Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One good deed deserves another....

Okay .. I guess I got a little carried away yesterday... but I guess when an idea shows up... you gotta go with it.. but I am enjoying the writing.. and I think as I keep going .. my writings will become more interesting.. like they say "Practice makes perfect!!"

Lets see well I'm back today .. I believe this is my 4th post.. toward my total commitment.. hopefully by the end of this experience .. I won't have to be committed.. !!! Could be close though...

All I can tell you .. and what I've learned for the day and like I say "Its Just My Take..but.. "RELATIONSHIPS ARE WORK!! total and complete work.. Dont get me wrong, there is alot of joy, fun, understanding and most importantly LOVE... but whether its a marriage.. a friendship.. a relationship between .. a child and a parent.. whatever .. it is totally ALOT OF WORK... I think the key is .. and you would hope that most think as I do.. is that if everyone put in 110% without ever expecting anything in return.. strictly and truly from your heart giving... I believe the world would be a better place!!! But the trick is to get EVERYONE .. to be on this same page so to speak.. kind of a "Pay it Forward" kind of thing.... incidently I really did enjoy that movie.. excellent acting, wonderful concept.. and almost completely believeable story.. I especially enjoyed the three main actors.. Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt and Haley Jo Osment... (just a little sidebar here didn't mean to get distracted) Anyway, back to the Pay it Forward concept... think that it would totally be a project for us to be trying to carry through.. Lord knows we all need a little more positive in our lives to say the least.. Even in its simplicity.. and realistic view.. why couldn't each one of us just do three nice things for three different people.. and so on and so forth...?? Its it a truly unbelieveable idea?? really??? I mean, come on.. IT IS POSSIBLE... think about it...just for a moment... give it a real serious thought.. what could really be that wrong about it!! ?? Doing some simple kind deeds for one another.. without giving it a question.. Just come out and do something nice for someone.. BECAUSE YOU REALLY WANT TO.. and nothing else behind it, wouldn't that be just a HOOT!! For starters.. the thankfulness,gratefulness and gratitude would be consumingly overwhelming !!! Just thinking about all of it gives me the goosebumps!! Just the fact that we would be spreading POSITIVENESS instead of doom and gloom all the time makes me seriously want to make it one of my New Year's Resolutions.. but make it "do able"... even just ONE nice thing.. one good deed for someone everyday.. something sincere and truly from the heart.. so that person would really be touched enough to want to go out and help another.. Do you think we really have it in us.. to not get caught up with the negative.. to help one encourage one anther.. without an inkling.. or doomsday thought!! Wouldn't that be truly amazing!! I know its terrible to say and crazy to think.. but I think its pretty much a crap shoot. Cause I think for the most part, most of almost thrive on the negative. Its pretty sad.. but when you think of it.. when you see someone with an injury.. whats the first thing we ask..."How did you do it?" its not "How are you doing?" We almost naturally go towards the negative .. we love the gore, the guts... the details on how it went... its a natural instinct, we can't help it. I wish it were different .. but unfortunately, its not..

But we do have a choice in life...we have a brain..and free will... WE CAN DECIDE.. "'What kind of day we're going to have.." So with that being said.. Lets choose... lets change out that negative.. Lets make our mind up.. lets make the positive choice .. to have the great day... to remember what we have to be thankful for ...lets be helpful, kind and loving to each other.. you'll be surprised how much it will change your life..

So until tomorrow.. till our next thought... Lets try to Pay it Forward..
Aloha & A Hui Ho!!!

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