience.. that when I read a book and THEN see the movie... I tend to be a bit disappointed. 

If you are familiar with this story .. its basically a story of a women pretty much trying to find herself traveling through three countries after a bitter divorce.  I find it sad that this women had to go through such a life changing event .... to then go through yet another life changing experience.  But, I guess when you really sit down and think about it .. everything in life.. is "life changing".  But then again... everything in life ........ is changing.!!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm going through so many "changes" in my life.  (see But then again... the only thing in life that stays the same .. is CHANGE.  As much as I hate that statement it remains, still,  very true.  As one of my favorite singers states in one of my most favorite songs..
"Can I handle the seasons in my life......." 


I guess my Eat, Pray, Love... is praying that I can do just that, handle the seasons of my life.  I have truly gotten back to prayer in my life and I do feel much more secure.  I've always had a very strong faith in God... just seem to stray away and get distracted with life's circumstances. Praying God's Will For Your Life: A Prayerful Walk To Spiritual Well Being

I found it very difficult at first.. to pray His will.. not mine.. but I finally came to terms with that.  I have finally let go of my own or at least, most of my own desires and trust God to be in control.  

Well, I finally finished the movie... and it was quite disappointing to say the least...just goes to show you that our imaginations are probably much more powerful that even Hollywood...!!  Its all good though.. it was nice to relax and watch the movie in peace... 

Didn't want to put a damper on this for you.. I was truly excited to see this movie..... especially with Julia Roberts....but .. all in all ... I think she'll always be.....a "Pretty Woman"  in my mind......

Aloha & A Hui Hou........ 

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