Friday, September 11, 2009

The Art of Being a Mom !!

The Art of Being a Mom.. wow.. that it truly is.. but more importantly the statement and book.. there is a book you know.. The Art of Being a Woman is truly a major statement!! It is truly that.. AN ART. It is also the most difficult job for ANYONE.. but one you can never really be trained for or receive a degree for.. it is a thankless job.. but then again so rewarding.. a truly fullfilling position.. that you may never be able to use on a resume or as a reference of almost any kind. I am in the process of writing a book.. to recognize, celebrate and encourage these women they call Moms. Once this particular position is held.. you will never be the same .. whether you physically have given birth, adoption.. or just taking care of your own husband.. the job is pretty much the same. Now by no means am I complaining... just stating facts, experiences.. my own personal advice from experience.. and I truly do not profess to be an expert by any means.. just reporting on first hand.. on the job training.. I often dreamed about an actual handbook for this job.. or position.. but NO ONE has been able to be "on the spot" with their Mom position. Dont get me wrong .. we are ALL IN TRAINING.. and unfortunately this pretty much doesnt end.. no mater how old or far away.. or even independent your children claim to be. WE ARE ALWAYS THERE... no paid vacation, no sick time, no days off, no specific time frame, no end of work.. no even time for yourself.. if your not smart enough to take it from the beginnng.. My advice is YOU GOTTA TRAIN EM EARLY!!! Its not like I'm not a "devoted" Mom.. I will and would do anything for my family... but we Moms do have to have a little time for ourselves.. to remember who WE are.. or to pursue things and events that we would like to do .. enhance our personalities and even stimulate our minds!! Wouldn't that be something!! Something other cooking dinner, laundry, gardening.. cleaning, taxiiiinggg!!! After all Moms are people too.. So thats why I say that there is definitely and "Art " to being a Mom. We all have find just the right way to juggle, organize and coordinate the timing to please all of our family members.. and fit in that special personal time for ourselves..

Like I said, "Don't get me wrong..." I really love being a "Mom" and couldn't imagine being anything else... but IT IS truly the most difficult but the most rewarding job in the world.

So have a great day, enjoy your family and get a little time for yourself.. !! Aloha!

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  1. Nicely said, and I agree 100%. My children are grown now (23 and 25) but when something goes wrong, or they need something, they still call me. Yesterday I had to take a day off work to take my daughter (the 25 year old) to the doctor and watch my grandson while there... did her husband, friends or anyone else do it? Nope, that would be me. And why? Because I am here Mom, why wouldn't I?