Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Gameplan..!!!!!!

A new year ... of fresh POSITIVE new beginings!!!!! Out with the old and in with the new!!!   Its been a little bit since my last post... last year ended quite depressing.. to say the least with the loss of many loved ones and many personal and family struggles.  I returned in a way to my strong faith in God... and He was the only one that got me through.  So I am excited and very glad for positive"new beginnings" for our New Year 2011!! 

I'm starting a new book .. I know again.. you say.. but I really do love books...Suzanne Somers is AWESOME.. and I have read most of her books or are in the midst of them.   I am surrounded by my books always.. and I always have at least three or four things to read with me at all times... People think I'm nuts with all the stuff I bring with me all the time.. but I guess its just a habit.. of always having something to do at all times... 

Creativity, reading and writing... are my passions... and it seems that there is never enough time to do these things... so this year .. I am going to MAKE TIME.. !!!  I am also beginning to take some online courses.. in memory of my years in college.. I LOVE LEARNING.. and saturating my mind in new things.. 

We are also in the "great search" for a new furry addition to our family... and this will then lead into a major and much needed exercise change for me..!!  I can't wait!!!


Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

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