Monday, October 18, 2010

Housewives really???

What to write....... hmmmmm..  there are so many things to write about.. so many opinions to listen to, so much advice to be given and then received.  Sometimes its just hard to get focused.
                              I have recently be drawn to a couple of episodes of The View.. 

Now as I do like some of the hosts on this show .. I am surprised at how ignorant and ridiculous some of them can act.  But then again ... maybe I'm not.  The whole episode with The Real Housewives of DC focusing on  the Salahis was absolutely amazing.  Like Barbara said .. this is exactly WHAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN... people walking off stage, washing their hands of things... we do have freedom of speech and this show amongst other talk shows breeds these type of issues and opinions.  But, I mean lets be realistic here... if they were really and truly invited to the White House all they'd have to do is present their written and official invitation to prove that they were actually as they say officially "invited" to this White House event.  Instead, they both continue to draw attention to themselves... in every way, shape and form by pleading the 5th!  I know here in America we are innocent until proven guilty.  So, if they continue to stick with the story that they, in fact WERE INVITED why skirt around the issue and not prove themselves once and for all.!!! I don't get it!!!  But then again, I do ... its just like all of these other REALITY type programs where it seems that these celebrities... etc. are bored with their lives and have to dramatize everything.  Now, if their NATIONAL spectacle of themselves weren't enough... the Salahis have now written a book dramatizing the event and other details of their constant attention seeking lives.  What person in their right mind would write an entire book based on what the majority of the public view as a crime and disrespect of the President of the United States, however little that means anymore..  What is this world really coming to ???  As this Housewives phenomenon comes to light... I am guilty as the rest of their viewers in looking forward to the next exciting and juicy episode and also their written personal details.   Which brings me to another "Housewives" series... The Real Housewives of New Jersey... probably my personal favorite.. and guilty as charged, looking forward to the next season.  I love all the characters in this one.... they all show sooooo much drama!!!! The variety with this group... is just hilarious...!!! 

We also recently watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.... how much plastic surgery can one person ... actually have??  This is just their first episode.. but from this early content... I'm sure it will be filled with more drama that we can imagine!!!!   

Okay... so my point here is how are ALL these women really housewives???  I mean seriously... they really have EVERYTHING done for them... maids, servants, trainers, nannies... you name it...!!!   The most difficult thing they do is order everyone else around.. and shop!!  Must be nice if you ask me...     It's just my take on this one... but I don't think they are REAL HOUSEWIVES AT ALL!!      

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