Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today .. another day...

Yes, I'm writing a new post for the day... and I'm pleased that I seem to be following along pretty well with my promise.. "to write something EVERYDAY.." even if its just ... a little paragraph..

First I would like to let me readers know that I am writing a separate blog.. called the "The Menopause Diaries"... its kind of a guide.. to get me through.. this wonderful mid-life stage of my life so if you are reading this .. please also check out "The M Diaries!!"

Now as we look at the new year ahead.. lets try to approach each day with a positive thoughts and attitude.. remember there are tooooo many negative and terrible things going on in this life.. we all have to make a difference..

Its getting late.. I will have more to write tomorrow.. but lets be kind to one another!

Until tomorrow.. ALoHA!!

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