Monday, August 31, 2009

It's all about GRATITUDE!!!

Be thankful, be grateful... everything counts!! I am trying to take time out...
to be mindful and thankful.. we ALL have lots to be thankful for ... I wish everyone would ta
ke time out of their day ... to write five things that they are thankful for.. just five simple or detailed
which ever you like...just take a small time out of your time ... Writing things down makes things more real, they take effect... just take a small notebook, journal,... even keep a record on your on personal computer... it doesn't matter.. just really WRITE IT DOWN.. IT REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Our lives are filled with stress and tribulations of life's events..and sometimes we get carried away and let the "little " things get to us. It is truly like the saying... "It's all Good!!!"

Take time today, even if its just a moment... but please take the time.. I promise you WILL see the difference..... be thankful, be mindful, and be grateful... for we all have sooooo much to really be thankful for...

Thank you for listening... Aloha.. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!


  1. great post - and I'm grateful to you for making me think about this. I will do it...

  2. Artfulmama,
    Mahalo for your nice comment on my blog:-) Yes it is great to find one self again, in and thru art. I do also love your Gratitude post. It is so true, and just like the famous quote that says "We tend to forget
    that happiness doesn't come
    as a result of getting something we don't have,
    but rather of recognizing
    what we do have."

    Frederick Kroenog

    I will have to follow your blog too.:-)