Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Creativity keeps me sane!!!"

Creativity keeps me sane!!! What a loaded statement... It keeps me sane through the world of stress, anxiety,puberty, menopause and deciding what to prepare the evening meal... I enjoy writing and blogging .. it seems to open up more and more ideas all the time. I guess there comes a point in every Mom's life where they need to rediscover themselves so that they can still maintain the process of maintaining everyone elses life. Being a Mom is a huge job. I have spoken to so many women that have had major professional "real" jobs, so to speak and now they are home raising their children .. and they totally admit that being a Mom is the most difficult job there is and that they will ever have. But, the most rewarding and irreplaceable.

After discovering this way to express myself through writing I have been able to explore and investigate other artist's work as well. I have found sooooo many creative talent
ed people here through our blogs and websites. It is truly amazing, encouraging and completely inspiring as well. I thank all of you talented folks out there ... you
all keep me going !!! This is truly a wonderful artistic connection with people throughout the world!!

I am thankful for these times when I get to write and express myself through my art especially thr
ough these difficult economic times where everything in the news, national and local seems to be getting worse by the minute. It is truly an outlet for
my frustrations, trials and tribulations of life. I am thankful for the gift of the internet and all that it offers us. After all lowly starving artists like myself can now post their artistic creativities live on the web... and who knows... maybe the statement that an artist only gains fame after they have passed will change!! I surely hope so....Aloha for now... Have a wonderful day!! and Treat yourself like company!!

Thought for the Day...

He is our hiding place when we are fearful, and He is our confidence when we are doubtful. Our trust in His love and strength is indispensable to staying on course in the race that is set before us!

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