Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm backkkkkk....

Well its almost been another month... not the schedule I intended to keep... "It's just my take... but... I didn't forget about my writing ... just seems that there is quite alot more happenings in my life these days... Honestly, I have been quite busy.. with "life"...but I have managed to complete a couple of portraits... and you can see ... hmmmm.. Meet my new friends "Fred" on the left... and "Duke" on the right!!! I now have several portraits that I need to start production on... I JUST LOVE ANIMALS... Like I always tell people... "Pets are just humans with fur coats!!!" I'm not giving up on this creative side of my life... drawing, writing ... etc. It's what keeps me connected to my inner desires. You see I am always creating in my mind...and when the desire and inspiration hits me ... I HAVE TO ACT... almost immediately!! I guess thats an artist thing...its just how it works with me...I always have a pad of paper, pen and pencils, my laptop and a good book.. by my nightstand... so I am completely ready when I get the required inspiration. I think thats probably why I havent gotten into the big bucks just yet with my creations... "It's all good though.. I really do love to draw, paint, needlework, organize, design.. its just in my blood. Blogging has become another new creative outlet... and I love reading all my creative colleague's blogs and writings as well. You just never know... when it will be "your time!"

I believe I have truly been blessed my talents, my wonderful supportive and even getting more supportive... family... good health and great friends new and old. Life is truly what you make it.. and I don't plan on missing a beat.. I have also been truly blessed by many inspirational people in my life... they are very creative, colorful and extremely talented people that I am very thankful for touching my life. I have recently found out that a very dear and truly inspirational friend, amongst so many people out there, has been diagnosed with the relentless and random disease of cancer. It really hit me like a nothing I have ever experienced. I continue to pray and send positive energies their way ... in hopes of remission... and haulting of this terrible condition. I think of all the wonderful crazy times we spent together...
sharing, laughing and crying... and I know in my heart POSITIVELY... that we will AGAIN be able to spend more time together in the future with God's healing and blessings.

With that being said I will conclude in professing and telling ALL of you... to LIVE EACH OF YOUR DAYS TO THEIR FULLEST POTENT
IAL.... take a chance, BE CREATIVE... try something new ... learn something new... GO OUT OF THE BOX!!! Be kind, enjoy and share each other's experiences..and above love one another ... Like Oprah says "Live your Best Life!!

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