Friday, October 9, 2009

Here comes Halloween!!!

Well here comes Halloween... can you believe it!!! Seems just like yesterday.. it was the end of the school year!!! These days, weeks and months.. seem to be moving soooooo fast... !! Our children seem to be growing so quickly and adopting new habits and hobbies. I think this teenage age is much more difficult than the toddler stage.. There are sooooo many things that they are exposed to and can quickly get involved in. It is up to us as parents... to try to do our best to keep them on the straight and narrow.. especially here on the internet.
I found this really super website.. Its a very informative website but fun too!! There are all kinds of tips for healthy eating for our children, opportunity for blogging and creative, healthy and yummy recipes from Robin Miller .. the writer for the Food Network. The really cute fun thing is that you can create your own "monster card" to send to friends and family! All you have to do is choose a Halloween character, upload one of your own photos!! and and send a spooky Halloween email message !!! Each email sent makes a donation to the WWF Fund! Kids spend lots of time on the internet these days.. and this a great way to get in a spppppookky fun mood for Halloween!!

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