Monday, August 10, 2009

On a lighter note....

I have been working on some of my pet portraits... and kind of got on a roll here lately... of which I am totally elated about because I truly thought I lost my touch... these are some of my latest portraits of some of my beloved furry friends... !!! Drawing, painting, designing.. color.. I love it all and have always tried to keep it apart of my life. I truly feel more of myself.. when I am creating.. like in my writing... and hope to keep expanding my creative horizons..

I truly believe that our furry friends are really just special people in fur coats.. the fact that they continue to give unconditional love at all times.. is truly a special and unique trait... I find myself even when enjoying a wonderful vacation.. missing my special loving furry friend ("Thunder", the portrait just above in the center) its a special, completely undescribable feeling ... of his unique snore, breathing and even dreaming... I feel completely safe feeling him next to me or at my feet... a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else..

We need to be good to our furry friends.. they are truly a special creation from God.. Thank you God for this truly wonderful creation.. Have a great day & Aloha!!

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  1. Hi! Isn't it great to get your creative juices going? I love the bottom one of these portraits especially... keep doing them and keep posting! Sarah