Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Freedom of Choice..."

"Freedom of Choice...."
Are your  black or white???  Do you like blue or green ???  Would you prefer purple or orange....  vanilla or chocolate???  This is all about YOUR CHOICE... and YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE .... As an Artist and a parent ... I find it very difficult to choose...   and try to encourage creativity .. within reason.. lol.. and thats what I really love about art, color and design ... and why I feel when it comes to these type of "creative" choices.. there mostly really isn't a right or wrong ... its what YOU LIKE ... PERIOD.  I mean lets face it ... it gets boring to have vanilla all the time.  I find that when I am surrounded by beautiful talented people and their work the more creative ideas start forming and I can get very lost in creativity.  I love to explore all types of creativity from art, design, color, painting, drawing, writing, fashion and beauty.  This is why I try to indulge is ALL the creative opportunities God has given me the talent to explore.  It makes me feel excited and alive..  There is too much to explore in our beautiful world to not take part.  Creativity surrounds us.   Have you ever thought of that???  God made this big beautiful world and each of us are different and have so many different things to bring to the table.  It would be horribly boring if we were all the same...  It would be like going to Baskin Robbins and all they had was vanilla... :(   Could you imagine??? No rocky road, no nutty coconut .. and no... mint chip??  So whether you choose blonde .. brunette... or auburn... its your choice.. Don't be afraid to try something different.. and most of all try not to criticize others for their creative choices...  its pretty much your personal right to make a creative choice...

Creativity is EVERYWHERE.. so I go for ALL OF THE ABOVE... LOL....

Enjoy .. 

A Hui Hou!!!

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