Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I'm Sooooo Hungry!!!"

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OMG!!!! I'm soooo hungry!!! This seems to be what my daughter says almost everyday coming home from school!!!! I understand they have growing bodies... and alot more energy than I have.. but ... I surely do miss MY SNACKS going to the RIGHT PLACE!!! It is sooooo frustrating.. and sometimes I have to say... I'm a bit jealous.. in ways.. !! I remember those days after school.. and even after classes in college...!! I would drive through and get a large french fry... and a large milk shake... and wolf it all down.. do some homework... studying, even go to a part time job, work late.. go out and party with friends.. and still NO WEIGHT GAIN!!! Now I watch my own daughter .. devour the same things.. and the same result.. NO WEIGHT GAIN... now I look at a french frie ... and gain at least five pounds!! There are so many fun ways to make more he
althy food more attractive to kids... especially through holiday time.. now with Halloween coming up.. you can get scarily creative.. I was checking a Family Fun Magazine..and found some really great creative English Mummies, English muffins with swirled
mozarella cheese on top and olives for eyes!! You can cut bread out in ghost shapes, covered them with cream cheese and use raisins for eyes!! How about cutting up apples like scary faces and using cut up almonds for jagged teeth!! There is also an excellent website with great ideas as well.. ·
This website has lots of wonderful ways to "Give Back!!' with a Halloween theme!!! I like the creative idea to send emails to each other using your o
wn photo downloaded in a scary character sending a spooky Halloween message!!! Each email makes a donation to the WWF!! I would give my left arm to be able to have that metabolism and even half the energy that I used to have then. But like they say that was then and this is now!!! I love my little "Carb Cueen" .. and wouldn't change her for the world.. I watch her everyday .. growing up. It seems like yesterday I was buying diapers and baby formula and now .. I know it will be any day and she'll be asking for the keys to the car!! Life is truly like a roller coaster ride.. some times up, some times down, some times fast, some times slow... you just have to hold on .. and enjoy the ride whether we like it or not!!

So with all this "healthy" food in mind.. and school almost being out... for the day, I better go try to russle something "good to eat" for the after school snack and then the inevitable... MOM... WHAT'S FOR DINNER???? Oh well.. its all in a day "The Art of Being a Mom!!!" able to create interesting things to eat in a single bound!!! Aloha till next time!!!

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