Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things don't ALWAYS look the way they seem??

I have always lived in transient places.... Places where people..move to... and it takes about two years to find out if they will actually make it living there... for lack of jobs, friends or just plain homesick to move back where they came from.  For this reason their roots don't really take here and when you think you've possibly made a friend or two... in this day and age, with the lousy economy, large companies closing, the small businesses starving,hours and wages being cut, and people resorting to desperate measures just to make ends meet.... people and situations don't ALWAYS look they way they seem.  Unfortunately, these unpredictable situations are what change people and the maybe once kind and caring person... will do just about anything to a possible friend just to get ahead or avoid an expense even if it affects that other persons livelyhood.  So instead of helping one another... it seems as though we are just out there to, like Archie Bunker used to say.. "Take care of #1!!"  

It truly is very sad... and totally against how I was raised, anyway... So I'm finding through my experiences these days... that I need to have a tougher skin... rely on my instinct .. and ever faithful women's intuition.... to get me through my day whether its personal or business.  

I never thought I'd say it .. but "It sure wasn't like this in the "Olden days... "  

Thank God I still have my faith...

A Hui Hou...    we're NOT in Kansas anymore... :)   

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