Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Merry Christmas!!"

Merry Christmas!!! Wow I can't believe its already Christmas...

Where does the time go.. !!! Christmas.. hussle bussle of this busy season... should get us to realize and remember what this season is really all about.. I love looking at the Christmas snow scenes.. as so carefully painted by artists like Thomas Kinkade... he truly knows how to capture the light.. and spirit of an old fashioned Christmas...

... Its not about the shopping.. or spending money we don'
t have.. or running from party to party.. and worrying about what to give and to whom.. or even finding the perfect tree, or having the nicest decorations.. or going on fancy, extravagant trips.. but its remembering .. the actual true meaning of Christmas... and celebrating Christ's birth.. !!
Sometimes.. and I know I'm totally guilty myself .. for getting lost in the "materialistic" and expense of the holidays.. getting lost in the "What do I get for this person..???" or worrying about finding the perfect tree with the perfect decorations..what we really need to do is to be thankful.... and remember we are celebrating Christ's birth... and the wonderful miracle that it was...
We all can get caught up in the materialistic "retailism" of this truly lost holiday season... and totally loose sight of this very special meaning... soo.. when you're running and rushing around.. trying to get things done.. getting frustrated at stupid things.. that we really shouldn't worry about at all... remember "it is better to give than receive"... and be thankful.. for family and friends no matter where they are.. and what they mean to you. Life is a gift.. and we need to cherish each moment that we are given... all the rest is just stuff!!

Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka Hau'oli Makahiki Ho!!!

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  1. Lovely blog
    Greeeting from Belgium, happy end year.