Saturday, December 26, 2009

Okay... I'm trying here... but you see I'm back!!!!!

Okay, I'm trying here... and I'm back... its the second day of my new commitment ... to blog everyday... about "My take.. on things... " Pretty much anything. It is what it is...
"Its just my take ... on these wonderful issue
s of life... I'm so glad to be here today.. its just a sign to me that maybe I am on the road to following through... blogging everyday on "STUFF"... thus "Its just my take...!" They say it takes just 21 days of doing something to make it a habit... and this IS a good habit.. something that .. may take a while to really catch on .. but I truly believe in my heart.. that I have always been a good writer and always wanted to pursue this career... and I've always envied the "Carrie Bradshaws" in life although I think I would find it quite difficult to write about SOME of the things that she writes about... but thats okay... you never know.. I could be really good at it.... just have to give things a chance and always follow your dreams and pursue your passions to their fullest...

I am also pursuing my artistic talents .. this being my 50th year... and I'm going to start with envolving this current photo I've taken... I have always loved flowers.. and always drew them as a child... but I have particularly taken an interest in these water lilies... they have always been particularly beautiful to me .. and I have been truly inspired by this one... I have this interest in "cubism" .. and most of my work seems to end up in this form... I can't wait to get started on this one.. and see what I end up with .. its funny when I begin.. I never know what it will end up to look like.. but most of the time I am pretty pleased.. and sometimes really surprised.. I love the colors and shape difference between the flower and the floating leaves... this one should be pretty interesting... I feel like my love of art is definitely blossoming these days... God has given me an inspiration for all type of creativeness.. and I am trying to indulge in each one... I enjoy knitting.. so I created a couple of really funky scarves for friends for Christmas this year.. it was fun to get back into the "texture" of things... I found a new fun gift idea for some of my daughter's friends.. and got into creating some custom bulletin boards.. they were really lots of fun to create...incidently do not hesitate to contact me by email... if you would like to check these out..

I truly enjoy being creative .. it makes me feel alive.. and accomplished when it is all said and done.. and I seem to look EVERYWHERE these days to be just that creative.. and be able to help others enhance their lives....
I really can't imagine the world without color.. it would be like going to the ice cream shop and they only have vanilla!! How boring would that be!!!

This is why I include color in EVERYTHING I do.. and some people, even family think I'm nuts.. but thats okay... its all in their minds.. I thoroughly enjoy and love.. the world of creativity ..... and truly respect others with this totally unique talent... I have a very good friend who happens to be a very successful artist here .. on the island and is and has been a true inspiration to me... just recently I had an a occasion to sit and have a little lunch with her... and she told me her whole story... WOW!!!! I was really amazed.. and very very inspired... her work is truly wonderful.. and she has a faithful following.. and she is a gifted artist... someone that I will always admire... but the one thing
she said to me .. that has seemed to stick is "Everyday.. find at least ONE thing to better and further your career as an artist... no matter what it is, make that commitment... DO ONE THING EACH DAY!!"

So I am ... I am writing EVERYDAY... and after this entry I am going to sit down and begin .... my new creation...

Aloha and A Hui Ho!!!

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