Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hawaii is a cooooooollll place!!

It's Just My Take.. but Hawaii is a coooolll place to be..

I must admit.. when we decided to move here almost five years ago now... (it was my idea) .. it was a pretty adventurous thought to say the least! I was living in Florida for most of my life.. and was caught up in the rush rush hussle bussle of life.. always going somewhere, lots of fun sporting events, shopping malls everywhere, programs, shows...it can be alot of craziness if you let it..we were always on the go.. don't get me wrong.. we had tons of fun.. it was just a "different" time in our lives. It was just then that we were losing sight of the real life, relaxing.. and actually taking the time to smell the roses.. It was just time for us to sit down ... take notice of things.. So we made the decision to move across country... like they say. We had visited and vacationed here lots of times.. and always enjoyed the wonderful weather.. ( while you guys are freezing back on the East Coast)...and the totally relaxing tropical atmosphere.. of these beautiful islands...!!! The Big Island... is truly BIG!! Although the Big Island has the most square footage.. it has less people ... than Honolulu... which is on the island of Oahu. There are also several other islands you can visit as well like Maui, Kaui, Lanai, Molokai.. Kahooholawe and Niihau these last two.. actually you can't even visit but they ARE listed on the map.. !!

Anyway, after packing everything up.. and loading it in a large metal container.. floating it two weeks plus across the ocean and then driving cross country hitting every pet motel on the way...getting our wonderful black Cocker Spaniel "Thunder" on the plane with us.. we finally arrived here on the Big Island !! and it is a truly beautiful place with wonderful ocean and mountain views..... the people are friendly and helpful.. and it was very easy to "fit in" so to speak.

  Generally moving to a whole other place in the country.. is quite a stressful experience for families, relationships and marriages.  It is listed as one of the top events in people's lives that contributes to divorce.  But I truly believe that if you have faith in God and your heart and soul is full of love and commitment to work together through thick and thin you'll grow and prosper and live an amazing life together.  Enjoy your day and life to day with positive prayers and thoughts!!  Aloha & A Hui Ho!!

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