Monday, September 21, 2009


Pretty interesting.. I was just watching a tv program, actually a documentary.. on the wonderful artist .. Georgia O'Keefe.. Wow.. such brilliant, beautiful.. colorful work!! I had seen her work in the past.. but really didnt get a chance to really digest her work.. I was soooo impressed and it seemed to give me an uplift.. for at least the day, although I am continuing to look at more of her stuff online. She kept painting and creating till she was 98!! I felt soo.. stifiled .. and stagnant ... until seeing this program. Although I know the chances of being that great are pretty slim.. it does give me inspiration for color! I really love to paint and draw along with my writing and also enjoy sharing with others. The power we have with the internet gives us so much opportunity to ourselves known.. and I love seeing and browsing the talents of others.
Georgia's never ending desire to paint and create is very inspirational to me .. and especially being a woman myself.. gives me that little extra incentive.. to create my own art of all kinds.

We all need an inspiration sometime.. and this wonderful power that we have with the internet is just amazing... !! You can search, learn .... explore they say you can even experience a vacation ONLINE!!! I don't remember the exact websites.. but I know they're out there..

After we are in the midst of our inspiration... who knows what can happen...!! I know with my creative talents.. I can get visions and inspirations at any time of the day or night.. sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and just have to either write something .. or sketch something even if its just a quick note or a name.. if I dont do it just then.. most likely it will be lost.. you really have to grab that inspiration the moment it happens.
This was my inspiration for the day.. I am insanely in love with lime greeen ... I dont know why its just so.... well "inspirational!!" I have had this old stool in the house for just forever.. and today when I saw it "BANG" it hit me.. !!! I just had to jump on it.. Mind you this stool has been in my garage ready for the garbage for quite sometime.. I just always seem to forget it.. and it gets lost in all my other cluttered things in my garage.. So now after today's episode .. this is my new line of "Island Garbage ART!!!" Anything ready for the garbage.. I will figure out something with it. Like I always say someone's garbage could be someone else's treasure!

There are soooo many things and ways to express ourselves writing, drawing, painting .. all we need is a little push or shove ... we sometimes need a little inspiration...!!

Aloha .. and A Hui Ho!!!

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