Friday, September 25, 2009

Confessions of a now "Frugalista"

I was just thinking ... about "Money, what is it good for?" The long and short of it is that the more money you have ... the more you want... it just doesn't matter how much we think we need ... and then obtain, there always seems like.. the plain simple truth ... we always need more!! Its a terrible vicious cycle. These stressful economic times have put us all on notice. We are all learning and have been forced to realize the value of the all mighty dollar and the part that it plays in our lives whether we like it or not. We all need money to live and survive but the key is not to get caught up in the deep dark addiction of "spending". I myself am a recovering "Shopaholic". It took me a long time to really admit and the big word and accept this fact of being a Shopaholic but ... its true, "I am a Shopaholic." Definition and or meaning "A person who shops compulsively and or frequently." This like many other addictions, will always be a part of my life and a constant temptation. Fortunately, I live in a place where the nearest mall is three hours away... but believe me if I let myself, I can do preeettty serious damage at the local Walmart. Believe me its not a fun experience. I wished it would have been different but in the long run, but, I have really learned from this situation. The movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was absolutely totally me.. maybe not to the supreme extent.. but it was me. The statement "I wish I knew then what I know now.. " is really evident with me on this one. Just watching the movie with my daughter.. was, I must admit a little embarrassing.. just because I could totally relate... I was her..".. the rush of hearing the credit card being swiped.." that was a goose bump thing for me.

Believe me I tried to quit.. several times.. I have also cut up all my credit c
ards just to make my statement clear to myself. I used to say like all the other addicts.. "I can quit anytime I want.." But, I would end up going straight to a
store and making a payment .. but then making a purchase immediately after right off the statement.. pretty sick I know.. but it was the nature of the beast. It was a new thing.. something new in my life.

I even remember having a bad day at the office.. and heading straight for the mall on my lunch hour and spending ridiculous
amounts on even just a small tube of lipstick for a quick fix to make me feel better for the rest of the day. Wow, how stupid was I to get caught up in such an "addiction." I never knew how
much trouble this small innocent act would get me into......

So, now as I sit here as a recovering "shopaholic" and randomly dig through old boxes, bags and various other containers.. I sit in wonderment
of all the things that I have spent money on that at the time I really didn't need. I think of all the money I could have saved and used for more sensible things..
but then I think too, that was a different time then and we weren't in such awful economic times. Maybe its just the way I justify it in my mind .. but I literally thought I could use the things that I bought..They say these economic times are turning around.. I'm not sure on that one though.. but I'm hoping for the best. Now, I've adopted a new name instead of the shopaholic .. I am now a thriving and healthy "Frugalista!" My new mantra is " Do I really need this??? or do I just really want it.." I find all kinds of
ways .. to stretch, save, recycle, reuse, re-everything. I find all kinds of ways of refinishing and/or revamping all kinds of things. The new saying at our house now is "Don't throw that away... you never know, it will come back to you in a different form."

As I sit here watching the beautiful ocean.. or blazing sunset, instead of planning yet another trip to the mall, I just go down in the garage or closet and sift through some boxes and find lots of new to me items. P
robably, because I was in such a delirious mode when I purchased them.

In conclusion to this revelation .. that I've come to realize is truly think before you spend. Don't buy just because you want. Don't get a shopping cart, basket or bag if you don't have the cash cause you know you're just gonna fill it up! But, like even dieters say, you don't have to deprive yourself because if you do you'll just end up on a binge that you may never recover from.. EVERYTING IN MODERATION. Now, thinking back, I should have known that Loreal makeup is probably just the same thing as the Dior stuff in different packaging..I used to spend tons of cash on (just my opinion of course) but you would definitely be
surprised on how much you can save when you're in your own mind.

But there is one good thing about being a former now I have the convenience of my own shopping mall in my own home!


  1. "Think before you spend"

    that is difficult to do when one is in a "delirious mode"

  2. ps- Browsing through the Blogosphere and making comments on other's Blogs (like I did yours) is how others will know that your Blog exists. It takes hours and hours of time to find blogs that appeal to you even wanting to say 'hello' at other Bloggers. Very Time consuming.

    I'm glad I found you. You have interesting comments that you make on my Blog! Peace