Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well "It's just my Take..."..but its just another day .... and finally going back to work... I have been off for the last four days... and it seems that I need to go to work to actually take a rest!!!  I enjoy doing all kinds of things on my days off .. mostly creative ideas..and tasks and it always seems that the actually keeping up the house/cleaning/cooking/DECIDING what to make for dinner... takes up more time than you think!!  I mean really its soooooooo  tiring !!!

But now not to change the subject .. but I'm soooo glad that school is back in session.. !!! Dont get me wrong I enjoy spending time with my daughter... but routine is soooo totally nice.

Okay... "Its just my take .. " but .. I found this AWESOME totally shopping website... called!!  I am ALWAYS surfing the web to find ways to save.. and find interesting items and I totally stumbled upon this one!!  It totally compiles the BEST of everywhere!!!  This in turns saves you time and plenty of $$$ !!  There is also a wonderful local feature that all you have to do is plug in your zip code.. and it locates everything close to you saving you gas & money!!!  There are soooooo many things to check out .. I found this beautiful photo frame for under $5!!! 

There are sooooo many options to shop for from canopy bed frames.... to computers, electronics, clothing, beautiful comforters the sky is the limit!!!!  Amazing... its the kind of place you can spend an hour or spend the day and not even leave your bed!!!!  There is even a tab called "HOT PRODUCTS" that narrows things down to item, style, designer..

and it pretty much does the research for you!! I know it will save sooooo much time and money for all of you!!!! Especially with the holidays quickly approaching!!!!  There is also a totally AWESOME section on Health & Beauty that offers EVERYTHING from Cosmetics and skin care to fragrances, hair care, vision care.. and then even vitamins and supplements!!!  I wished I would have found this website earlier.  Living in Hawaii... sometimes our supplies are limited and we do ... do alot of online shopping so this website is a complete asset to ANYONE trying to save some money and limit their time running around town... Soooooo SHOP ON FRIENDS!!!!  and please let me know your thoughts.. when you guys check things out!!

Hope you guys have a great time surfing the web!!! and enjoy this new find... !!!! A Hui Ho!!!!!!!!

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