Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Mission in Chaos"

A "Mission in Chaos!!" sometimes thats what my life seems to be.. never knowing what the next second, minute or hour will hold.. I believe the only real thing I can hold on to is my Faith... Faith in God .. and that I know that He is always there for me... to keep me going... keep me positive.. that and a Venti Ice Coffee with soy!!! I really do feel like this piece on the left... everything jumbled up into one big bunch of ideas..

I believe a lot of times, I am on a "mission".... a mission to be the best Wife, Mother, Frugalista and artist I can be. I have truly been inspired by my visions and ideas of color and my new pieces along with more and more ideas seem to "be on a roll" these days... For some reason my creativity has been locked up with the stress of these harsh economic times.. and after just simply letting go.. and letting God.. take over.. my ideas are really popping!!! I am finding and maybe finally fitting into my lifetime career as a full time Mom on the Run like I say...

I think one of my most difficult tasks is "What's for dinner???" ... I just get completed blocked when it comes to figuring out new ideas to make for dinner.. Frankly, I w
ould be happy with pancakes.. and so would my daughter.. but I may get a little bit of an odd look from the "King of the Castle" haha!!! Seriously though, they all usually eat what I make without toooo many odd looks or running to the ph
one to call for pizza!!! Dont get me wrong, I really do love to cook, bake and create... but the idea thing...AHHHH!!! I just hate it!!! Just tell me what to make and your wish is my command!! Just trying to add more healthy things to the menu is a task in itself... I think the only thing green they get really excited over is Skittles or M&M's!!! Believe me I like them both as well, but a steady diet.. welll... everything in moderation comes to mind.. maybe I should start another blog... !!! thats it !! Another blog for people to comment and send in suggestions.. and we can all share and swap healthy and creative ideas
for meals... not just limited to dinner but everything breakfast, lunch and dinner !!! The Works!!! Creative ideas and crafty, healthy receipes.. that EVERYONE WILL LIKE!!

So, now with Halloween loooming ahead..
and tons of candy and goodies.. to be made and offered, what better time would there be to be able to come up with and share great creative ideas.. and we don't have to stop there.. lets get going NOW.. instead of doing things the last minute for our costumes as well... soo stayed tuned for my up and coming new blog.. "Look What's for Dinner" (under construction at this time) and lets start thinking and sharing our thought and ideas.. Hope to see your comments soon!!!... don't forget to check out the following website in your Haunting Halloween Spirit!!!

): http://budurl.com/BLBL1

So Aloha for now.. !!! Have a good ONE!! Artfulmama


  1. Figuring out what is for dinner is the worst thing for me as well.

  2. Hi! I LUV your blog! And your choice of music is awesome. Thanks for adding me here and on eHow. TTYS!! Jen : )