Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Okay ... soooooooo

Ok... soooo I had a new experience today... luckily.. there will be a happy ending for today... I  THINK..  

We've ALWAYS carried Triple AAA ... car service... since I can remember and if we make it till November it will be 27 years of marriage... and I've NEVER had to use it.. and believe me .. I've had my share of incidents with a vehicle... just ask my husband..

Anyway.. I just went TODAY in fact.. to get an estimate on getting a tired replaced... and had an appointment scheduled for this Friday... trying to                      catch a sale.. at the place (I dont think I can name the place..not sure but dont want to get in trouble..) that supposedly starts this Friday.. go figure.. sooooo to make a long story longer... I've never had an occasion to have a blow out on a tire.. several other vehicle incidents but never a blow out...  Now knowing that I was getting the tired replaced I felt more comfortable and was super extra careful.. driving etc..   But none the less... after picking up my daughter.. at school... I hit one of those speed bumps just right... and there was such a loud noise .. I thought someone fired a gun!!!  and had no idea it was me or should I say MY TIRE.. !!  Okay so I was lucky not to be driving one of the longer highways... where there is absolutely NOTHING IN BETWEEN your two destinations but beautiful views and a couple of scattered goats!!!  
I was VERY THANKFUL for that.. !!   I contacted AAA to schedule my trip back down the hill as they say here... and the guy instructed me to call back after midnight.. to schedule for the same day.. 
I then called at about 12:15am .. and got a very friendly understanding representative Keith..   I then explained to him my situation.... cause I'm thinking I'm talking to someone here in Hawaii.. but that office is already closed.... and it is a 24 hour service so this guy is in LA...God Bless him... cause he listened, laughed and understood... as I had to run outside to actually find the address of where I was.. (I was staying at a friends house) ... it is very very dark here on the island .. and trying to find an address with a flash light in my pjs I'm sure would have been a wonderful site... for some poor soul.. Anyway, we got things set up for the first thing in the morning... a 50 mile ride in the tow truck... actually very interesting.. very nice young guy that knew alot about the island... 
Finally got to the place where they would be replacing my tire... and I knew it would be awhile... because of them fitting me in and it was a last minute appointment... they said it would take a few hours .... LIKE FOUR HOURS LATER.... they tell me the tire is on ... but THEY CANT BALANCE IT OR ALIGN IT!!! HELLLOOOO !!!  FILM AT ELEVEN.... AHHHHHHHHH!!!  I love this island... but sometimes... its SOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!  

Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!  

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