Thursday, August 20, 2009

We can't take the little things in life for granted...

Today has really left me at a loss for words...

You go through your day trying to make ends meet.. dealing with the details of your life.. relationships with your spouses, children and family. Stressing over really meaningless things. You deal with the world's business.. crime, lousy economy, companies going bankrupt, people being laid off, consistent expenses, worries about you and and your family's future.. you get frustrated when your schedule is overloaded and you miss appointments... and then WHAMMM!!! Something really hits home.. to make you realize .. that all of that stuff really doesn't matter.. there could be so many worse things to happen to us in our lives..

I just got a phone call from a friend... another Mother.. with three children.. busy family, enjoys lfe, travels with her family and visits wonderful places all over the world... enjoys life and it it has to give... we see each other at different school events.. and share the common bond of our children.. she told me that she was just diagnosed with Acute Leukemia ! I literally, didnt know what to say... I sat there on the phone completely stunned... she said she showed no symptoms but now has to go for treatments.. possibly up to three months... three months of being away from her children.. and home.. and not knowing .. not knowing if .. if she will be around to see her children grow up and graduate.. or celebrate the next holiday... I am still in total shock.. I kept thinking.. this is truly something to be concerned about.. not little things like missing appointments.. or getting frustrated in a parking lot cause we missed a parking spot closer to the front door... or getting down on ourselves for gaining weight.. LIFE IS TOOOOO SHORT PEOPLE!!! Wake up and smell the COFFEE..!!! Take time to be with your family and enjoy them.. tell them you love them, give them a hug and always remember to try to say loving, caring, encouraging words on your way out the door... you just never know.. all our lives could change completely in a split second...

Lets all take time to be thankful and grateful for all that we have been given in our lives... everyone is truly special and have special talents and gifts that we must cherish... take time and take a minute... look around you and be mindful... Life is a gift .. we must live it to the fullest!!!

Take care and send some prayers out there for all who are in need. I'm praying for you friend and your family. Aloha!

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  1. Oh my goodness... I am stunned by your words and close to tears.My heart goes out to you and your friend. I hope with every fibre of my body that she is ok.It makes me realise how petty my worries are right now and I can't even imagine the feeling of being given that news.Hugs and all my thoughts.Sarah xx