Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekends go tooooo fast..

Weekends and or time off.. goes wayyyyyy toooo fast... Why is that anyway ??? It must be some kind of a phenomenon or something!!! ... I had plans to do sooo much.. don't you just hate it when you go into some time off.. and have all these great intentions.. starting a book, working on an online course, working on one of my new portraits..... and the time just seemed to fly away... and its already Monday......!!!  There just has to be some way to fix this... 

At least I have Monday off as well... hoping to actually do something productive and creative... Being creative ... really makes me feel alive.. and I think thats what has been bothering me now for awhile... that and just having a little "ME" time...!!! I really don't even remember ... what it is now.. !!  But I'm going into tomorrow with great intentions... and going to let the creativity floooowwwwwww... and here we goooooo another book I would just love to read! It just never fails.. every time I turn around .. there something more I want to paint, another book, another course.... but there never seems to be enough time......

I guess we just need to enjoy and BE CREATIVE!!
Aloha & A Hui Hou!!!

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